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Comprehending the Universal Law of Attraction

There are several Universal Laws that are set to guide humanity except the majority are deluded from the truthful context within each subject. Law of Attraction is about energy and how the individual attracts the favor of the Spirits of the Light or the Entities of the Darkness, and our human associates. Albert Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2 proved that everything in the universe is energy. All energy vibrates within a certain frequency according our consciousness. Free choice allows change supported with positive intent will uplift our vibration levels.

The world media taught propaganda deception that the universal law of attraction relates with money and success. Most propaganda concepts that filters into the mainstream media are always twisted. The Law of Attraction has been popularized in recent years by books and films such as “The Secret.”

The context of the subject you want to comprehend is how to attract the spirits of the light by observing the Law of Attraction.

The Vibration of Unselfish Love:

Unselfish love transmits at a high vibrational frequency. The higher your consciousness increases more love you will feel within your inner spirit. Unselfishness attacks the powers of the darkness at the core; open generosity without a concern for time and money converts the inner heart onto the side of the light. Honest-hearted individuals who pursue spirituality attract a similar disposition. Our vibration attracts similar frequencies.

The world media teach twisted deceptive propaganda that the universal law of attraction relates with money and worldly success

This world thrives within negative emotion that creates depression, lethargic energy, and lazy minds. The world pursues negative food, music, handheld gaming, and mind controlling HD-TV that creates powerful addictions. Caffeine and Sugar dominate the beverage industry. The Lower Entities dominate this world along with their human cohorts the illuminati occult. The powers of the darkness gain energy from controlled addicted humans who vibrate under congested negative emotion. A main activity that stuffs negative emotion is High Definition Television. HD-TV is causing passivity within the brain at a much faster pace than analog television. Negative music weakens the meridians and can induce trances; repetitious techno music, rap music, heavy house metal music all calibrates at a lower level of consciousness. Hand-held gaming creates addictions that cause an anxious nature.

We attract other humans and 5th dimensions spirits into our life by the power of our thoughts, behavior, and emotions. However, since negative emotions can clog our emotional reality by stuffing within our organs and meridians, more action is required to attract positive energies. Shame, fear, anger, and guilt will gradually create a disposition of inadequacy. Cultures around the world suffer from negative emotional based cultural dynamics that affects the deluded majority.

Activities that can aid in clearing emotional baggage:

The Law of Attraction and Karmic Bonds:

Many writers will teach that just by raising your vibrational level and consciousness that a person will be granted their heart desire. Teachers have used the Law of Attraction concept as a psychological process re-packaged and marketed for the mass consumer market.

A positive morning routine creates positive energy throughout the day

Karmic bonds play an important role within a person situation in life. An individual will benefit by raising their level of consciousness. Yet, the majorities are destined to remain at the lower level of consciousness. Many people around the globe are meant to remain poor or in a disagreeable situation. Even people who are wealthy find themselves controlled by greed and are in a disagreeable situation spiritually. The only remedy is to raise the level of consciousness, clear the emotional baggage, and overcome any addictions that may linger.

The Law of attraction is a universal law that applies to every particle in the universe, yet, karmic bonds will dominate the individual’s life path.

Law of Attraction Myths:

  • If you think about something long enough, it will definitely happen
  • Everything you think about will manifest without any work on your part
  • Law of Attraction is an easy way to get rich
  • It doesn’t matter what you feel, just what you think
  • You are the creator of your reality

Learn to Show Deep Appreciation:

Being thankful, grateful, and appreciative of what you have, or don’t have, will create positive vibrations that will immensely aid Universal Law of Attraction. The context of the law of attraction is not money or materialism—we want to attract the powers of the light within our lives that will remove loneliness by filling the inner spirit with spirituality. When you show genuine appreciation to someone, you encourage them to develop more of the qualities which you appreciate about them. Appreciation and Gratitude for others Divinely given qualities roots out envy and jealously. Appreciation can help improve a relationship, dissolve a negative situation, and heal on many levels.

Start the Day within a Positive Vibration

A positive morning routine coupled with healthy whole foods can generate a positive focus throughout the day and produce positive energy.

Healthy Morning Activities:

  • Yoga Breathing
  • Yoga Exercise
  • Affirmations
  • Meditation
  • Any Physical Activity
  • Focus on Raw Food
  • Paper and Pen Personal Journaling

Try to Avoid:

  • Caffeine and Sugar in the Morning. If you drink Teas or Coffee try to wait until after 11am. Refer to the Daily Meridian Clock.
  • All Processed foods that come out of a box.
  • All Food Additives: Artificial Sweeteners, Refined Sugar, Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), Etc…
  • High Definition Television, Hand Held Gaming
  • A Dirty House Atmosphere and Bad Odors