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Subjecting this Objective Third Dimension

The progression of spirituality directly corresponds to subjecting the third dimension. Common society resides at a lower level of consciousness and perceives the third dimension as objective and absolute in contrast to a subjective perception. Earthly materialism predominates inner desire among the non-spiritual personality including the human body itself. The lower level of consciousness creates ignorance of non-duality. Consequently, ignorance retains the individual within the duality of the third dimension and within rebirth cycle.

Objective (as in “objective”) adj. : belonging to immediate experience of actual things or events; “concrete benefits”; “a concrete example”; “there is no objective evidence of anything of the kind”

Subjective (as in “subjective”) adj. : taking place within the mind and modified by individual bias; “a subjective judgment”

Objectifying materialism creates slavery upon the senses that includes attachment, selfishness, greed, and negative emotions that create grief that leads to karmic bonds. The ego attaches onto objects and the duality of the earth. Thus, the spiritual seeker to attain the ultimate goal of spirituality the individual will progress by subjecting the elements of the darkness within the world, simultaneously, pursuing spiritual action and devoting all action to Divine direction.

Attain a Life of Subjection within the Third Dimension?

Considering that the non-spiritual majority reside at a lower level of consciousness the spiritual quester must earnestly seek the truth; additionally, the individual must face the challenge to attain an accurate knowledge of the truth and possibly a higher level of consciousness. Religious attachment or dogma prevents proper spiritual progression; religion dwells within idolatry. As the individual comprehends our formless inner spirit, and the ego’s axioms are content of objective non-sense, then a person will ascertain how to subject this third dimension.

Non-attachment relates to subjecting this world of formation. The state of pure consciousness along with the oneness with the spirit of the Divine is alien to the formation and materialism of the world. Only few have attained pure consciousness compared to the billions of the majority; progressing toward a high level of oneness with the spirit of the Divine and a higher level of consciousness pertains to the spiritual seeker.

Only few people are able to attain subjecting the third dimension of formation.

Manifesting a non-interest concerning worldly pursuits, the spiritual seeker will avoid: attitudes of consumption, revelries, religion, materialism, love of money, idolatry, lust for food, selfishness, greed, arrogance, and so forth.

As the spiritual seeker experiences the subjective formless inner spirit and progresses to focus upon spirituality, the student will embrace the primordial substrate that illuminates the faculty of awareness that transforms the meditative mind of the formless spirit through Divine direction; thus, the view the mind itself as subjective and impersonal. Perceiving the mind and ego as impersonal assists the process in subjecting this third dimension. Our formless inner spirit is eternal.

Scriptural References related to Subjecting the Third Dimension:

The Bhagavad Gita chapter 13:10,11; paraphrased from two different translations.

“An unwavering devotion to the Divine. Center all thought on Divinity. Turn your back on social life and the commotion of the crowds. Have an intense love for solitude, and distaste for involvement in worldly affairs. Persistence in knowing the inner spirit (Self) and awareness in the goal of Knowing – this is called true knowledge; what differs from it is ignorance”.

Jesus, when he walked the earth, continually subjected this world. John 16:33; John writes according the translation of the KJV that “Jesus has overcome the world”. The Greek word “nikao” they translate into “overcome” defines as “to subdue”. The translator’s most likely get confused, not knowing what John meant. What John wrote was that Jesus subdued the world, thus he made this world subjective to his true source and did not get involved in worldly pursuits. Matthew and Luke write that Jesus always looked for places of solitude.

The Dhammapada teaches that The Buddha said at chapter 13:4

“Perceive the world as a bubble. Perceive this world as a mirage. If you see the world in this way, you render the Lord of Death powerless. The Buddha taught subjecting this objective world.

Jesus, Krishna, and The Buddha all taught subjecting this objective world and non-attachment. Each enlightened individual taught within their culture and tailored according to the belief system of the era. Christianity fails to comprehend the root context of the teachings of the Greek Scriptures.

Spiritual progression into a higher level of consciousness requires surrendering and subjecting the formation and materialism of the third dimension. Religion befriends the world and proves as an object of idolatry. To attain the ultimate goal in spirituality, the person must create a goal of subjecting this objective world, and all things that are in the world, and everything that relates to the darkness of the third dimension.