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In the likeness: Righteousness vs Wickedness

From the very beginning, the darkness and the light is in direct opposition and defiance of each other. Moses taught in Genesis that Adam was created in the likeness of the spirit of the light.

The word likeness translated from the Hebrew word ‘dem-ooth’ defines as resemblance that comes from the root word ‘daw-maw’ defines as compare. Religions have interpreted the phrase that we must compare physically with the Divine. They have failed to make the connection that ‘likeness’ relates to qualities, such as love verses selfishness, two actions – different qualities; qualities of the light as in faith and the opposite is fear. If a person is filled with fear – faith develops as an alien that is distinguishable among cultures around the world. Confronting fear is a precondition to cultivating faith. The wicked nations use propaganda to continually fortify humanity with fear. Moses taught about demonstrating faith and how the Israelites failed by attaching to Idolatry and sacrificing to Baal.

Love is based on action – not spoken words. The opposite of love is selfishness – not hate. You can hate someone and act unselfishly toward them, but a selfish person will decline a helping hand. Selfishness correlates with greed and arrogance. Moses taught these qualities of the light and the darkness, although difficult to discern the context within his writings. Moses’ writing style is unique; it takes discernment to separate the teachings concerning human behavior, the temple regulations, and the law of the priests.

In Genesis, Moses taught about the importance about listening through the story of Abraham that involves humility and meekness. The opposite of a listening ear is arrogance and pride, King Saul is an example. Understanding the opposite qualities is pivotal to understanding how to defeat the wicked side of darkness. The world teaches selfishness, greed, pride, ego-driven arrogance, materialism, and adultery; hate equals the likeness of wickedness. Love relates directly to unselfish action, words are useless if not backup with action.

Honesty, trust, integrity, faith, love, wisdom, meekness, transcending of the ego, self-control, and generosity, are qualities cultivated in the heart are in the likeness of righteousness. The darkness is hostile and antipathetic to toward the light. The lower entities and their earthly counterparts immerse themselves in ego-driven qualities: selfishness, hate, arrogance, greed; enslaved with addictions, lust, desire, and cravings – absolute self-indulgence.

Adam was created in the likeness of the spirit of the light. Adam’s line starting with Seth continued in the likeness of the light. Jesus was born from that line through Mary and was anointed as King of the children of the light. The accuser (Baal) will arrive to be anointed as the King in the likeness of the darkness to deceive humankind and claim the kingdom of the darkness.

Continually cultivating and acting in the qualities of the light is the only way to conquer the darkness. Thus, Cain was told to do what is good and there would an exhalation. Cain did not pursue the qualities of the light. Avoiding cultivating goodness – sin, darkness, the ego, and negativity will seek to defeat and swallow up the individual for its pleasure.