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The Atmospheric Entrainment of the Garden of Eden

The popular subject within westernized religion concerning Adam and Eve and the atmospheric entrainment of the Garden of Eden continually mystifies the mind estranged in wonderment because of the dubious religious generated dogma. The Jewish/Christian implanted core belief intertwines in fantasy according to the face-value interpretation of individuals of a lower level of consciousness that caused detrimental deception throughout history. The conviction that Adam and Eve were the first of creation to exist raises doubtful conclusions according to the fact that the Homo Sapien experienced its beginning in Africa. Since humans were living on the earth before Adam and Eve, several questions deserve an analyzing eye.

  • What was the atmospheric entrainment in the Garden of Eden?
  • Why Adam and Eve refrained from having sex during the time in Eden?
  • Was the state of Adam and Eve different than what humanity experiences today?
  • What is the context of the Tree of Knowledge?
  • What changed when Adam and Eve ate the fruit?

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The Atmospheric Entrainment of the Garden do Eden.

The attractor field of the atmosphere of the Garden contrasted the outside world that existed tens of thousands of years prior. The garden was a state of non-duality, an inclosed area that was ego-less. Adam and Eve were living in an area without the ego; negativity such as self consciousness and shame is devoid; hence, nudity was a non-issue. The world of pure consciousness (egoless) is a complete contrast from the world today; historically only very few humans can transcend the ego in this ego driven world. The entrainment of the atmosphere consisted of fearless, shameless, egoless—vacant of a self-conscious emotion.

Why Adam and Eve refrained from having sex during the time in Eden?

Worldly interest dramatically decreased within the state of pure consciousness. Because of the personification of Divine love, inner motivation to enlighten humanity is predominant. Pure Consciousness is formless, thus contrasting the world of materialism, ego driven desires, lust, showy displays of self, food, drink, and sex. Thus, the foremost thought of sex was remote for Adam and Eve with the Garden. An individual that has experienced a measure of the state of pure consciousness will understand this context. The state of the Garden of Eden is a complete contrast from the current world.

The Deception in the Garden.

When Eve ate of tree and Adam followed, the atmospheric entrainment changed, their state of conscious combined with the attractor field of the ego, because of their choice they felt shame and fear—the ego entered into their state of consciousness. In Genesis Chapter 3:5, the serpent (a lower entity) that tempted Eve said that they would be like God knowing good and bad. That is what happened in Verse seven, Adam and Eve’s eyes were opened to good and bad. In verse 22 of Chapter three, The Divine Spirit confirmed that Adam and Eve had become as them “knowing good and bad”. The source of darkness is ego that defines as sin. When Adam and Eve ate of the tree the ego entered into their state of consciousness and they experienced negativity. The serpent lied by telling Eve that they would live and not die.

The Consequence.

Self-consciousness directly relates to feeling shameful, and Adam and Eve related their nudity to being humiliated. Furthermore, they became fearful which relates to an impending doom and dread; consequently, Adam and Eve hide among the trees of the garden from the presence of the Divine Spirit.

The Representation of the Tree of Knowledge.

The emotions of shame, fear, dread, and humiliation are negative emotions relating to the ego-driven rulers that Adam and Eve choose by eating of the tree of knowledge. The tree of knowledge of good and bad was a representation of the ruler of the darkness that ruled the outside world—the original wicked one. Consequently, Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden into the world, and were not allowed to return. However, the issue intensified between the light and the darkness.

Jealousy dominated over the creation of Adam dwelling with the disposition and qualities of the light. Henceforth, it was essential that a line was manipulated through the offspring of Adam to become an ally for the darkness.