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Independent Spirituality

  • Seeking Spirituality Within — Connect with Your Inner Spirit

    The world we live is an atmosphere of third dimensional materialism and emotional interactions. We’re born into the world where dark entities dominate with egocentric energy and determined to prevent each individual to comprehend the truth and experience a deep inner connection with our true higher-self and the divinity. Thus, a lifetime of continual spiritual […]

  • The Solo Path of Independent Spirituality

    The solo path of Independent Spirituality focuses on increasing consciousness and enlightenment, knowing and loving ourself. As the spiritual seeker progresses they will reach out un-selfishly to help others. This solo path of devotion is not the easy path comparing to religion where the person justifies their ego driven behaviors and finds support, comfort, and […]

  • Unlocking Your Divine Potential by Knowing Yourself

    How well do You Know Yourself? Do you experience approval from your higher-self and does your intellect deeply connect with your inner spirit? Questions that can be profound for individuals that are completely disconnected from their inner-self. Yet, for the spiritual seeking individual that strives to deeply know their inner personality and to Unlock Divine […]