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Transcending the Ego through a Self-Esteem of Humility

The context of Humility intertwines Transcending the Ego and a perquisite quality to cultivate and preserve a close relationship with the Divine Source. Throughout the Scriptures, the Prophets took the initiative to humble themselves to gain the favor of the Divine. Transcending the ego and cultivating humility should be the principal focus in a person’s life. The Ego is a powerful energy of that binds to the negative qualities of the darkness. Pride and selfishness contrast the qualities of humility. As the spiritual individual ascertains to perceive the operations of the ego, then, re-contextualization of the ego that directly relates to humility can occur.

humility |(h)yoōˈmilitē|
A modest or low view of one’s own importance; humbleness.

humble |ˈhəmbəl|
adjective ( humbler , humblest )
Having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance : he was humble about his stature as one of rock history’s most influential guitarists.
• (of an action or thought) offered with or affected by such an estimate of one’s own importance.

Dynamics of the Egocentric Behavior and Humility:

The ego concerns itself with survival, but based within narcissistic behavior. The obsessions of control, self popularity, and victimization are the three prime behaviors of the ego. The three basic egocentric themes: self-centered selfishness, control, and playing the victim support a host of negative emotions.

Cultivating the power to transcend requires training and education. Researching the subject may create clear understanding of transcendence—the power resides within the inner spirit. As the intellectual powers comprehend the power of transcendence from within, and recognizes the characteristic performance of egotism, then, the task of cultivating humanity and re-contextualizing the ego becomes natural. Removing the ego’s influence is impossible as we dwell within the third dimension along with the powers of the darkness, therefore, re-contextualization is essential. Furthermore, lowering oneself integrated with a healthy self-esteem, simultaneously avoiding manipulation cultivates humility within this world of formation. The Hebrew Scriptures provide education within the subject of humility.

Please Note: Depreciating oneself does not define as opening yourself up to the devious deceptive actions of the darkness. Spiritual maturity always defends itself but strives at healthy humility.

Studying the lives of Moses, the Prophets, and the Kings of Israel, humility as the focus, the spiritual student will encounter a wealth of information. Considering that the scriptures of the Bible encountered manipulation by the deceivers of the world, the behavioral context of the stories holds much truth.

Transcending the ego and cultivating humility should be the principal focus in a person’s life.

Many religious leaders, members, and followers use an outward emanation that elevates themselves upon the other; the ego thrives upon outward appearances creating a false sense of specialness. The Ego surrounds religious members and followers deluding the senses regarding correctness and specialness.

Scriptural Example of King Ahab:

King Ahab of Israel provides an excellent example within the Hebrew Scriptures recorded at First Kings 16:29-21:29 concerning humility. The Divine Spirit enabled King Ahab to win wars against King Ben-hadad despite the ingrained practice of idolatry at the time of the ten-tribe kingdom of Israel. The powers of the light attempted to display power and authority before the eyes of King Ahab with the confrontation with Baal, despite King Ahab’s wicked behavior.

Cultivating the power to transcend requires training and education.

The aggravation was when Ahab had Naboth the Jezreelite murdered and stole his vineyard. The Divine commanded the extinguishing of Ahab’s household and family name. After this judgment of justice, King Ahab humbled himself, and the Divine Spirit brought it to Elijah’s attention. The Righteous Divine Spirit distinguished that Ahab put on sackcloth and ashes on his head and walked around meekly. We don’t know the circumstance behind wearing sackcloth, but what we can differentiate that action was required. Accordingly, the Divine Spirit of righteousness was flexible and told Ahab that his family name would not be eliminated during his lifetime. Consequently though, Divine favor was not granted because of Ahab’s bad heart condition and behavior.

Humble Actions from the Heart:

The powers of the light are delighted when people humble themselves in secret, because the action affects the mentality and the inner heart—an agreeable quality. In this world of negativity, discernment and circumspection are essential for a person too effectively humble himself or herself. Homeless poor people exist around the world. Taking time, sitting on the downtown street with someone, before the eyes of the public, is a humbling experience. Helping the deserving individual without blowing a trumpet cultivates humility. People brag and blow a trumpet before the eyes of others are actions that the ego attaches onto, and relates with pride and arrogance. A person may produce some good fruit by helping another person, but bragging turns it into rotten fruit. Bragging about oneself is unloving, egocentric, and breed’s arrogance.

The Ego surrounds religious members and followers deluding the senses regarding correctness and specialness.

Additionally, granting the public or an individual a false perception can aid to transcending the ego and cultivating humility. An example could be looking homeless, but in reality you are not—you have a home and you eat everyday. What is the person’s perception? The ego gets frustrated because it ardently desires specialness and undue credit. Ardent follows that are dogmatically positioned commonly perceive people that are not members of their church as non-spiritual. Their perception, based on egotism, you’re lost spiritually, but in reality you are an advanced spiritually independent individual that possess an advanced knowledge of the truth. The ego deludes religiously attached individuals into thinking they are and special and saved. Allow people to have their own deluded perception and experienced the frustration of the ego.

The Deception of the Public Eye

The prevalence of individuals that are in the public eye, remain in the public eye for a reason. The attention from the public eye creates a feeling of specialness and their ego thrives from the attention. Public attention upon and transcending the ego can be an impossible undertaking to accomplish. The advanced spiritually independent student that desires a higher level of consciousness must avoid the public eye. The level of consciousness decreased among most individuals that attained a higher level of consciousness and entered into public teaching.

The powers of the light are delighted when people humble themselves in secret.

The ego strives for specialness and it desires undo attention. By implementing the opposite, keeping yourself low before others, allowing others their perception, and staying out of the public eye will be a great value among the powers of the light. Hencefourth, the attachment of inner spiritual blessings. Moses promised that Divine favor would be granted upon a person that keeps the commandments by cultivating humility—arrogance will be far removed from the inner heart and mind. Strive to humble and transcend the ego, because humility contrasts the darkness; yet, accordance with the light.