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About Independent Spirituality

Independent Spiritual Consciousness is a guide for distinguishable spiritual seekers all over the world.

Independent Spirituality is not affiliated with any religious or secular organization.

The author of Independent Spirituality writes, composes, and narrates upon personal experience, ancient scripture, and writings that exist throughout the world that is established at a high level of consciousness.

Independent Spirituality is not against, nor prejudice toward any group, race, nationality, or ethnic identity. By acknowledging the truth, certain groups, religions, or nationalities may emerge into an undesirable unpopular iniquity within the compositions of Independent Spirituality.

Independent Spirituality Writes on foundation of integrity and continually will unveil the truth of realism and expose the falsehood.

Independentspirituality.com is a No Profit Website. All or any revenue from advertisements pays for the maintenance costs of this website.