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sugar addictionOur world is filled with manipulated and unhealthy foods. Unhealthy diets, especially in America, is a prime source of depression, suppressed communication, obesity, and a host of other non-enlightening shadow dispositions.

For many years there have been concern about chemicals added to foods to enhance color, flavor, and shelf life. There has also been concern over the use of genetic modifications to crops and to increase yields and disease resistance. But there is a less heard of, multi-billion dollar industry which is gaining an ever increasing foothold in the market profit-obsessed food industry. Monsanto is the primary engine behind food manipulation.

Our society has fallen into an ignorant level of delusion believing the media. The media is filled with ideas on (whats good for YOU), yet all humans have a different chemistry. Foods such as Nightshades (foods that cause inflammation) maybe be good for your body, yet those foods are dangerous for my body.
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Finding yourself within, claim your inner spiritThe world we live is an atmosphere of third dimensional materialism and emotional interactions. We’re born into the world where dark entities dominate with egocentric energy and determined to prevent each individual to comprehend the truth and experience a deep inner connection with our true higher-self and the divinity. Thus, a lifetime of continual spiritual work is required to attain an advanced level of consciousness and spirituality.

Subjecting this world of materialism and the attachment to success and failure will cause a change in our perception of relaity. Determined to stay grounded and wisely intellectualize, other than foolishly emotionalize every event that occurs will dominate your life into a state of peace and contentment. This external third dimension world we are experiencing is a non-sustainable reality, which is only temporary because of death.

Spirituality Resides Within and is not External!

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strive for a solo spiritual pathThe solo path of Independent Spirituality focuses on increasing consciousness and enlightenment, knowing and loving ourself. As the spiritual seeker progresses they will reach out un-selfishly to help others. This solo path of devotion is not the easy path comparing to religion where the person justifies their ego driven behaviors and finds support, comfort, and security within the socialization of the religious group.

Independent Spirituality is a path that the seeker/student will experience aloneness within its solo path. Yet Divine Favor. This path requires courage and inner faith.

Key Elements to Attain for the Independent Seeker:

  • Independent Focused Spiritual Devotion
  • Re-Contextualizing of the Ego from selfishness to unselfishness
  • Increase your level of consciousness and enlightenment
  • Know Yourself through The Human Design, Archetypes, and Astrology
  • Identify how to remain in the light, and avoid shadow behaviors
  • Attain Independent Spiritual Maturity through inner faith and non-attachment

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