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The Enslavement of Humanity

Enslavement of humanity is a subject that possesses an ancient history within the subjects of political, religious, economic, and cultural domination.

Significant amounts of awakened people are observing the enslavement strategy as the combined powers of the darkness continue to prepare for the New World Order.

A variety of categories demonstrates the the slavery of humanity: employment, culture, religion, personal emotion, corporate/government domination—enslavement occurs in every part of the world. Predominating the subjects above is the absolute enslavement of the New World Order.

The Enslavement of the New World Order:

All the inventions of technology and the progression of the world are pointing to one subject—the New World Order. The New World Order is a totalitarian world of fascism that can dominate human emotion through nano-computer chips that will produce mind control trances. All spiritually disposed individuals must non-violently oppose the darkness and the New World Order.

The Enslavement of the Workplace:

The workplace is a common arena where people experience enslavement including the so-called free world. People allowing themselves to get deep into debt, because of inner want of material stuff that just clutters their life. Humans living with entrenched inner want—never satisfied because of an uncontrolled desire creates attachments, people can lust after material objects.

Consequently, the workplace takes on a value—such a strong value that people enslave themselves under a job which they may just abhor, there is no exit for the working-class from an enslaved economic situation.

The spiritually awakened are subjected to non-spiritual workmates who live a life of delusion denying truth of the New World Order, which creates an “energetic entrainment of the atmosphere” in-turn can damage personal integrity. The energetic peer-pressure appends to the slavery of “maintaining with the Jones family”; hence, the indecisive and halfhearted will just follow the majority and remain in debt—a form of cultural enslavement. Many people who own a business experience that the business owns them instead.

Economic Enslavement:

The world wealthy elite continually oppress the majority under economic enslavement. A large portion of the world struggles everyday to eat a proper meal; harsh manual labor and small wages generate despondency. On the other hand, the wealthy person may find themselves enslaved because of the context of money fueling a materialistic egocentric desire. A wealthy individual may dwell in fear and insecurity being trapped within dreadful emotions because their greed. The wealthy person may rely on their riches when faced with the enslavement of the New World Order—wealth will ensnare multitudes because of strong deception.

Freeing oneself from the enslavement of economics is linked, not just with faith, but with self-control to get oneself out of debt and surrender the attachment to material objects. Once an individual can accomplish this aspect of freedom, then it will be easy to pursue the alternative lifestyle that will significantly liberate the individual from the enslavement of economics and the workplace.

Government oppression and greed enslave the majorities within many cultures around the world; most people will never free themselves from the economic enslavement. The engagement of a deceptive war against the middle class in the west is covertly trying to create more poverty.

Emotional Enslavement:

Enslavement through personal emotion can be catastrophic upon a person’s life. A person’s emotional reality can become congested with negativity that can attract an individual into addictions and compulsive obsessive behaviors. Some people have committed suicide because of a nightmarish emotional reality.

Culturally, emotions that motivate behavior differ slightly according to the cultural rules that are programmed into the populace. Each culture produces an entity of entrainment that can automatically cause a buildup of negative emotions within the emotional reality. The inbred cultural rules and family projected dogma of ideology generates an emotional positioned reality. A common affliction may be of a lost soul in search of oneself; hence, minimal trauma and a lack of inner intimacy can cause emotional enslavement.

Alternative health care can assist the clearing of congested negative emotions. Relying upon Divine direction a person may surrender detrimental emotion that congests the emotional reality. A negative emotional reality causes enslavement and is a strategy of the New World Order. For many people who are hearing the truth are experiencing high levels of fear, paranoia, despondency, and a nighttime persecution complex causing nightmares and insomnia.

Religious Enslavement:

Religious ideology and dogma create a totalitarian view of life that enslaves humanity within utter deception. All religions are dogmatically positioned and religion is a form of Idolatry. The Lower Entities dominate all religions around the world and gain energy from human worship. The Almighty Divine does not require our worship; but our unselfish expression to our fellow citizen and expressing love by avoiding the worship other gods (lower entities) including all forms of Idolatry. Gratitude is the key, even a thankfulness to an unpleasant occurrence. Mind controlling ardent ideology lost the original context of the scriptures; consequently, all religions around the world failed to comprehend enlightenment of truth. Humanity is blinded with a vale hanging over their eyes—religion only provides a limited path.

A measure a truth resides in each religion along with dogmatically positioned falsehood. If an individual can identify the falsehood and detach from their religion, the dogma, and abandon the idolatrous empire of religion—then the individual must to deprogram from the ingrained dogma, study scripture, and pray for direction—clear sight will be granted to recognize the truth to the honest-hearted.

Cultural Enslavement:

Enslavement through culture is a subject that automatically enslaves humanity. Cultural rules differ from place to place, country to country. Within religious dominated enslaved countries, multitudes of people remain deluded during their lifetime, yet slowly learning under the vale of deception. Even among so-called “free countries” of the west the populace that lacks religious upbringing unwittingly live within the rules from the influence of culture. Identifying the enslavement that the culture molds the person into is vital for freedom from the dominating ideology.

Surrendering the attachment of patriotic nationality including the inbred complacency of “home” is essential to releasing the enslavement of cultural rules. Learning a variety of cultural dynamics can aid an individual to surrender the inbred positioned cultural pride. Yet, appended karmic bonds culturally enslave multitudes during their lifetime. The ego thrives on personal pride concerning patriotic nationality.

Understanding the powerful trap of attachments and detaching oneself from the patriotic nationality of the culture can be pivotal for spiritual growth. Releasing your pride of the country can emancipate congested emotional baggage that is engrained from the individuals upbringing.

Upon asking for direction of the Almighty Divine and the Sacred Spirits whom are all cognizant and all-wise, the individual may attain a high level enlighten spiritual freedom from the enslavement of this world.