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The Ego—Narcissiam of Cause and Effect

Marcus Aurellus served as Emperor of Rome during the second century CE. During this time in his older age, he composed writings of a personal style. Possibly, Marcus Aurellus did not attain a higher level of consciousness, however, his writings are of wisdom and embedded within a high level of awareness.

Property is unstable, and youth perishes in a moment. Life itself is held in the grinning fangs of Death, Yet men delay to obtain release from the world. Alas, the conduct of mankind is surprising. —Marcus Aurellus

A simplistic phrase concerning property, or a more concise phrase—materialism. Considering that a material item can break, rust, melt, burn, drown in water and become lost; wisdom dictates that is foolish to generate an attachment to an object of form. Yet, the narcissism of the ego attaches to the content of material form consequently, and deludes the individual from the reality of context. Context, defining as meaningless objects of formation in relation to the subjectivity of the inner person. Therefore, the ego deludes the ignorant from the context of a material object that generates an emotional attachment stemming from the illusion of the ego that thrives on causality. The linear illusion of cause and effect dominates the human perception; the cause “desire” that produces “attachment” that generates the narcissism of “effect”, therefore, victimization, control, and specialness predominates the personage.

Comprehending that death is a counterpart to life is an event to be welcomed and accepted—the wise individual will abstractly observe the grief of others, comprehending that the inner spirit/soul remains eternal. The ego flourishes characterizing the victim that dogmatically deceives humanity within a position that produces grief in relation to the context of death. The ego is justified through distinguishing the complacent victim—acting as the sufferer, the injured party, the loser, the sucker, and the casualty is a narcissistic addiction of the ego; humanity welcomes its affliction.

For the deep thinking spiritual quester that observes mankind’s conduct, deceptive convictions, illusional perceptions, and dogmatic attitudes are astounding.