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Awareness of our True Source

Within the world we observe multiple levels of dualities of people, races, cultures, ethnic origins, and tribes of people. The one reason that keeps people within their own culture is the different languages. No matter how different a person, cultural habits, or tradition may be, one common aspect is reveled; we are all human beings.

People that are demented into observing differences among other people easily fall into the trap of judging and a critical ego driven attitude. The ego always strives to be better so in turn the ego enjoys gossiping and putting others down, manifesting the person’s faults, deluding themselves – believing that they are superior or special. The ways of the ego results in rebirth in the human cycle.

No matter where a person might live within the world; within each human being resides the inner person – the true formless source or Self. Respect for the fellowman: no matter of skin color, culture, ethnic tribe, should be a behavior each person should strive to attain. Respect; having an interest in the other person, instead of oneself, is one key to cultivating a relationship with the Almighty Divine, and a start to circumcising the heart which Moses taught.

The behaviors and attitudes of a human are affected within the culture that they live, some cultures are healthier then others. People can easily, and do, end up in unhealthy ruts which produce selfishness, egoism, postionality; due to the fact that is what many cultures are based on, greed and selfishness coupled with shame and fear. A person that pursues negativity, that person will face negative karma.

Each culture produces a belief system within the upbringing of the person. Respect and consideration of a person’s ignorance (which is a common phenomena) will salt the words of truth when spoken. Understanding their level of consciousness and having a deep realization that each person is on their own path and each person has been given their own destiny; respect and giving your fellowman the honer that they deserve will flow from the heart. The person will be able to look beyond outward appearances and be able to observe that everyone is formless in spirit which issues out of the mouth of the Almighty Divine Godhead, Creator of All.

The question must be asked; if we are all of spirit just in human form, why is it that some people are of a wicked nature? The bottom line – it depends what a person did in the spirit world before they went into the human cycle. Considering each person has lived lifetime after lifetime, each person experiences a variety of cultures, races, and gender. The inner person – formless spirit – is what matters. The human is affected from what they did as a spirit in the spirit world – good or bad.

This truth has been hidden deeply from the minds and hearts of humanity.