How well do You Know Yourself? Do you experience approval from your higher-self and does your intellect deeply connect with your inner spirit? Questions that can be profound for individuals that are completely disconnected from their inner-self. Yet, for the spiritual seeking individual that strives to deeply know their inner personality and to Unlock Divine Potential will comprehend the above questions.

Despite living in an overstimulated world where personal addictions dominate life, the knowledge exists for any individual that possesses self-motivation to comprehend the inner depths of the inner self and the positive and negative traits and dynamics.

This article teaches four different paths that will assist you identify the negative and the dark shadow side that keeps the seeker spiritually stuck.

The majorities are living within the negative dark shadow aspects of our personality due to mere ignorance.

To live within the positive of your Divine Potential and overcome the negative study the following subjects:

  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Archetypes
  • Human Design

Spiritual Astrology:

unlock your personality with astrology
When I first started my journey of getting to know myself I started with astrology. Studying Astrology is about the position of the Planets within the Constellations at the time we were born. It is not about the futuristic columns that are written daily.

There are positive and negative aspects of our birth chart according to the planet and constellation. There are some positions that are in Detriment, Fall, and Exalted.

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Planets in Detriment, Fall, or Exalted.

Example: Aries = Sun (Exalted) Venus (Detriment) Saturn (Fall)

The book “Astrology, A Cosmic Science: The Classic Work on Spiritual Astrology” helps the reader to identify the negative and how to live within the positive.

Studying Spiritual Astrology had an immense power positive impact on my life.


understanding your birth numerology
Numerology derived from your date of birth and your given name can reveal much about your Life Path, the different cycles determined from your age, pinnacles,and much more.

Free Numerology Chart

Numbers derived from your date of birth

  • Your Life Path number
  • Your Birth Day number
  • Your First Challenge number
  • Your Second Challenge number
  • Your Third and Main Challenge number
  • Your Fourth Challenge number
  • Your First Pinnacle Cycle
  • Your Second Pinnacle Cycle
  • Your Third Pinnacle Cycle
  • Your Fourth Pinnacle Cycle
  • Your First Period Cycle
  • Your Second Period Cycle
  • Your Third Period Cycle
  • Your Current Personal Year Cycle

Numbers derived from your name:

  • Your Expression number
  • Your Heart’s Desire number
  • Your Personality number
  • Your Karmic Lessons
  • Your Hidden Passion number
  • Your Balance number
  • Your Subconscious Self number
  • Your Cornerstone, Capstone, and First Vowel

Studying my numerology chart also had a strong positive impact within my life.


unlock divine potential with archetypes
Your Archetypes hold the key to being a healthy congruent human being. They address issues involving stress and illness, relationships, life transitions, and provide insight into the choices and opportunities available to you.

Archetypal patterns affect every aspect of your life. From the way you look, the way you feel, the way you react to events, the people you attract into your life, the way you think, your value systems through to the events and milestones in your life.

the seeker archetypeTHE SEEKER
This archetype is one who searches with curiosity, for wisdom and truth wherever it is to be found. This can be a focused, grounded, and goal oriented journey of the heart, mind, and soul.

Caroline Myss leads in the knowledge of Archetypes.
There are also economic classes in California that assists the seeker to learn about your archetypes.

Your Human Design:

learn your human design unlock your divine potential
Each individual is unique — each person has Divine potential and Gifts.

Ra Uru Hu taught that he was a mere messenger and claimed that he received the knowledge of Human Design “from a voice” throughout 8 days in 1987. He went into solitude for 7 years and in 1994 he presented the Human Design to about 35 people in Munich Germany. Human Design is now worldwide. Ra Uru Hu died in 2011 from a heart attack.

When I was in Bulgaria in 2009, I was exposed to Human Design through a Bulgarian couch-surfing friend.

You can get your free chart at The Jovian Archive site charges a lot for a person to understand their human design, my intention is not for you to spend money. I have found all the information around the internet that you will need to understand your human design.

You need the Time Your where Born which your birth certificate should show.

There are only 4 different type of people, yet each individual is unique.

  • Generators 70% of the population
  • Manifestors
  • Projectors
  • Refelectors

This link you can learn about the 9 centers – the types, the authorities and much more.

Aspects to focus on:

  • Profile
  • Gates
  • Channels
  • Definition
  • Authority
  • Strategy

When you pull your chart you will see a PROFILE, this link you can learn about your profile. An example is a profile of 6/2 which is the Role Model / Hermit. You want to learn about your Profile.

The Gates: The gates are the numbers you see on the chart, any gate that is open with red or black is related with your human design. You can go to this link and learn the gate characteristics.

When a line between the gates are connected this becomes a channel. Use this link to find out the information about the channels.

The Human Design and Archetypes are the most complicated systems to figure out.

To understand the depths of our personality and inner-self requires self motivation, study and research, time, and an deep inner desire to progress spirituality and beyond this third dimensional existence.

Positive Verses Negative post image

There are two energies that exist within this third dimensional world — Positive and Negative. If you ascertain the two opposing energies, you are more aware than the person who is ignorant concerning energy. The individual that comprehends the cosmic battle between the darkness that opposes the light is on the path of an enlightened awareness. The Persian philosopher and Prophet Zoroaster directly taught about the cosmic battle between the darkness and the light.

Within the modern world many spiritual seekers are observing that the gap is widening between the positive and negative. The negative is becoming to be an addiction with people who are inclined to a worldly disposition — Comfortably Emotionally Numb, Chronic Complaining, Discontented (drama queens), and continually annoyed and irritated at their fellow citizen and the events that occur within the world. On the other side, there are more individuals ever before who are progressing spiritually and learning how to re-contextualize the ego and unselfishly act toward their fellow citizen.

Do you experience your higher self full of approval, love, and warmth? Do practice a quiet life of meditation and mind your own business? The person who experiences the approval of their higher self will inflect others with a love of life that streams from the heart chakra.

The discontented gossiping person egocentrically emphasizes the negatives and faults of others. The disconnection with the higher self causes loneliness, an empty heart, jealousy, envy, and will continually compare oneself with others. This disposition stems from a low self-esteem and self-judgment predominates.

The negative disposition emphasizes life occurrences into victimization that avoids responsibility. The temptation to speak in catastrophic abusive terminology generates negative vibrations — karma (reap what you sow) generates negativity to engulf the individual. Our behaviors and speech reflect back and impact our inner disposition.

Is your higher power blessing you or cursing you?

To deeply connect requires continual spiritual meditative progression.

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The Cosmic Battle between the darkness and lightThe Persian philosopher and Prophet Zoroaster (also known as Zarathustra) possibly existed around the 5th century BCE, the precise dates are unknown. Zoroaster taught upon a higher level of consciousness; after his death his followers created the religion Zoroastrian that still exists in parts of Iran. The same scenario that occurred with all the eminently influential prophets and sages who lived at a higher level of consciousness, their followers of a low level of consciousness formed an idolatrous religion, however, a measure of truth remains within the positioned dogma.

Focusing upon the teachings of Zoroaster and excluding the dogma of the religion, Zoroaster taught the profound truth concerning the battle between the darkness and the light. Zoroaster teaches that the conflict between the two powers, unseen to the human eye, will always, and ultimately affects humanity. Humanity is the nucleus of the enmity between the powers of the darkness and the light.

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