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The Nature of the Almighty Divine Source.

the godhead,divine nature

Artwork around the the world depicts The Almighty Divine Source as an object in the middle of the Anointed Master of the Light on the right, and the Anointed Master of the Darkness on the left.

The context of The Almighty Divine Creator is present in everything, but at the same time, distantly formless and unmanifested—void of attachment toward the creation.

A major mind boggling concept that will flabbergast the deep thinking spiritually advanced student.
Comprehending the truth is essential to experience a close intimate relationship with the Almighty Divine Source.

All scripture that exists around the world teaches different aspects and qualities of the Almighty Divine Source.
The All Powerful, Almighty Divine Creator—the Grand Source of All is incomprehensible, and indescribable for the creation to grasp the depths of the context; a paradox, a mind boggling concept of beginningless, and endless. The ego will prevent an individual or group from comprehending the depth of the context of the Divine Source as omnipresent—manifested in form, but at the same time, formless and non-manifested.

For a person to be blessed with love and wisdom from of the Almighty Divine Source, an individual must act according to the commandments by acting unselfishly to the stranger, avoid bringing harm upon your fellowman, and eliminating of all kinds of Idolatry, including religion.

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