The First Two Commandments!

Moses wrote down the commandments and the first two of the Ten Commandments are the most important. Considering this, the lower entities foremost goal is to deceive humanity to break the first two commandments, through lifestyle, religion, and culture – whatever way is possible. You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not… Continue reading The First Two Commandments!

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The Teachings of Moses

Around the world most people are aware of Moses, the individual who executed the plagues upon ancient Egypt and lend the Israelites to the land of Canaan or “the promised land” according to the Hebrew Scriptures. In addition, Moses wrote the down the commandments, laws, and regulations as a printed copy for the third dimension.… Continue reading The Teachings of Moses

Love: Action vs Word

The phrase “love” is commonly taken out of context and is difficult for the majority to comprehend the depths of the definition and meaning. The generality of the greater number of the public defines love as hate, which is incorrect, even religious people define love as hate. A person can have an enemy, even hate… Continue reading Love: Action vs Word