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The Curse of Canaan and the Early Obstacles upon the Israelites.

The Singular verses the Plural.

To comprehend the truthful context of the Divine Plan, a student must recognize the veracity of the Plural opposed to the falsehood of the singular within the context. The obscurity from the plural to the singular is detrimental and ruinous for the incognizant, because the singular conceals the context of truth. The common belief dictates the singular usage in connection to the Kingdom, Messiah, God, Heaven, Holy Spirit, and Satan. The context of the singular dates from the dogma of Judaism and Christianity; particularly, Judaism by manipulating the Hebrew Scriptures from the time of the Babylonian exile up to the second century BCE.

An example of the twisted context of falsehood concerning the plural verses the singular; the religions of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and others appended to a dogma of falsehood in connection that upon death in regards to a singular life, the individual’s spirit will go to heaven or hell—two different destinies—the reputable to heaven and the iniquitous (sinner) to hell. Two different locations are affirmative; however, only after the separation of the light and the darkness occur. The context of the religious dogma concerning death is false. In addition, the singular conviction concerning a single (Anointed One) Messiah is a contradiction of the Divine Plan; a singular belief concerning one anointed (messiah) supports the deception in regards to the arrival of the man of lawlessness; henceforth, a predominant goal of the wicked deceivers throughout history up to our modern day is to conceal the truth from humanity. It was vital for the powers of the darkness to conceal and convert the context of the plural into the singular. The context and the foundation of the Divine Plan is in connection to the veracity of the plural.

When did the Battle between the Light and the Darkness Intensify?

After the darkness established itself in the spirit world, the creation of humans on the earth was crucial. After the creation of the homo sapiens (wise man), the battle between the darkness and the light intensified. The darkness dominated the earthly world since the creation of the wise man. The creation of the wise man happened thousands of years before the creation of Adam, and the Garden of Eden. Adam and the Garden of Eden caused major opposition and enmity between the powers of the darkness and the light. The monarch (the original wicked spirit) of the darkness became paramount in the spirit world because of the corruption of the darkness against a spirit. The power of the darkness corrupted multitudes of spirits to the point of demotion into a lower entity. The lower entities slowly grasped control and dominated the earthly world of humans. Hence, the spirits of the light needed to design a plan to thwart the domination of the darkness. The divine-craftsmen of the light formed Adam and Eve in the likeness of virtuous qualities, and placed them in the Garden of Eden; the strategic plan was for the line of Adam to broaden the borders of Eden to dominate the darkness within the earth.

After the formation of Adam and Eve, the temptation to touch the tree of knowledge, which represented the sovereign domination of the accuser, proved fatal. Thoroughly deceived, Eve touched the tree and Adam followed. Consequently, Adam chose the supremacy of the accuser resulting in expulsion out of Eden into the world of humans dominated by the powers of the darkness. The creation of Adam and Eve was in the likeness of the qualities of the light. It was crucial that the darkness corrupted the line of Adam. The act of murder consummated the bond with the powers of the darkness through the jealousy of Cain toward his brother Able. The line of Cain became the human wicked seed from Adam’s line up to the flood in opposition to the line of Adam that Seth continued.

Producing a Human Seed of the Darkness.

The accumulation of wickedness among Cain’s line progressed to maximum limit that caused the cataclysmic flood. Through Adam’s line, within each generation, an individual (possibly multiple people) lived at higher level of consciousness, however, the majority proved to be villainous. After the cataclysm of the flood, Noah and his family were of the line of Adam in the likeness of the qualities of virtue. After the flood, Moses writes that Noah was commanded to not murder one another, because murder caused the fashioning of the line of Cain. Therefore, the accusers (lower entities) were desperate to design a trap that would produce a human seed for the darkness.

The Curse of Canaan, the Truth and Importance of the Context.

Genesis chapter 9:18-27 was considerably manipulated by the Jewish Scribes before the second century BCE—however, consciousness discerns the context of the truth; consciousness is aware of everything; thus, the truth can be recognized and discovered. Verse twenty-two in Genesis chapter nine recounts that Ham saw the nakedness of his father. The writing style (manipulation) of Genesis chapter nine has caused confusion among religions and within the minds of the truth seeker. Perceiving the truth, concerning Canaan, is pivotal to understanding the Divine Plan. Leviticus chapter 18:7 describes that seeing the nakedness of the father relates to having sex with the father’s wife. Leviticus chapter eighteen describes sexual transgressions, which only five are discussed. This context elucidates that Ham had sex with his mother—Noah’s spouse and produced Canaan through incest. Ham’s bothers deduced the situation and tried to prevent the birth, but to no avail. Consequently, Canaan was the first tribe to be born through incest—a curse resulted upon the descendants of Canaan. The accuser (Baal) could only accomplish forming a human seed of darkness through breaking of the commandments. The commandments were earlier written in the spirit world before Moses existed. The Hebrew definition of Canaan from the root defines as “humiliation”.

Canaan bore eleven children that formed as tribes worshiping the lower entities. The different tribes personalized their god with a unique name. The Canaanites dispersed and dwelled from Sidon to Gaza, and Sodom and Gomorrah, occupying the whole Levant. The Canaanites worshiped Baal the accuser, as their ruler, and god. The Canaanite qualities included selfishness, arrogance, and greed—the predominant qualities of the darkness. The ego flourishes within a cultural entity that is molded generations of generations—a cultural change is impossible.

The First City/State Civilization of Sumer.

Up to 3500 BCE, tribes of people dwelled and cultivated the earth; people migrated and settled in an area according to their language after the confusion at Babel. In 3500 BCE, Sumer, the first city/state civilization emanated suddenly as an organized, economic, sophisticated centralized arrangement of religion. The worship of temples consisted of sacrifice, offerings, and rituals. The gods that dominated the ardent worship are lower entities that strived to dominate the entire world and succeeded; their invisible wicked influence creates religious falsehood that has deceived humanity from the beginning. The wicked human seed born from incest (Canaan) produced a wicked nucleus of darkness that has caused havoc for humanity. The surrounding nations adopted their own worship of gods upon the foundation of Sumer. Idolatry flourished throughout the world; however, few individuals did live at a higher level of consciousness throughout each generation who proved their integrity living by faith, and rejecting idolatry—Abraham proved to be such a person. Before the destruction of Sumer, around 2000 BCE, upon Divine direction, Abraham’s father departed Ur. Upon the death of Abraham’s father in Harran, Abraham was directed to travel and dwell in the land of Canaan. Abraham was a descendent of Shem from the line of Adam. Abraham proved to be a person of faith; the Divine spirit of the light chose Abraham to create a nation that would threaten the survival of the darkness. The Israelites, upon Divine direction would be in direct opposition to the Canaanites, the seed of the darkness. Therefore, causing an obstacle and cultivating a trap was crucial for the lower entities to prevent domination of the light through the Israelites.

Causing an Obstacle upon the Israelites.

During the epoch of Jacob, the twelve sons of Israel issued out of his loins. An indication of early corruption of the darkness is that the ten sons of Jacob attempted to murder their bother Joseph deriving out of jealousy. Even though the destiny of Joseph consisted of slavery, imprisonment, and an exoneration as the second most powerful person in Egypt—the wickedness of Joseph’s bothers heart condition proved a cancer. While Jacob’s families were camping at Shechem, after Jacob offered peace, Levi and Simon led the murdering of all the inhabitants after the men of Shechem circumcised themselves as a peace treaty. Reuben slept with Jacob’s maidservant, a direct transgression averse to the commandments. Judah, experienced guilt over the crime against Joseph, drove him to leave the family clan and married a Canaanite. Consequently, blending the Canaanite and Judaica cultures. The Divine Spirit commanded the sons of Jacob to avoid marrying Canaanite women. Consequently, the first born from Leah was corrupted. The first born of Jacob proved to be Joseph, born of Rachel; the Divine Spirit favored and directed Joseph throughout his life.

Contemplating the declaration of blessings and destinies that transpired before the death of Jacob, the declarations are of prominent importance. According to the blessing granted to Joseph, the mystery residing within the context, requires discernment. Joseph provided a spiritual line for whose destiny decreed Divine favor and enlightenment, a blessing granted to individuals. The Divine Spirit set Joseph apart from his bothers, directed him, and blessed him—separate from the world. The blessing directed to Judah created a line blending the Israelites and Canaanites through marriage, but the line would lose favor with the Divine Spirit, although would produced both anointed ones (messiahs) for the light and the darkness. Even though, the line of Judah continued with Tamar for the messiah of the light, because Tamar disguised herself as a prostitute, and Judah entertained himself with her; the line continued through three of Judah’s sons, the twins of Tamar, and the sons of Shelah from Judah’s Canaanite wife.

The Blessing that is Forgotten

The context of Jacob’s blessing to Judah revels that the corruption of the tribe of Judah would remain, and the instrument for the darkness would result from the captivity in Babylon in the sixth century BCE. The mixed group of Israelites that survived from the ten-tribe kingdom along with the two-tribe kingdom of Judah, intermarried and mixed with Canaanites from the beginning when they entered Canaan led from Joshua; consequently, in 539 BCE the two blended cultures departed Babylon as one—Jews. Nevertheless, the mysterious line of Joseph exists for the children of the light. Hence, two different lines issued from the sons of Jacob. The primary goal of the darkness was to stumble the Israelites using idolatry that causes selfishness, greed, and arrogance. The Israelites, through intermarrying and blending the cultures with the Canaanites, proved fatal for the light. Consequently, the blending of lifestyles between the Canaanites and Israelites proved victorious for the darkness.

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