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The Beginning—The Truth of Creation and Adam and Eve

the truth of adam and eve and the garden of edenThe beginning of the earth and humans, including Adam and Eve, continually captures the curiosity of the deep thinking individual and the spiritual quester. The word “Homo Sapien” in Latin defines as wise man or cognizant man. According to the fossil recored Homo sapiens originated in Africa about 200,000 years ago. Concerning if evolution were the procedure is not the issue within this composition. The issue is the written text in the book of Genesis and other accounts. The Euphrates and Tigris Rivers runs through Mesopotamia and into the Persian Gulf; the Garden of Eden was located in Mesopotamia according to Genesis.

Therefore, anybody can say that the story in Genesis about Adam and Eve cannot be true because the fossil record proves that Homo sapiens originated in Africa. Additionally, there are several creation stories that exist such as the Epics of Gilgamesh, Native American Indian narratives , historic Greece, Rome, China, and India recorded a creation account. These creation stories from antiquities have a similar scenario. A fact is that the Homo sapiens had its birth in Africa and migrated.

How does Adam and Eve work into this picture?

In the first three chapters of Genesis important truths were deleted during, or after, the Babylonian exile of the Jews in the 6th century BCE. However, critical context of the truth can be ascertained in Genesis. Moreover, a few questions have to be asked when reading chapter two and three of Genesis. For instance, why would Moses advert to a region with gold when there was not concern for economics in the garden? Why were other regions outside Eden identified with a name? A territory is given an identity once a person inhabits the land. It is said that the Garden was planted to the East. A subject of significance is that Adam was taken and situated in the garden. In addition, Adam was created in the likeness of the Divine light, which is written more then once in Genesis chapters two and three.

The situation during the time of Eden was that humans were living in the earth before Adam was formed (outside of Eden) and inserted into the Garden. The world during that era, and currently is subjected to the rulership of the accuser, the wicked one; the beginning of humanity experienced an evil heart. Consequently, the righteous spirit of the light planted a garden, a place where the ego did not exist, nor was there any influence of wickedness. The Divine craftsman of the light created Adam in the qualities of their likeness: the personification of selfless dedication, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. The likeness is related to righteous qualities—the fruits of the spirit. The Divine craftsman took Adam and put him in the Garden, and then created Eve.

Adam and Eve—The Representation of the Tree of Knowledge:

The tree of the Knowledge represented of the domination of the accuser and slanderer. Once Adam ate the fruit, he chose the rulership of the lower entities and the ego engulfed Adam and Eve; henceforth, they experienced the emotions of fear and shame. Adam and Eve were afraid of the Divine spirit and self-conscious of their nudity. Egocentrically they blamed the each other of what occurred. Adam blamed his Eve and the Divine craftsmen for providing Eve. Eve blamed the serpent. Thus, Adam and Eve were kicked out of Eden into the world ruled by the wicked lower entities, the original accusers and slanderers. The original plan of Eden relied upon Adam and Eve avoiding the touch of the tree of knowledge; the borders of Eden would have encompassed a large part or all the earth and pushed out the wickedness.

Therefore, there are people from the line of Adam and Eve and there are people from the original line of the Homo sapiens, although both lines are normal humans. When Cain murdered Able, he became the first human seed of the darkness from Adam’s line. The question must be asked—Who was in the land of Nob where Cain migrated to, and who would kill him if only Adam and Eve were the only ones living? Why was Cain concerned about being killed? Where did Cain get his wife? Because Cain knew that large clans of people were living in other regions. Notice, Cain left and built a city. The answers to these questions explain that there were humans living on earth before the time of Adam and Eve. Religion is experiences deep deception that deludes the actuality of truth

It was not until Seth was born in the line of Adam and Eve, that line being in the likeness of the light that continued down through Noah. The line of Adam originates in the likeness of the light. Thus, the will wheat grow with the weeds until the harvest. The children of light along with the children of darkness live together until the separation that will happen during the era of the man of lawlessness.

Religion has buried and twisted the truth regarding the beginning of humanity and of Adam and Eve. By twisting it, the religious dogma has stereotyped women, as regards to Eve, because of their twisted falsehood. After this time of the Garden of Eden, the battle intensifies in the spirit world—the bone of contention and cause of disagreement is concerning the Homo Sapien.

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