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Progress Beyond the Negative World of Materialism

Scriptures around the world disclose that the lower astral demonic powers dominate the world through their cohorts called the Illuminati (globalists)concerning commence and banking, education, the mainstream media, religion and much more. In addition, the scriptures unveil a reality: an individual must be separate of this world to experience a close personal relationship with the Divine Spirit of light – including religion. The Greek Scriptures clearly teach that the spiritual advanced individual should be “no part of this world”. Among the world three prime emotions that are of a lower level of consciousness dominate; Shame, Guilt, and Fear.

Even though the average level of consciousness is higher than it was 100 years ago among the world, the majorities still pursue egotism, arrogance, hate, selfishness, greed, and a justifiable religion. The hearts and minds of the non-spiritual are sightless and obtuse from the truth and groping and appending upon materialize. Because of the failure of the Israelites and the world breaking the first two commandments the results consists of emotional repression, confusion, uncertainty, authoritarianism, and oppression. Enjoying the pleasures of this world on a level of spoiled indulgence results in emptiness, dissatisfaction, and separation from Divine favor.

Behaviors and Attitudes of The World:

  • Television: The drug induced HD TV deludes the mind and generates a lazy body
  • Dogmatically Positioned Religion: A positioned attitude within a totalitarian biased dogma correlates with the world
  • Worldly Attitudes: Attitudes around the world consist of Sarcasm, Apathy, and Indifference toward our fellow human and spirituality. As humans we are meant to connect with other humans on an intimate level. The majority connects with materialism that generates selfishness, greed, and isolation.
  • Addictions: If you observe human behavior around the world most people are addicted to something. Harsh addictions to drugs and alcohol completely delude the mind and heart. Other addictions to food, instant gratification, TV, video games, energy drinks, sugar, and caffeine also affect the mind and body from progressing spiritually.
  • Pursuing Wealth: Commence directly connects with the world. People around the world continually worry about money and only want more. Wealth produces greed within the majorities. Very few people have a solid grip on money with the view as subjective. Chasing after money results in emptiness and loneliness.

As you advance your spirituality, you will find yourself alone as you detach from the world and its behaviors and attitudes. Yet, you are never alone, your spirit guides are always with you even though they are covertly present.

Stuck in the World of Religion:

There are multitudes of people stuck in religion. Ardent organized religions are controlled by the world powers of the darkness. The good hearted people who are appended to religion were indoctrinated from childhood or simply deceived. Religion produces positioned divisions that generated hate and bloodshed. Many areas of the world are extremely stressed; technology including the television generates unrest, impatience, self-centeredness, extreme materialism, domestic and political conflicts. Cultivating positive qualities opposite of the emotionalism of the world begins a spiritual reality that can progress beyond this world. Our vision observes duality and formation within the third dimensional material world. Most people of the world cannot vision beyond the formations and duality thus becomes absorbed into absolute content that generates the “one life, world is all there is” thinking. Totalitarian thinking suppresses consciousness and generates absolute content. Absolute content the mind visualizes the stronger attachment to the world.

The Scriptures clearly teach that the spiritual seeker must live separate from the world, yet exist and cope within the world as a human

Abandon Your Desire for the World:

Specifically the Greek Scriptures and the Bhagavad Gita teach that the world we obverse will pass away and that we must strive to avoid the desires of the flesh (food, sex, ego) and the desires of the eyes (materialism), The Bhagavad Gita deepens the subject by teaching that we should progress to a desire-less spiritual level, yet passionate to spiritual matters. Existing separate of this world the individual must boycott all politics, religions, holidays, ego worldly attitudes, and negative behaviors.

An attachment to this world and the earth is common and understandable; humans inhabit the earth as home and the earth are truly beautiful. Although, few people understand the context of truth concerning the controller of this world, which has been the reality from the very beginning – non-attachment is critical. Taking time to study scripture and decipher the truth, a person should comprehend that this world is under the influence and control of the wicked dark entities. Separateness from this world is vital to maintain a personal relationship with the Divine Spirit and the Advanced Incorruptible Spirits.

Surrendering the negativites of this world will be difficult. Deep emotional baggage may prevent the seeker from progressing. Yet, all efforts and each step a person pursue will always be noticed by the powers of the light.