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Deceiving Levels of the Darkness

In the article The Power of the Darkness, sin/ego/darkness is described as a power that wields control over a person. Darkness as a place, such as the resurrection of what Daniel and Matthew taught throwing the person outside into the darkness. Darkness in the context as delusion, and deception. Darkness such as behavior, greed, desire, envy, jealousy. The Bhagavad Gita teaches three gates of hell, or darkness as desire, greed, and anger; a person that is overcome and controlled by these behaviors will live a type of hellish life, if not in the present, then in their next life.

The different categories of darkness within each context is important to comprehend.

A Common Level of Darkness:

The most common type of darkness is a person being born in this world and living a worldly life, never seeking any light. Everyone experiences the worldly life through past lives; the enlighten sage must experience the darkness, although digging for truth is required and once attained the light shines on the darkness of this world. Many people that are in religion are under the deception of the darkness, nevertheless, members of religion may experience and understand a measure of truth, although, the dogma of the religion has caused a vale covering the eyes from the truth and results in a mental block (mind control) that controls the attached position. Many people that don’t have any interest in religion just live in the world and stay active in the pursuit of money and materialism is a level of the darkness. Many people live good lives, comfortable, just not free of the natures of darkness. Clearly people are under the deception of the world, but maintain their life properly. Each person experiences their karma lifetime after lifetime living in the darkness of deception.

This teaching of multiple lives is extremely difficult for a western to comprehend because of generation of a dogmatic positioned controlled mind-set.

The context of darkness to examine is the power behind the energy that Moses taught using the phrase sin that correlates with the teaching of The Buddha. This particular power of the darkness is concerned with one goal—ensnaring the person under its power. This energetic domination of the darkness, in context, is a power that works within the inner person including powerful lower entity influence. There is a “point of no return” within this context of darkness. This power of the darkness thrives on complete control through obsession, compulsion, and addiction.

The Power of Addiction:

The power of addiction can be observed from drug addicts and alcoholics. The addiction manifests as, not only a neuro-chemical (brain) problem, but a bio-chemical (body) problem, which for the heroin addict has to resort to methadone to stop the heroin once the addiction progresses to a bio-chemical systematic level. Some addicts use their drug to the point of no return. They subject themselves to utter slavery of the chemical substance. The causal user can become addicted to any type of chemical or behavior; once the person quits and progresses through the withdrawal, the person has to continually say NO. Stopping the desire, immediately, to avoid returning to the addictive behavior is essential for long term success for the causal user. Nowadays, the plentiful amount of addictions in different forms, exist, to trap and ensnare a person for the control of the lower entities energetic needs. Food, materialism/shopping, drugs, sugar, nicotine, stimulants in the form of beverages, alcohol, sex, co-dependent relationships, and the list goes on. Addiction is a form of darkness, which relates with the emotion of desire.

To clearly understand this deeper level of darkness and the power behind it—the profile of serial killers can shed some light on the context of this type of darkness.

The Serial Predator:

The subject of the profile of serial killers reveals the predator in human form. Although, how could this come about in a person’s life? The BTK killer was a respectable pastor in a christian church, his community looked up to him, he read from the bible. Ted Bundy was a law student and involved in politics. Jeffery Dalmer seemed to have come from a normal family. From the interviews of Jeffery Dalmer, Ted Bundy, and the BTK killer, they all had two things in common within their experience of serial killings—their obsessive compulsion didn’t happen overnight and they past the point of no return. The obsession to kill started with desire, which was drawn out over time. Once a person pursues their desire, and dwells on the negative, the desire will become fertile and hatch like an egg. Once the desire fills up in the heart and becomes emotional, there is no stopping the action. Doing what is good to conquer the bad is required before the desire is drawn out to stomp-out the desire, because the desire thrives on the evil ego and wicked intention. From the interviews of serial killers they all said after the first killing, the next one was easier, then after a certain time or amount of killing, they said that the obsession and compulsion was uncontrollable. They had no control over killing the innocent nor any conscience of their behavior.

The Point of No Return:

The power of the darkness intertwined with the influence of the lower entities dominates full control over the serial killer. The lower entities draw energy from the human wicked behavior by living through the human behavior and thriving on the negative emotion. The lower entities enjoy bringing harm to the innocent. Utterly wicked. The lowest depths of darkness. The rituals and worship of religion are no match for the power of the darkness in the case of the BTK killer. The reason is because religion is under the power of the darkness. The Catholic molesting priests is fine example of the grip the darkness possess.

Nazi Controlled Darkness:

The Nazi regime and the branch of the SS is also an example of how the power the darkness can control humans. Within deep study of the profile of the SS, many of the members were common people, bakers, carpenters, doctors, judges, store clerks, farmers. Being drilled with a racist ideology and an ideology of one’s oath and duty, the SS slaughtered innocent civilians along with innocent prisoner’s of war. The entrainment of the energetic ideology of the organization of the SS was enough, in itself, to create killing fanatics. The ethnic cleansing of Bosnia and the slaughter in Rwanda are other examples of the power of the darkness, a power which controls a person, or group of people, into utter slavery. The depth of the power of the darkness are murderers. The New World Order will exemplify the Nazi regime within a powerful delusional level of the ego.

Darkness as a place or kingdom?

Jesus clearly taught that there will be a place outside of the new ego-less earth called the darkness. Isaiah, Jesus, and Peter taught about the new earth for the children of the light. Jesus taught that many people will act as they have faith since they opposed the Man of Lawlessness during the judgment (New World Order) Greedy workers of lawlessness, basically hypocrites will be thrown outside into the darkness, where there will be gnashing of the teeth. This is the hell that is taught, but with  obscured context . The context originating from the Catholic Church is that after death, a person that has did wicked deeds, will burn in some fiery hell for eternity; absolute falsehood, although a belief severally embedded in the controlled minds of the blind follower. The context of a separate place is correct, although, this place (the kingdom of the darkness) will not exist until after the judgment time. This place of darkness will be of shame, fear, arrogance, slavery, greed, hate, control, selfishness, a place where there will be gnashing of the teeth because the deception taught them a differnt story. What will sustain the kingdom of the darkness? The power of the darkness!

The Definition of Hell.

Term hell the translators took from three Greek words that they translate into hell as follows: haides hah’-dace, the word refers to a place unseen. geena gheh’-en-nah, a valley in Jerusalem where they use to burn garbage. tartaroo tar-tar-o’-o, this is a place, or jail, Jude referred to where the spirits are jailed that materialized as humans and had sex with women before the flood.

Compared to the ego-less new earth and new heavens, the kingdom of the darkness will be total enslavement. The burning hell punishment is a figurative sense of the concept according to the mind-set in the first century, such as the term “destruction” doesn’t mean utterly destroyed to a non-existent state. A person can live in a living hell in the world today, or a person can be destroyed to their ruin, although, still exist.


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    hi shawn i read some of ur blog and i really admire ur ability to discuss different religions and cultures yet avoiding any kind of language of words that might be considered insultive by people from any religion or culture.

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