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The Ultimate Goal of Pure Consciousness

Search of Pure Consciousness for the ultimate goal or spirituality Pure Consciousness! A phrase that is obscured within the world. Throughout history within each generation, there always exists individuals who attained a higher level of consciousness and a deeper level of spiritual comprehension. The Hebrew and Greek scriptures, The Bhagavad Gita, The Dhammapada, and all scriptures teach about the spiritual goal, which is not only a higher level of consciousness, but the Bhagavad Gita and the Dhammapada teach about pure consciousness. Each independent spiritual seeker should focus on the ultimate goal of radical subjectivity, projecting above this world in consciousness benefits the whole world. Most spiritual seekers will not experience pure consciousness; however, the progressive spiritual consciousness predominates above worldly spiritual repression.

The Taste of Pure Consciousness

The Bhagavad Gita teaches the ultimate goal as pure consciousness and entering the bliss of the Divine. The Dhammapada teaches the ultimate goal as nirvana. The Greek Scriptures teach the ultimate goal as the kingdom of God. Infinity is the proper terminology. The similar context the three set of scriptures teaches concerning Infinity or Pure Consciousness. The reader that has experienced a taste of Infinity within the state of pure consciousness will immediately understand. Most of the population has never experienced the depths of spirituality and infinity; thus, people are overwhelmed by feelings of dissociation and disconnection. Dissociation precipitates negative emotional baggage to build, in-turn, suppresses the individual further.

There are many people that has experienced a taste of Pure Consciousness, hence, most individuals that have had a taste of infinity automatically searches to increase their oneness with the Divine Source -aka “God”

Striving for the experience of Pure Consciousness requires Courage. Fear generates Paralyzed Will; the world experiences and suppresses Courage because of their fear. In Greek mythology, the gods punished a mortal who dared to ascend onto Mount Olympus to taste the Divine Power.

Each independent spiritual seeker should focus on the ultimate goal of Pure consciousness and radical subjectivity

However, the gods courageously rewarded the individual who stepped into their realm such as the story of Hercules. To experience Infinity the individual must raise their level of consciousness to a maturity level that can cope with the state of pure consciousness. Within your current life this may never happen, at any rate, identify Divine Direction within your life, even if you are struggling at experiencing deep inner Divine favor. Realize that everything in your life is synchronized perfectly according to your karmic bonds from when you existed as a spirit and your past lives.

Transcend the Cultural Nightmare:

Cultural and religious upbringing exploits the emotional character and enslaves the reality into a Cultural Nightmare. Low self-esteem dominates that precipitates an incompetent and inefficient reality. The cultural nightmare generates a strong desire for meaning and purpose that causes a delusional temporary escape. The deception of money, fame, control over others, power, authority, and influence produce a quick fix. Compulsively repressing the nightmarish reality through continually busy with life, addicted, emotional problems, disconnect with oneself, and lacking any spiritual interest.

Cultural Nightmare Themes:

    • The Guilty: Feel as a wrongdoer, It’s all my fault, I’m a bad person
    • Shame Based: Feeling Shameful from prior experiences
    • The Victim
    • The Timid: I am afraid of people, I am fearful of groups, I live in fear
    • The Low Self-esteem One: I am never good enough, I continually feel inferior to other people, I don’t measure up
    • The Depressed One: Always feeling down in the dumps lacking energy
    • The Worrier: Worrying about the future, obsessive compulsive habits, constantly checking double-checking everything
    • The Doormat: Continually giving in to people, letting people take advantage, complete lack of assertiveness
    • The Survivor: Constant emotional insecurity relating to economics, food, and the future
    • The Savior: Fix the world, Change the world, co-dependent try to fix others
    • The Abandoned: Continually stuck in a cycle of abandonment, cycling through relationships, jobs, and family abandonment issues
    • The Addict: People who use addictions to escape from the nightmare, only for the nightmare to double
    • “Can’t be Alone” One: Fear of being alone, continually lonely even in a relationship.
    • The Eternal Single: Never can find anyone to get into a relationship

Transcending the Ego to attain Pure Consciousness:

Transcendence of the Ego is the main pursuit to experience pure consciousness, and continuous effort to understand the sly operations of its behavior requires patience. The ego appends onto materialism, fleshly pursuits, and instant gratification of the senses based on the feeling of “self” or individual identity separate from everything else. Materialize and success in the world generates emotions of “self-worth,” yet the ego deludes the individual with displaced self-worth.

The ego obsesses concerning three themes: Important Self, In Control, and Playing the Victim

The ego continually attaches itself upon humans unless the individual enters the world of pure consciousness. Transcending the ego defines as rising above; this phrase may sound different from the common thought of subduing. Rising above consists of comprehending the behaviors and reacting with opposite behaviors such as avoiding using the tongue as a bragging tool, or feeling abject for yourself as a victimized incapacitated person. Many enlightenment schools will teach that it is possible to subdue the ego into a death. This is a complete deception, and some spiritual seekers who conjectured their ego “died” entered the public eye and now are engulfed by the ego because of public attention. The ego can only relate to content and not context. The video game is phony, and it is unimportant of who wins or loses. The ego cannot identify and even though the video game is unreal, the ego views the game as real. The ego’s payoff game is grandstanding emotions that are attached to illusionary content such as day-dreaming and fantasy.

Focus to Surrender the Powerful Dynamics of the Ego:

  • The ego’s super imposition, and the attachment to the belief that the ego is the core of existence
  • The ego’s axiomatic positionalities
  • The ego’s fraudulent psuedo-authority as author
  • The ego’s desire as a love object and the ego’s attachment to the content of love
  • The distinctive illusions of the ego’s axioms
  • The ego’s Existing Personal Axiom Programs including futurist fear, economic fear, and fear of abandonment

Pain and suffering are connected to increasing consciousness, a subject most people rather avoid because of the lazy lifestyle the world of technology generates. Two spiritual qualities that lack within the world are fearlessness and bravery. This path of Pure Consciousness requires both including courage and integrity.