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Advancing Your Spirituality Through Modalities and Techniques

There is a Universal Truth and Universal Law that exists. If your intention is clear to learn based from a honest a whole-hearted desire, anybody can learn this universal truth. Infinity is limitless, inexhaustible, and everlasting. Infinity is the Divine Source of all creation.

Western religions refer to Infinity as “God”, generally, the perception of religion is that God is masculine that sits on a throne in heaven ready to judge – this is a dogmatic position based in fear, shame, and guilt. The universal consciousness of the Divine Source expanded its awareness through creation in different dimensions and worlds before the earth and humans were created. All spirits and beings were created with the ability to spiritually evolve, experience, and merge into the oneness, unity, and the consciousness of Infinity. The demoted spirits into a lower entity experience the darkness of context of the Divine omnipresent.

There are many places in the universe where separation from the oneness of the Divine is experienced. As humans, the third dimensional experience causes separateness from the spiritual plane. Our inner spirit dwells within the human body of thick density that generates a “matrix”. We are all intelligent, self aware beings of light interconnected with all creation. Yet, separateness exists because of the third dimension of materialism, defiance of nature, the density of the human body, and the deception caused by the darkness, notably the illuminati that dominates the world. This world evolved into a greedy and selfish society that defies nature. The contemporary western cultures attach onto materialism that opposes a relationship with nature and experiencing intimacy with each other. The separateness from the Universal Consciousness of Oneness can cease from actively progressing an advanced level of spirituality. Loneliness and boredom is an illusion which is the result of disconnection from our higher-self and the spiritual plane of oneness.

We are intelligent self-aware beings that are granted with choice, and a level of freewill that corresponds with our Divine appointed destiny and our current karmic bonds. Everything within existence was created within the oneness of the Divine and is a part of our consciousness. Our actions are reflected back at us and affects the spiritual plane where our higher-self resides. We have the power to create and to dream our visualizations into reality as long as the dream does not oppose universal law such as gravity of the third dimension. Earth was to be a paradise environment which humans could co-create and experience free-will and limitless possibilities. The defiance of nature, limiting religions and cultures, and objectifying the duality of races has cause the level of consciousness to remain low in the world and generates separateness from Oneness.

Observing this world of advanced technology which is on the path of economic collapse – an open-minded individual will view a society disconnected from love, their inner spirit, the universal truth, and from the joy of being human. Fear, jealousy, greed, and arrogance are negative emotions that cause separateness from the love of the Divine Oneness.

Every human is a spirit being living in the third dimension. Our consciousness is an aspect of the Oneness, the great creative force that shapes the Universe. Our spiritual progression pertains to many different lifetimes, experiencing many different situations that teach the individual. The majority progresses slowly due to injurious karmic bonds before entering the human cycle and from past lives. Yet, each person has a blueprint or life path. Identifying your life path will assist your progression to experience the Oneness. The overall goal is to reconnect with the action of unconditional love and to increase our level of consciousness. Focusing your life upon the goal of an enlightened state of consciousness will allow your inner spirit to break the human cycle and ascend as a Sacred Spirit.

Our awareness of the unity of consciousness and oneness diminishes soon after we are born because of the density of the body and the spiritual darkness of the third dimensional world. Progressing spiritually requires effort and courage. There are many modalities that can assist an individual to reconnect oneself spiritually. Western Contemporary cultures stemming back to the Roman Empire slowly exterminated those who assisted their tribes and peoples with skillful gifted assistance. Western religious wars and conquering of lands removed shamans and other healers. Gone is the intimate village environment with a local shaman, healer, priest or priestess to help and guide your spiritual progression. Done away with are the ancient earth honoring rituals that reminded of our interdependence of the seasons, the natural rhythm of the earth, the Spirit Beings, and our host Mother Earth. Removed are also the mystery schools and practices of the esoteric arts of metaphysics. Shamanism and Wicca are deeply rooted in spirituality. Comprehending with an open mind and a discerning heart we can learn the power of a shaman and practice Wicca that will assist the individual into the consciousness of oneness and reconnect with our Divine source.

There are many modalities and spiritual techniques that can help the independent spiritual seeker.

A Long List of Alternative Modalities:

There are many techniques that have been introduced and are popular around the world. Many of these techniques and modalities are from an individual that was granted the knowledge for the benefit of others. Striving for new positive habits will change your relationships, enhance your spirituality and possibly alter or increase your level of consciousness. The title in red are outgoing links for further information.

Sun Gazing:

Hira Ratan Manek (HRM), among others, have proven that a person can live just on solar energy for very long periods without eating any food.  This has come to be known as the HRM phenomenon.  The method is used for curing all kinds of psychosomatic, mental and physical illnesses as well as increasing memory power and mental strength by using sunlight.  One can get rid of any kind of psychological problems, and develop confidence to face any problem in life and can overcome any kind of fear including that of death within 3 months after starting to practice this method.

Chi Gong:

An ancient Chinese form of gentle exercise to ground and energize the mind, body, and spirit. Chi Gong can be reduce stress and for weight management.

Falun (Dafa) Gong:

A form of spiritual Chi Gong exercise developed by Chinese Master Li Hongzhi. This technique focuses on grounding supernatural energy. It has been banned in China and the practitioners are persecuted. Falun Gong is popular in the West.

Feng Shui:

Chines art placement by discerning the most favorable energetic placement and arrangement of a room or an entire house. Maximizing the use of the local natural energy flow, Feng Shui creates positive space that is in total harmony within its environment. The basics of Feng Shui can be grasped quickly. The goal is to create your home atmosphere into a nurturing, peaceful, harmonious environment.


This ancient and gentle art of using essential oils will change moods and states of emotional, physical, and possibly spiritual wellbeing. Aromatherapy dates back to ancient Egypt. All oils used should be pure and organic extracts from pure plants and flowers. There are many combinations to ally the oils, such as in a bath, foot bath, inhalants, air diffusers and body oils. Positive aromas can have a powerful affect on our central nervous system with the capability to relax or have an energizing affect.


A modality that is very popular in China and the West, the Chinese and Japanese have been practicing Acupuncture for centuries. Using ancient knowledge of energy centers around the meridians (energy paths) of the body. Fine needles are inserted into the body that releases blockages of chi energy. A wide variety of disorders can be treated Acupuncture can help to ground the individual into a relaxed state.

Aura Soma and Aura Light:

Aura Soma is a method to diagnosis and treat emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual imbalances. Developed by a blind British clairvoyant, Vicky Wall, this modality is popular in the West. 93 bottles are used that contain an equal amount of oil and water differing color and composition that diagnoses the issue.

Bowen Technique:

A form of bodywork that uses the knowledge of energy meridians and works on ligaments, muscles, and tendons. It can increase blood flow, nutrients, and electrical impulses within the area of focus.


Pressure points combined with therapeutic massage can be effective in releasing stagnate energy within the body. Similar to Shiatsu, Chinese Massage or Acupressure can be an effective form of healing massage.

Cranio Sacral:

Rediscovered by Dr. John Upledger – Cranio Sacral is a subtle and effective hands-on modality that uses the hydraulics of the central nervous system. The brain and spinal cord are encased in spinal fluid, Cranio Sacral involves gentle point holding. This technique and surface past trauma situations and can have a very positive affect on the etheric body.


A generic term for massage therapists who specialize and may mix a variety of techniques. Working with the physical and etheric bodies, specialized bodywork can treat the emotional body as well as the physical. Emotional baggage not only stores in our emotional reality, but also within the organs, muscles, and medians of the body.

Colonic Irrigation:

Our current era of fast food (GMO), processed foods (GMO), and manipulated animal meat with hormones creates much unwanted waste that stores in our lower intestine. Skin disorders, fatigue, emotional blockages may be related to our colon. Trained therapists removes this waste that is stuck in the colon with warm and cool water. 5 treatments are the most popular to cleanse the colon effectively.


Moshe Feldenkrais, an Israeli Judo expert developed this technique that focuses on the re-educating the central nervous system into a natural and stress-free movement. The body is re-educated to move more freely and efficient.


A method that works with the energetic body using muscle testing to diagnose and treat energy imbalances and other aliments or disorders. The human body and its cells carry memory of all present and past experiences.


A treatment with medicines that are diluted infusions of herbs or minerals that relate to the imbalance. This method can treat physical ailments.


A method that can draw the client into a light trance or even a deeper altered state. This treatment can resolve and relive past trauma and reprogram unwanted behavior. Hypnotherapy is often used to assist the client into breaking addictions.

Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP)

Developed in California in the 1950s and often used in conjunction with hypnosis, this effective technique can reprogram the brain into positive behavior. This method is used for motivation, building self-esteem, and conquering addictions. Can help with Phobias also.

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)

A method that connects the emotional reality and the intellect that allows releasing negative congested emotional baggage. NET Practitioners are nearly unlimited in their ability to address the physical and behavioral stress-related conditions of their patients. These conditions include headaches, body pains, phobias, general anxiety, self-sabotaging behaviors, organ dysfunctions and so much more. It’s important to note that NET does not cure or heal the patient, but rather, NET removes blocks to the natural vitalism of the body, “allowing” the body to repair itself naturally.


An exercise that retrains the muscles and focuses on muscle isolation. Pilates strengthens the core which benefits physical awareness.

Rebirthing or Breath-work:

Leonard Orr developed this technique by accident when having a bath. Orr found that by guiding the patient into a sustained connected breathing the individual moved into an altered state of consciousness and sometimes experiencing a physical recall of their own birth. Rebirthing can be used to connect and release many energy and emotional blockages.


A form of foot massage, Reflexology uses ancient knowledge of meridians and energy centers in the feet. It can be a powerful way to release emotional baggage and diagnose and treat causes of illness and energy imbalances.


Popular and widely accessible form of hands on spiritual healing, Reiki was rediscovered by a Japanese minister in the late 1800s. After 21 days of fasting and mediation the complete system of healing was granted to Dr. Usui in a vision.


A form on deep tissue developed by Ida Rolf in which the fascia and soft tissue is manipulated. The method facilitates a free flow of energy through structural integration and body alignment creating freedom of movement.

Sound Healing:

A technique recently discovered by an American clairvoyant Christopher Timms who witnessed the effect that Tibetan bells had on the chakras when struck and held close to them. Christopher also developed a more portable and accessible technique using tuning forks.

Sufi Dancing:

A form of movement meditation originating in Islam and Rumi. Sufi means purity, the aim of this type of dancing is to purify the mind, psyche, emotions and body. Sufi dancing can assist the individual to connecting with the spirit. The Whirling Dervishes are Sufi Dancers.

Tai Chi:

This ancient Chinese form of martial art provides health benefits for the mind and body. Tai Chi consists of very precise series of slow, coordinated movements that allows energy to move around the body that removes energy blockages and promotes good health. Tai Chi is very popular in the West.

Tibetan Pulsing:

A modality that uses point holding based in the Tibetan Meridian system. It can be effective to release negative energy.
Tibetan pulsing healing is a relaxing bodywork technique and a powerful energy process. It works on the principle that energy imbalances in the body are at the root of much of our physical and emotional dis-ease. Tibetan Pulsing transforms the energetic charge held in our system and restores the body’s natural energy flow, thus promoting a sense of well-being on an emotional, psychological and physical level.


Toning is the use of the human voice to heal, similar to Sound Healing. Toners have the ability to generate two sounds simultaneously. The shower might be the best place to practice toning. Draw up a pleasant sound from your chest and send it vibrating our of your mouth and around your sinuses.


There are many different types of yoga a person can pursue from genital to intense. The ancient Indian art of meditation and cleansing is a great way to promote good health and is very popular in the west. Yoga is mostly stretching of the body that can increase energy flow and well being. The practice can also release blockages.


The western study of how the planets affect our reality. This study can include your birth chart that relates to many deeper aspects of your personality. Astrology can help you with your current path.

Vedic Astrology:

An ancient form of astrology considered by many to be the accurate since it is based on the present actual positions of the planets. Both Western and Vedic Astrology can assist the individual to learn and understand the deeper positive and negative aspects of your personality. Studying astrology can help the individual to overcome living within the negative and to express the positive.

Vipassana Meditation:

This meditation involves entering a vow of silence for several days. Within a retreat there is a supervised silent group meditation. The silence can be profound as the chatter of the mind slows down. This can lead to a discharge of old energy and produce clear insights into ones’s life path.

Vision Quests:

A solitary pursuit spending days in the remote area (bush, forest, wilderness) absolutely alone doing absolutely nothing. Vision Quests can motivate the individual to seek guidance in vision or dreams – even real encounters with your spirit guide. Native traditions the shaman will go without food or water for day inducing a deeply altered state of consciousness and awareness. A vision quest could be life changing for many seekers.

Crystal Healing:

Crystals vibrate at a similar frequency to the human body. Quartz crystal is made from the most common mineral compound on Earth. An experienced Crystal healer places stones over different organs and energy centers of the client. Crystal healing can vary from a soft gentle energy rebalance or can assist the individual to access altered states of consciousness.

Crystal Dreaming:

An advanced form of crystal healing in which the client can deeply experience altered states of consciousness, and in that state can diagnose and treat themselves. The subject’s consciousness opens to the spiritual realm that allows a clear view of the third dimensional challenges. It is very important too seek out a trained practitioner.

Tarot Cards:

The modern Tarot card deck originated in Egypt and founds its way to Europe in the Middle Ages. A form in Divination, in the Tarot, the main human archetypes are portrayed in the major arcana as well as four suites representing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of our beings. This deck of cards can be used for accurate divination of your current situation and can be very accurate and insightful. After asking for Divine direction, six cards are drawn and placed within a particular pattern. You can do your own readings, but an experienced reader can assist in the interpretation.
The six cards should be read as follows.
1. How you feel about yourself now
2. What you most want at this moment
3. Your fears
4. What is going for you
5. What is going against you
6. Outcome

If you understand the interconnectedness of all, there is no such thing as chance. You can get clear readings about your present life with a clear intent provided you use the cards in the proper and correct way.
Tarot cards are useful for self-knowledge. There are a wide variety of decks and a source of receiving personal guidance from your higher-self.


A method of divination. Using copper rods or more commonly a pendulum. The user must train the pendulum for yes and no answers. The user can ask questions (past or present) and the copper rod or pendulum will give you an answer. This method requires practice. Water boring and sometimes oil companies will use this method. Dowsing is an effective method to track and reveal the truth for many different situations.

Druid Oracle:

A method of divination. The ancient order of the Druids, builders of Stonehenge read into the appearance of animals in visions and real life. Contemporary Druids have produced a very beautifully presented deck of cards which may be used as an oracle. Past life Druids and Celts will find that they resonate with the imagery and meaning of the cards.


After ritual preparation, the participant progresses into a state of mind and body where they are able to walk over white hot coals without feeling any pain and without their skin blistering. This is for the hardcore individual that likes major challenges in life.

Live Burial:

A recently rediscovered technique where the participant are buried alive with only their head above ground from duck to dawn. Wrapped up in mother earth, the individual can allow all negativity to escape. The person might energy into an altered state of awareness and experience major and intense release of deep fears and emotional baggage. The morning dawn can be viewed as a rebirth. This is a supervised method. Suitable for the strong soul.

Magic Ceremonial:

The practice of ceremonial magic is experiencing a resurgence around the world. Mostly a circle of people come together in a prepared space for ritual. The ritually prepared bodies and minds use ancient and powerful rituals to invoke spirit beings to work with them. Caution is always the word when leaning Magic, abusing ones Divinely granted ability can cause unwanted karma. A well intended group will always pursue the divine highest good for humanity.

Medicine Cards:

A method of divination. Medicine cards are Native American symbols. A collection of totem animal whose appearance in three dimensional reality and in visions and dreams brings a healing energy or message. Medicine cards are a depiction of those totems in card form an are read as an oracle. Like the Tarot, the cards can be laid out in a particular pattern to gain insight for life situations.

Medicine Wheel:

A man-made stone circle on a sacred site such as a shamanic drumming group or mediation group. Native American ancestors extensively use medicine wheels and are used by modern day shamans. After you research the subject you can create a medicine wheel for a sacred space.


A method of divination. Numerology is an ancient art of understanding how life patterns are affected by numbers. Numbers have a vibration which affects the other things they relate to, so your date of birth and the numerology of your name has deep meaning. Numerology can be complex or simple. It is very interesting for those who are drawn to the method.


Our bodies carry the records of all we have been and may become. All this information is recored in our DNA, cell, and the palm of our hand. A good palm reader can discern and reveal much about ones life path.

Pipe Ceremony:

A Native American ritual for Honoring the Great Spirit. The modern shaman still practices today and often takes place within a medicine wheel. The pipe symbolizes the coming together of the male and female energies with the stem and the bowl being kept separately until they are ritually joined for the ceremony. Packed herbs are smoked and spirit beings are invited to share their energies with the circle. The pipe once lit is passed around and each person honors their ancestors, other spirits, and the earth. The pipe mixture rarely contains tobacco or hallucinogenics. The Pipe Ceremony is often tied into a Sweat Lodge.


Sweatloadges are becoming more popular in the West and are of Native American tradition. A low bender or humpy is constructed out of pliable tree branches and covered with blankets. A pit is dug in the center of the lodge and a large fire built outside for river rocks. This space must be ritually prepared by an experienced shaman. During the sweat participants become very spiritually open and may release negative energies and baggage. Oten of the same sex, the participants disrobe and enters the lodge on the backs, feet first, and after the sweat time is completed they leave on the backs, head first. Red hot rocks are dropped into the pit of the Sweat Lodge and water is poured over them. There are four quarters (30 minutes each) or may be continuous. The nakedness, muddy floor, and incredible heat will strip away the energies of this world and reground you into the raw earth and yourself.

Psychic Reading:

True Psychics or clairvoyants are gifted to see, hear, or feel into other dimensions. There are also some that are strong intuitive abilities to help others within their current life. With the advanced ability of dimensional vision, they can retrieve information not available to most people. They do work with their own spirit guides who assist with the recovery of information held in the etheric body of the client. It is important that you find a genuine skilled psychic due to many phonies that portray themselves as a psychic. Always ask open-ended questions – they are there to give you information, no the other way around.

Sacred Geometry:

Contemporary physicists and mathematicians may agree that numbers are the primary language of reality, it is actually geometric forms that hold the fabric of our Universe in place. Sacred Geometry describes the geometric forms that hold all levels of reality together. Higher dimensions comprises purely of fluid geometric forms. These forms are the language of light – the building blocks of all knowledge and creation. A study of Sacred Geometry can lead to a greater intellectual appreciation of the Divine Presence.

Shamanic Drumming:

A method to assist an individual or group to enter an altered state of awareness through constant listening of Shamanic Drumming. The Shaman’s drum is a sacred object ritually prepared and used only in proper ceremony. As the repetitive drum continues the participant may experience a shifting of the their awareness into an altered state. This drumming technique is popular in the West after years of study by respected anthropologists.

Tantric Sex:

Ancient India and China use lovemaking to access the Divine energy and a blissful state. By controlled breathing and other esoteric methods, practitioners are able to control and sustain orgasms for long periods of time such as up to 45 minutes. Within a blissful state the two partners may enter other states of consciousness and beyond the 3rd dimension. Teaching self love as part of the tantra can lead to a greater self respect, awareness, and understanding. You do not need a partner fo learn Tantra.

Wicca and Paganism:

Paganism and Wicca is experiencing a major resurgence within our modern world. Both pre-Christian religions can lead the participant into a deeply meaningful communion with nature and spirits. Both honor the Earth through ritual celebration of solstices, equinoxes and other feast days. Wicca is known as witchcraft and is similar to magic in its methods. Wicca can be practiced solo. Both paganism and Wicca will assist with your reconnection with mother earth and both masculine and feminine sides of the Divine Source. Many truth seekers are learning about Wicca.


Note: Always be careful and mindful when selecting a practitioner, there are many phonies just doing business. Some of these modalities and techniques can be practiced solo.

Every individual is on their own unique path in life. There are a lot of people around that world that are deceived and engulfed with the matrix of religion and this world. Dogmatically positioned individuals will view many of the methods and modalities as wrong according to their religious upbringing and influence. Yet, the individual spiritual seeker will comprehend and seek out the modalities and techniques that resonate with your inner spirit. Each person needs the courage to progress to our full potential, we need to be humble admitting we need help. We are locked within the third dimension of thick density and a world that is dominated by the Lower Entities. Progressing to an advanced level of spirituality requires a steadfast focus and courage that you can draw up from within your inner spirit.