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How to Attain the High Consciousness Level of Acceptance
The Lie of Western Religion
Awakening That Our Life Path is Preplanned
Understanding the Manipulation of the Food Industry
Seeking Spirituality Within — Connect with Your Inner Spirit
The Solo Path of Independent Spirituality
Unlocking Your Divine Potential by Knowing Yourself

Striving for the Positive against the Negative
Zoroaster The Prophet — The Cosmic Battle
Taking Responsibility and Surrendering Self-Judgment
Seeking Spirituality Within — Connect with Your Inner Spirit
Conquering Fear and Experience Grace

Advancing Your Spirituality Through Modalities and Techniques
Increasing Spirituality: The Power of a Positive Perception
Surrendering the Attachment and Programing of the Media Cinema Industry
Practicing of Mindfulness to Increase Awareness
Progress Beyond the Negative World of Materialism

What happens when I Die? Overcoming the Fear of Death!
The Ultimate Goal of Pure Consciousness
The Free Independent Spiritual Lifestyle
The Spiritual Benefits of Fasting
Spiritual Balance: The Sacral Chakra

Optimal Spiritual Energy: Cleansing The First Chakra
Subjugate Fantasy and Daydreaming and Face your Reality!
Understanding a Healthy Brain for Increasing Spirituality
The Domination of the World — Who Manipulates the Chaos?

Three Natures that Dominate Humans!
Free Your Mind from Fear and Negative Emotional Baggage
Identifying the Shame Based Personality
Comprehending the Universal Law of Attraction
Universal Law, Our True Self, and Spirit Guides

The Benefits and Practice of Yoga
Surrendering the Dualities of the World
The Map of Consciousness and Spiritual Progression
The Mind Control of Totalitarian Belief that Generates Disbelief
Cultural Entity Defined and the Entrainment of the Atmosphere

Study Tools for the Independent Spiritual Student
Comprehending the Context of Love to Increase Consciousness
The Truth of Religious Artwork
Transcending the Ego through a Self-Esteem of Humility
The Eternity of Consciousness and Our Inner Spirit

Subjecting this Objective Third Dimension
Uplifting the Individual over the Level of Collective Consciousness
The Daily Meridian Clock Generates a Healthy Lifestyle
The Context of Forgiveness, will a Pardon be Granted?
The Spiritual Lifestyle of Detachment verses Attachments

The Enslavement of Humanity
Cultivating Faith!
The Destiny of People Disposed to Truth
Jesus the Anointed One
Keep in Balance, Identify Within, Euripldes

Socrates—The True Sense of Reputation
Pursue Virtuous Qualities and Conquer the Darkness
The Power of the Darkness of Negativity
Deceiving Levels of the Darkness
Wisely Economize or Agonize—Confucius!

Spiritual Eyes of Blindness—Mawlana Rumi
The Atmospheric Entrainment of the Garden of Eden
Identifying The Darkness-The Ego-Negativity
The Firm, Enduring, Simple, Modest—Confucus
The Beginning—The Truth of Creation and Adam and Eve

Pursuing Spiritual Generosity from Your Heart
Strive for Contentment within the Moment of Consciousness
Comprehending the Profundity of Realism
The Ego—Narcissiam of Cause and Effect
The Paradox of the Truth—Lao Tzu

Live Wisely—Confucius!
Lessons Learned from The Israelite King David!
The Lessons of King Saul and False Religion
Transcending the Ego

The Heart of Humanity
In the likeness: Righteousness vs Wickedness
The Idolatry Worship of Religion and Lower Entities
Enslavement of Religious Cult Ideology

Commandments Culture and Respectful Traveling
Grasp the Freedom of Education and Religion
The Law of Karma Correlates with Past Lives
Awareness of our True Source
Opening the Eyes from Spiritual Blindness

The Freedom of Choice
The Destructive Tongue!
All Creation Within, as One?
Why a Suffering World
Deterrents to Cultivating Faith

Judaism and the Israelites Forming a Religion of Baal
Buddhism and the Formation of a Religion
Symbolism of Religion
Blood-guilty Religion and Idolatry of Christianity
The First Two Commandments!
The Teachings of Moses
Love: Action vs Word