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The Map of Consciousness and Spiritual Progression

Consciousness directly relates to inner spirituality that contrasts external forms of inspiration. David Hawkins created the The Map of Consciousness that can assist a person in understanding the progressional level of spirituality that relates to individual level of consciousness. By using Kinesiology Muscle Testing the average level of the Collective Consciousness for humanity is around a low 210, which is just over the integrity line, according to David Hawkins.

The Level of Consciousness Directly Relates to Inner Spirituality

The average person who is pursuing spirituality may ascend over 300, yet this level is still low compared to an advanced spiritual individual. There are individuals that attained a level within the 400’s, yet unable to pass the crucial level of 500. There is a large majority of the masses that dwell below 200. This is the prime reason the world is dominated with negativity, loneliness, and boredom; the powers of the darkness dominate with egocentric behavior and a low level of consciousness.

the map of consciousness

A level of 500 must be attained and maintained to break the human rebirth cycle. The combination of ego positional attachments, personal negative emotional baggage, and prevailing positional emotional baggage of others that causes an energetic imprint upon the inner spirit (soul) suppresses the level of consciousness. Individual karmic bonds will determine the progressional path of consciousness and spirituality—only the few compared to the billions of spirits that entered the human cycle with exemplary spiritual karma will attain a higher level of consciousness and ascend as a “Sacred Spirit” who is immune to the corruption of the darkness in the spirit world—Paul adverts to this context in the book of Romans.

Individual karmic bonds will determine the progressional path of consciousness

There is a large bulk of humanity that dwells within the levels of 100 and 175, the negative emotions of Fear, Desire, Anger, and Pride provides energy for the dark powers of the spirit world. Poor people around the world experience strong emotions of Desire, which in turn, causes Craving, successively produces Disappointment and Enslavement. Fear is continually taught through the media—the negative emotion of fear opposes faith, produces paralyzed will, a contemplating mind, and resides in the root chakra.

A scrupulous focus upon spirituality and increasing your consciousness is required to overcome the clutches of the negative emotional baggage and domination of the darkness.

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