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Satan The Devil—The Wicked One.

Religions, including the Greek Scriptures, define Satan the Devil as the original wicked person in the spirit world. The phrases “Satan” and “Devil” are misleading that causes an obscured perception. The definition of Satan defines as Accuser, and Devil defines as Slanderer, if the translations would use the correct phrase, the public would attain the correct understanding. Anybody can be an accuser or a slanderer that is based on wicked qualities of the darkness.

Studying history, a student will observe that the “gods” of the time before our common era (BCE) seem to have disappeared. It is unbelievable that the people of that era built grand temples with an inner room that was the sanctuary, or holy of holies, which they carved an image of their god. Pagan gods or false gods is the shallow knowledge the public comprehends. Considering the idea that there aren’t any spirit entities behind these gods – people that were sacrificing animals, offering foods, drink, burning incense, and some times offered humans, as a sacrifice to their god – does not seem reasonable that these gods are false.

Studying mythology and utilizing common sense, and discernment, the student will learn that the stories of mythology possesses a common theme, the same type of gods just with different names. Sumer was the first city-state civilization that emerged around 3500 BCE, which is southern Mesopotamia. The other nations, Egypt, Greece, Canaan, and the Hittites worshiped the same god (lower entity), each nation personalized their god with a chosen name. The gods of Sumer is the foundation of the narrative of mythology.

Within the rank of the lower entities (gods), there is an entity that is the Master, which is the storm god – Baal of the Canaanites called Satan the Devil. Baal correlates with Amun of Egypt, Ares of Greece, Mars of Rome, Marduk of Babylon – the solar calf that slowly rose into the top position, and Bel in Sumer that also uses the name Marduk. The Sumer stories of Bel are rather hidden. In the Canaanite narrative, Baal was the son of El, as with the others stories, humans perceived Baal as a son. Ares the son of Zeus is the god of war in the Greek mythology. Amun the son of Ra in Egypt is the storm god. Mars, the six-pointed star, the son of Juniper, is the storm god in Roman mythology. All these identifications are referring to Satan the Devil

An important question to ask – why did Moses command the Israelites to Conquer Canaan and drive the Canaanites out of the land? To understand this mystery, the context is important to understand why Canaan was cursed. After the flood, Cain’s line was destroyed, which was the wicked seed in the earth of Adam’s line. Noah and his family were in the likeness of the Divine. The wicked entities needed their wicked human seed in the earth after the flood. Genesis Chapter 9 describes that Ham saw the nakedness of his father. Religious leaders and members have yet to grasp and understood the context, and the seriousness, of the subject. What does it mean for a son to see the nakedness of his father? The answer is in Leviticus chapter 18:6-18, which describes incest. Ham seeing his father’s nakedness means that Ham had sex with Noah’s wife. As a result, Canaan was born. Consequently, because of incest, the start of the wicked human seed in the earth had its second beginning. The account in Genesis describes that the brothers went back to cover up their fathers nakedness. The context of the subject is they tried to prevent the birth, but the no avail. Canaan was cursed because being born out of incest. Canaan and his seven sons consisted of tribes – they built temples and sacrificed to their god and Master Baal. The definition of Baal defines as Master or Lord. The Jewish scribes manipulated the section of Genesis chapter 9:18-27 to hide the truth.

Baal is the same entity as Malcolm or Moloch the god of the Ammonites; Ammon was born out of incest from Lot and his daughter. Baal is also Chemosh the god of the Moabites; Moab was born out of incest from Lot and his other daughter.

After Sumer was destroyed around 2000 BCE the Amorites, a son of Canaan, invaded the land of Babylon and Assyria. In Egyptian history, during the second intermediate period, the Hyksos meaning foreign people occupied the land. Obviously, the historians consider this a mystery of what region the Hyksos came from, nevertheless – they were Canaanites. Canaan had seven sons that formed tribes that slowly engulfed the region of modern day Turkey, Lebanon, ancient Babylon, Assyria, Egypt, and the whole Levant, bringing their Baal worshiping religion and creating different names of Baal so the tribes would personalize their god Baal – a lower entity.

The Israelites were told to conquer the land of Canaan, and Moses said to drive them out and destroy all their temples – Exodus 34:10-16, Numbers 33:55-56. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were instructed to live in the land of Canaan. Isaac and Jacob were not to take a wife of the Canaanites – Genesis 24:1-4. Esau married Canaanite women, daughters of Heth, and Isaac and Rebecca had a bitterness of spirit because of the wedlock. Heth was a son of Canaan. Intermarrying would cause the two to become one, the lifestyle of the darkness is a power, addicting energy.

Two different seeds, one in the likeness of the light and the other in the likeness of the darkness. Baal is the Accuser and Slanderer, Satan the Devil who is destined to arrive in the flesh in the world as the man of lawlessness to deceive the world.

If the Israelites would have obeyed the commandments and circumcised their heart, a large nation in the likeness of Faith and Love would shine on the darkness – the darkness is in the likeness of selfishness and greed. The darkness hates the light. The Light has one Master and King and the darkness has one Master and King. Jesus arrived to be anointed as king and master over the children of the light. Baal has yet to arrive, although soon this world will contend with Baal as the man of lawlessness who will be anointed as king and master for the children of the darkness. Each anointed one is granted to rule over their kingdom once the separating of the light and the darkness is accomplished.

Baal is the original wicked one in the garden of Eden and the person Ezekiel wrote about at Ezekiel 28:1-19. Baal is the very first spirit to be demoted from light to the darkness of the ego, selfishness, and greed. Baal is a powerful lower entity who demands to be worshiped, and strives to be master of everyone. Baal is who tempted Jesus, offering him all the kingdoms of the world that Baal has control over – Baal and his cohort’s rule this world. For this reason Jesus taught his followers to be no part of this world.


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