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Dogmatically Positioned

The Emotion of Dogmatically Positioned is related with our lung and large intestine meridians and organs, in connection to Earth among the Five Element Theory.

The reality of Dogmatically Positioned is an emotion that is abundant among ardent individuals; however, the emotion can apply to a vast amount of untypical subjects and situations concerning a particular core belief. The intellect can only identify a limited number of emotions, such as, sadness, fear, anger, grief, and joy. Multitudes of sub-emotions are unidentifiable, although are active within the subconscious of the emotional reality.

Dogmatically Positioned relates with the lung and large intestine meridians and organs. The domination of a dogmatically positioned individual experiences a defensive nature; religious dogmatic devotion predominates within the context of defense and resistance toward change. The emotion of a dogmatically positioned individual attaches to the core belief system within a variety of subjects—socially, culturally, and an inbred family belief system.

People that are dogmatically positioned socially, culturally, and religiously are vulnerable to defending their belief system and might be compelled to neatness due to the actions of the ego. The ego can justify its specialness and correctness upon the position of the individual, however, a delusion exists.

The negative context of Dogmatically Positioned, in addition to the related emotions within the group of the lung and large intestine, can cause a detrimental catch twenty-two effect.

The emotions of Over Sympathetic and Low Self-Esteem interconnect with a dogmatically positioned individual; additionally, the delusion of the ego can elevate the individual temporally, but will prove false to its power. The emotion of anguish is interconnected with a dogmatically positioned person that associates with suffering, torment, and leads into an actuality of misery. A reality of misery produces a yearning; the cycle of these negative emotions generates a realism of grief. The ensnared realism of a dogmatically positioned individual spawns an inner core complex that fortifies the defensive nature opposed toward change. Consequently, the embedded spiral effect of the negativity within the emotional reality hinders and inhibits the uplifting of the level of consciousness into a benign stratum.

Multitudes of dualities exist among the world. In the modern age of mass communication, individual conflicts and strong core beliefs are at a pinnacle. Beyond this world, only two sides exist—the darkness and the light, which are opposed to one another. Grasping a position on the side of the light, simultaneously, detaching from the dualities of conflicts will produce an amiable realism. However, to discharge stagnate, congested emotional baggage, an effective, credible method is required.