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The Lie of Western Religion

Western religion consists of three religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, all three have a common ground in the belief in the God of Abraham. The character of Abraham is a story written in the Hebrew Bible from a character named Moses.

All three religions believe in a masculine singular God that is separate from ourselves. A God that has a masculine name, vengeful, always serious based on behavior and punishment, and its creation must strive to gain its favor. In addition, Judaism, Christianity and Islam all dwell within the emotions of Shame, Guilt, and Fear, negative emotions of a lower level of consciousness.

This monotheistic masculine God whom is separate from its creation has been programed into the consciousness of mankind for a least 3000 years. Freeing yourself from this deluded dogma of a lie will release the grip of being guilt-tripped.


All individuals who have attained enlightenment teach that God is INFINITY (Omnipresence) and Infinity is Everything. Infinity is not a separate spirit that relates to its creation as an emperor. Infinity is the Absolute Field of Consciousness which nothing as exist outside of it. Infinity is within absolutely everything that exists. Yet the individual ego provides the grand illusion that everything is separate. And, indeed we are individuals.

The human brain struggles with the identification of Infinity because generations upon generations of programing that the monotheistic god of Judaism is true. In addition, the ego creates the illusion of separateness and individuality. And, the teaching that “God is love” contradicts Infinity because of the contrast between the light and the darkness.

Yet, the level of consciousness dictates behavior. Someone with a high level of consciousness will automatically accept each moment and everything that occurs and will express love, contentment, peace – positive emotions. An individual that is of a lower level of consciousness will be enslaved and express Shame, Guilt, Fear, Apathy, Grief, Jealousy and Desire, Anger and Pride.

The Biblical Lie

Biblically from Adam through the ninth century BCE the archaeological historical record fails to exist. The archaeological historical record proves that Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Moses, David, and even King Solomon did not exist according to the stories written in the bible. The record shows that the bible was written from the ninth century through the fifth century BCE, primarily during the captivity in Babylon in the fifth century.

The record shows primarily from “The Bible Unearthed” that the people who wrote these stories labeled them as “scriptures”, and completely lied about their history regarding Israelites, slaves in Egypt, “God’s people”, and a united powerful kingdom during Solomon.

The Monotheistic Separate God is a Lie.

The so-called Israelites never existed. The people that formed the culture of Judaism were Hyksos who were in Egypt but were rulers of Lower Egypt and for a short time Upper Egypt and tried to enslave the Egyptians. The Egyptians paid the Hyksos to leave and that an “Exodus” of the Hyksos is a historical event. The Hyksos practiced horse burials, and their chief deity, their native storm god, Baal, became associated with the Egyptian storm and desert god, Set. The Hyksos were a people of mixed Asiatic origin with mainly Semitic-speaking components.

The Hyksos migrated to the hills around Jerusalem and formed a mixed culture of Canaanite and Judaism. The Hebrew language is from the Canaanite semite language. There is a high possibility that the Hyksos were originally Canaanites but left their homeland, most likely because of their monotheistic teachings, a main source of distress and conflict for the Egyptians while the Hyksos were in Egypt.

The historical record exists for all other tribes and people and it goes all the way back to the big bang of the universe. King Hammurabi wrote a law code in 1800 BCE in stone. The epics of Gilgamesh were written in stone. The people that wrote the fairy tale stories of the bible never used stone. During the first and second millennium BCE none of the tribes and kingdoms surrounding the land of Canaan recorded anything in stone relating to any Israelites. If a powerful King existed such as Solomon that had 1000 wives and with Queens visiting from distant lands, there would be some solid proof — nothing exists.

The Omrides, or House of Omri were a ruling dynasty of the Kingdom of “Israel” (Samaria) founded by King Omri. Five Assyrian records prove that the House of Omri existed around 885 BCE. This is the first proof of a historical recored. From the time of the ninth up until the Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BCE , the record shows that there was a Kingdom of Israel (Samaria) that paid tribute to the Kingdom of Assyria. The last king of Israel (Samaria) refused to pay and the Assyrians completely conquered and destroyed the small city state kingdom. Also the southern kingdom of Judah rebelled and the powerful kingdom of Babylon destroyed and took captives of Judah.

The Jewish religion was formed between 586 BCE to 539 BCE and the fairy tale writings of the so-called Hebrew scriptures were written.


Christianity and Islam:

Both Christianity and Islam are extensions of Judaism for the fact that all three religions believe in “The God of Abraham”, a made up monotheistic separate god based on Canaanite belief. Christianity is molded directly from the Roman Empire, primarily from the Flavian dynasty and Titus Flavius Josephus or known better as Josephus. There is much proof that Josephus was the Apostle Paul

Christianity is about the Emperor and gaining its favor. Christianity is the most judgmental religion. During the Roman era, if you were a Roman Citizen and did not worship and believe in the Emperor you were judged to death. Christians judge others that don’t believe in their Emperor Jesus.

The name Jesus was a common name back around the time of the first century and prior. The story in the Gospels is about two different people named Jesus with a fairy tale story blended within. There was a wise man named Jesus who I believe was the anointed of the light. There was also a man named Jesus King of Edessa who lead the Jewish revolt against the Romans.

The resurrection of the dead is a complete lie. Our body dies but our inner spirit is eternal. Once the body dies the spirit travels to the fourth dimension in preparation for the next life unless that person attained enlightenment. Attaining enlightenment breaks the human cycle. If a person had the power to resurrect the dead during the first century the Romans would have heard of it, but nobody outside of Judaism wrote anything about any miracles.

For more detailed information Read Jesus King of Edessa by Ralph Ellis

Letting Go of the Lie

Courage is required to admit that we truth seekers have been duped. However, we are born into a world of full deception and illusion. Letting go and surrendering the falsehood of the masculine monotheistic god is the beginning to spiritual freedom and peace. The believe in western religion only causes Shame, Guilt, Fear, Low Self-Esteem, Doubt, and Apathy. Freeing yourself from this negativity will cause calmness and contentment within your soul.

Infinity is everything. The purpose for a truth seeker is to seek enlightenment, pursue the positive, learn to be human without having a crises of consciousness that you are doing something wrong. Universal Law is simple: don’t cause any injury upon anyone – Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually, Sexually, or Financially. Learn Kindness and pursue the positive in all things. Addiction is negative, complaining is negative, the evening news and a lot of mindless TV watching is negative, fast food and sugar is negative. Learn to cook and eat healthy. Obesity only causes shame and a low self-esteem.

Strive to self-educate yourself and increase your consciousness. The path of enlightenment is an ultra difficult path but once a person is past the obstacles, the moment of eternity becomes the most wonderful experience.

Many of the old articles on this website were written years ago, At that time I myself was deluded by western religion and that the bible was true. Since I have let go and surrendered the belief in western religion and the Jewish monotheistic god, I have only experienced peace, calmness, contentment, and lots of energy.

Letting go of negative emotion and dogma that is based in a lie is the only answer. The reason our society struggles is because they are living a lie.