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Cultivating Faith!

A monumental amount of information is being released as our era speeds to the activation of the New World Order;  because of the flood of “truthful information” many people are experiencing high levels of despondency. The dominance of the combined powers of the darkness will use the new era of the New World Order to clean-out the spiritual truth seekers of the light. This reality is daunting and scary for multitudes of individuals that are able to comprehend the New World Orders domination and their sinister agenda.

The cultivation of inner faith, and the expressions of integrity are essential during the upcoming tribulation for all individuals that have a disposition for truth and light, and anyone who opposes the New World Order.

The mainstream media are continually feeding humanity with fearful expectations and fanciful preconceived ideas. The media thrives on fear; the illuminati shadow government including all secret societies that dominate the mainstream networks. The combined powers of the darkness comprehend that fear, anger, greed, and selfishness are the solution to dumbing down society and retaining the control of deception. Fear and selfishness are the opposite of Faith and Love; the lower energies of fear and anger associate with the lower chakras.

Fear is the opposite of Faith. Wholeheartedness and spiritual progression will asstist in the cultivation of strong inner faith.

Through identifying ones true source the inner spirit/soul can begin cultivation. Studying Scripture can distinguish unwanted axioms of the inner person. The scriptures can discern the motivations of the heart; scripture can slice the heart in half. Through deep study, a person can motivate the change of the inner heart. Belief is not enough, but living with an expectation that your creator is real and will provide for you within the moment.

Learning from personal experience cements the actuality of realism into the individual’s core sense of reality. Yet, relying on personal experiences slows the process of faith cultivation. Faith dictates emotional calmness within stressful conditions comprehending that active Divine direction is a realism. The individual may experience a testing, yet each test can strengthen personal faith.

Today we live in a faithless world of perversion. The lower entities use religion as a delusion. Thus, a person may have confidence in their religion, but do they have faith in the unknown beyond the view of human eyes? Faith identifies with expectations of the unseen, not knowing what might happen, but deeply knowing that the Divine will provide.

Strong Faith is the solution to opposing the New World Order of enslavement. The journey to cultivating strong inner confidence is an individual personal adventure. Wholeheartedness motivation originating from inner love for the truth can initiate the cultivation process—however, self motivation is required.