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Wisely Economize or Agonize—Confucius!

Among the complicate world of economics, determined individuals, couples, and families who are continually cultivating a heart-of-want have experienced anguish from dull-witted decisions. Confucius, writing to the waring provinces in China during the sixth century BCE, warned the public and leaders that mismanagement of economics will lead to agony.

He who will not economize will have to agonize. —Confucius

Since the creation of the first modern day bank during the 17th century CE, the international bankers have strived to dominate the world economics and succeeded. Seizing control as a central bank in America in 1913, the international bankers have wielded the manipulation of the ignorant, and governments around the world. Individuals losing their life savings, owed to a want-of-heart based on greed, and witless decisions, has brought about agony to the point of suicide.

In recent years, an excessive level of greed is manifested among some top cooperations; a unique level of deplorable greed—millionaires scamming innocent hard working individuals because the lustful desire of money-grubbing. Despite the wickedness of the prominent wall street pillager, the individuals who entangle themselves within a frame of desire and insecurity will become ensnared with a host of negative emotions—resulting in tribulation of the heart. A discontented heart can lead astray into economic misery.

The domination to trouble-shoot Your position of economics within the context of prudent management is essential. Unless you possess strong faith to not have a concern for economics.

I am opposed to millionaires, but it would be dangerous to offer me the position. —Mark Twain

Cultivating a disposition of contentment, inner security, non-attachment that produces a desire-less frame of mind, and relying on the moment of provision—anguish, distress, and grief will cease to exist within the heart.