Zoroaster The Prophet — The Cosmic Battle

The Persian philosopher and Prophet Zoroaster (also known as Zarathustra) possibly existed around the 5th century BCE, the precise dates are unknown. Zoroaster taught upon a higher level of consciousness; after his death his followers created the religion Zoroastrian that still exists in parts of Iran. The same scenario that occurred with all the eminently… Continue reading Zoroaster The Prophet — The Cosmic Battle

Jesus the Anointed One

Jesus the Anointed, one of the most influential people that have walked the earth lived during the height of the Roman Empire, and the beginning of our common era. During the infancy of the Roman Empire and the end of the Republic, Tiberius was the Emperor during the three in and a half-year teaching era… Continue reading Jesus the Anointed One

Keep in Balance, Identify Within, Euripldes

Euripldes lived during the fifth century BCE. As a Athenian playwright, Euripldes is considered one of the three great tragedians of classical Athens and one of the last. Researching Euripldes’ life, plays, and writings, one cannot deny the deep thinking person Euripldes proved to be. Euripldes served as a cupbearer for the dancers at Apollo’s… Continue reading Keep in Balance, Identify Within, Euripldes