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Keep in Balance, Identify Within, Euripldes

Euripldes lived during the fifth century BCE. As a Athenian playwright, Euripldes is considered one of the three great tragedians of classical Athens and one of the last. Researching Euripldes’ life, plays, and writings, one cannot deny the deep thinking person Euripldes proved to be. Euripldes served as a cupbearer for the dancers at Apollo’s temple and grew to question the religion of Greece. The exposure to deep thinkers such as Protagoras, Socrates, and Anaxagoras caused a positive influence upon Euripldes. Indeed, throughout his life, Euripldes possibly attained a higher level of consciousness; if not, clearly, the granting of wisdom was abundant.

The best and safest thing is to keep a balance in your life, acknowledge the great powers around us and in us. If you can do that, and live that way, you are really a wise man. —Euripldes

Pictures Captured at the Temple of Apollo in Greece, Spring 2009.

Written in stone at the temple of Apollo is an aphorism concerning moderation. Surely, this proverb influenced Euripldes. Striving for balance concerning the desires of the flesh is essential for the spiritual student; food, drink, and sex, natural human needs can produce addictive behavior if not used in moderation. The wise prophets and enlightened individuals around the world taught the essential benefit of moderation.apollo theater,greece,playwright

The quotation of Euripldes teaches to acknowledge the powers around us, and, most importantly, “in us”. Identifying the inner person, the Sacred Spirits within your unique individual life, and the Lower Entities that endeavor to mislead, this person is wise and has attained a strong level of awareness.

Unfortunately, the majorities of this world are unaware of the inner nature of oneself. Disbelief, deception, and ignorance within the world are at an increase because of the hypnotic consequence of television and its brainwashing dogma. The collective emotional baggage within the majorities’ emotional reality is television driven causing an in-bred culture of incomprehension.

The dispirited bewildered individual, is a lethargic, fearful individual who is dogmatically positioned within the powers of the darkness; delusion is the reality.

temple,greece,gods,mythThe individual that is motivated by passion for materialism, experiences restless energy, born of craving and attachment, this person is always be in motion and will avoid spiritual interests. The desires of this world distort the motivation of the heart.

The individual that is free from worldly desire, calm, practices moderation, this person will live free from sorrow and grief—non-attachment is the goal. This state of awareness is rare and spiritually advanced than the majorities of humanity. This person will recognize what resides within the inner-self, aside from the dimension where our inner-self dwells.