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Grasp the Freedom of Education and Religion

Throughout life, people have the ability to learn and educate themselves considering they are from a country that allows freedom of education. For an individual that is raised without being able to read or write – this person is living out their karmic bonds and may be deprived of education – a result from their past life. For a person that cannot read or write, that individual will be subjected to the rules and laws of the culture, self education will be non-existant. The religion that dominates the country is what the illiterate adult raised in that country will only understand.

For the individual who does not take life seriously and is squandering their time by being enmeshed with this world, although is educated, that person will be subjected to the education of experience, one mere lifetime is not enough. Some people have to go through harsh experiences, because discipline is a part of self education. The belief system of a adult is related to the country or up bringing of the parents. The western world is granted with freedoms, although Christianity has dominated the west for 1000 years with an iron fist; despite this heavy handedness up until the nineteenth century – the freedom to choose is abundant and respected for the most part.

Throughout America, a person can study and practice, openly, a belief or religion and nobody will stop the person. This type of educating freedom has allowed few individuals to ascertain that religion resides in the darkness, to grasp the spirituality within oneself, and to act unselfishly toward the stranger. Anyone that has detached from religion and who pursues spirituality, and actively studies scripture, this person will benefit in the end. 

People that are raised in a closed-minded, programming culture, with religion dominating the behaviors and belief system of the country – this person will never understand the idea of karma. Without any understanding of karmic bonds and the rebirth cycle, the person that is under the control of religious dogma through programming from childhood, this person will reside in confusion, especially for a poor person who is a strong, active, religious person. Many people relate a blessing with wealth, family, material items – a misdirection and perception. 

Each religion breaks the first two commandments – because the practice of religion results in Idolatry. Cunning and shrewd the lower entities are; the rulers of this world are wicked to the core. Deep attachments, strong unmovable positioning within culture and religion – many people are subjected and enslaved within many countries of this world.

If you find yourself living in a country that allows you to go to a bookstore, learn, and study any religion you like because your heart is seeking the truth; find the time, or better yet make the time. Squandering your time may result in karma in your next life without having such an opportunity.