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Blood-Guilty Religion and Idolatry of Christianity

Examining the act of worship and religious idolatry a gradual changed from temple sacrificial worship to synagogue, church, mosque type of worship occurred slowly throughout generations. The foundations of the current religious worship stems back to the 70 year exile of the Jews in Babylon. From that time, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and all others formed as non-sacrificial religious worship. The context to comprehend is that a measure of truth resides in each religion around the world. Identifying the truth that exists within the dogma and disposing the falsehood is the key to spiritual awareness. Each religion teaches falsehood that breaks the first two commandments: sun, moon, earth, and fertility worship. Christianity directly worships the sun through Christmas and the fertility through Easter.

The main message the Apostle Paul spread and that became firmly established throughout the world is that Jesus Suffered, Died, and ascended from the grave, and that he was Anointed defining as Messiah, which does not mean Savior. The main purpose for spreading the good news for the message to become firmly established throughout the world. In 323 CE Constantine the Great Christianized Rome and thus formed “Christianity”. From that time on, Christianity becomes blood-guilty from murderous wars through the Crusades and the attachment to Idolatry. The cross and rosary along with mother worship patterned the organization of idolatry and have caused Christianity to pursue an egocentric stench. Worshiping the cross with an image, praying to “the virgin”, idolizing a tree that relates Roman sun worship pertains to ritualistic worship of the Lower Entities.

Each religion teaches falsehood that breaks the first two commandments: sun, moon, earth, and fertility worship.

Insignificant information exists about the crucifixion that includes a colorful history of nailing people to trees or stakes. The crucifixion was a very popular practice during the first century CE. The powers of the darkness along with their deceiving human cohorts generated the cross into a deceptive form of idolatry; the members of Christianity are blinded from this fact. The cross depicts war, one path crossing the other, such as the german knights cross and many others. Moses taught—Do not make an idol of any form out of anything! The Crusaders wore a red cross during their ravages of murder that symbolizes war—the cross represents two paths crossing.

Worship that involves singing, bowing, kneeling, rituals, and emotional outbursts are acts of worship. The question that needs to be asked: Whom are receiving this worship? To identify the deception requires the examination of religious holidays. Easter and Christmas are the prime holidays for Christianity. Easter corresponds with fertility and the egg. Throughout history, the rebirth renewal of spring continually predominates the year along with the prime occult sun worshiping date of April Twentieth. Ishtar-Ashtoreth whom the Israelites mounted poles and offered sacrifices dominates the worship of the new year in the spring. In Babylon, the famous Ishtar gate was constructed in her name and every spring the displayed a progressional festival; Latin and Mediterranean Christian countries continue this ritual. The fertilized seed on Easter produces the Sun God for Christmas during the winter solstice. The Romans worshiped the sun god during this time with their greatest celebration on the twenty-fifth. Consequently, Rome adopted their sun god worship into Roman Christianity and made it Christmas.

Studying about the gods of Sumer the first city-state civilization, the sun god Utu/Shamash (baby Jesus) and Ishtar/Inanna (virgin mother) were twin brother and sister. They sought out the worship from humans since the beginning of creation. These lower entities suck the energy from human emotion. The predominant context to cause deception upon humans is the subject that sex is wrong and humans natural desires are sinful. Therefore, rules upon rules upon rules of Christianity feeds their members into a negative lower level of consciousness. Fueled by guilt, fear, shame, these lower entities act as gods thrive upon human worship and emotions for energy.

Worship that involves singing, bowing, kneeling, rituals, emotional expression outbursts are acts of Idolatry.

The lower entities love war, Christianity became utterly blood-guilty from the wars the organization waged throughout history. Every type of denomination relates to the organization of Christianity, including Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses. Jehovah Witnesses Idolize the Watchtower organization and “worship the watchtower”, Mormons worship their temple and the ideology of their false prophets. Religion is based on control, guilt, fear, and shame. The worldwide Christian organization is blood-guilty and worship the lower entities. Multitudes of lower entities thrive with the two top original entities that dominate Christianity—Shamash the Sun god and Ishtar the Fertility goddess. Every single branch and denomination of Christianity is under the control and influence of the lower entities, despite the consciousness progression from last hundred years.

The Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, and the Priests are based on outward expression—ego related attention. The clergy prides themselves regarding celibacy, but exposure in recent years about child molestation and the organized protection reveals the dark truth. Many church leaders experience deeply hidden issues, mostly with young boys. The papacy conceals the crimes within the Vatican while innocent children are scarred for life. The lower entities thrives on control through repression concerning normal human sexual nature; all religion views sex as taboo that creates emotional baggage of shame and guilt.

Inner emotional attachment prevents an individual from surrendering their religion and to deprogram the deception that is ingrained into people generation to generation. Most individuals deeply believe their religion is the “truth”. Mainstream Christianity, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses including all religious cults reside within a totalitarian mentality. Each individual life path may create strong personal experiences that convinced people that their religion is true; there is a measure of truth within each religion. Strong personal experiences have a two fold purpose, first, The Divine Source draws the person into religion for the purpose of cultivating faith. Second, the lower entities will attempt to cause strong emotional attachments; religion is the prime road block to a higher level of consciousness because of the Idolatry.

Free yourself by surrendering your fear and leave your religion. Continue to study all scripture and pray until Jesus, the Anointed King and Master of righteousness, revels himself and directs your path. Dedicate yourself to the Almighty Divine Source through his Son Jesus without any type of religion or dogma in between. Try to identify Divine direction within your life.