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The Divine Battle Plan Between the Darkness and the Light!

The Divine Plan directly effects every human on this earth. The Divine Godhead appointed a destiny concerning this earth, humans and the Spirit World.

Humanity resides within a lower level of consciousness; the majority of the masses experience deception and are deluded concerning the battle of the powers of the light and the darkness in the spirit world. The Divine plan of God is intertwined within the Hebrew Scriptures in relation to Canaan, the Israelites, the Jews and Babylon, Jesus, and forward down to our current era.

Throughout history, enlightened humans that taught spiritual truth on the earth, taught about a Divine Plan. The sages lived at a higher level of consciousness; therefore, could observe the future. The sages taught within the cultural mind set of the era.

From the time of the Babylonian exile of the Jews, the Jewish scribes disguised the truth that Moses and the Prophets taught. Christianity and Judaism strived to obscure the plural from the singular, and concealing the truth concerning the Man of Lawlessness—the adept goal to deceive humanity was completed by the second century BCE.

God’s Plan is extraordinarily positive for the spiritually enlightened.

For the ignorant and hypocrite, The Divine Plan of God may produce fear and anguish.

The destiny of each Individual is influenced and impacted in relation to the Divine Plan within a personal unique context.

Moses, The Prophets, Jesus, and The Apostles taught about a Divine Plan. The teachings of The Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tuz, Confucius, and others are focused on the path to enlightenment; thus, they did not teach about the context and details of the Divine Plan, in addition to the Man of Lawlessness. However, the eastern writers that lived at a high level of consciousness did teach about the Divine Plan within their own teaching style according to the cultural mind set of the era.

Jesus walked the earth teaching about the Divine Plan, and the Jewish ardent leaders—threatened of exposure and their position—accumulated false evidence and generated the murdering the Anointed King of the Children of the Light.

Each individual is a part of the Divine Plan. The Light and the Darkness will experience a separation process.

Throughout history the truth of the Divine Plan underwent a distortion that created an obscured dogma of the Divine Plan. The Divine Plan.Info will endeavor to provide the truthful context.

This entire world is under deception concerning the Divine Plan.

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