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Commandments Culture and Respectful Traveling.

Moses taught within the book of Genesis that it is a commandment to respect and apply the culture of the land your living or traveling through. This is, of course, if the culture does not break any of the commandments such as giving worship to the lower entities or involved in Idolatry. Within some cultures of the world, or all the cultures of the world, have an influence of religion which plays into the culture pointed at enslaving the people of the culture. Breaking cultural rules within some cultures would be like taking a knife to your stomach and cutting out your liver; within some free cultures, a person can break a cultural rule and get away with it.

Why, you may be asking, would the Almighty Divine allow such wickedness and enslavement of humans in this world? Due to the fact that all humans were once a formless spirit – each person went into the human cycle with their own karma. Many spirits, due to the corruption of the darkness, went into the human cycle after being corrupted, thus living out karmaic bonds for some will be harsh. Some people may be born into a village with a culture of control, programing on a deep level, that the person will be stuck like glue for a lifetime. Living in mud and dirt, never having a way out because of poor economics, due to the poor family the person is born into. Hence, the person will be subjected to the brain-washing elements of the culture and religion. Strong religious beliefs will prevail, although since this world is heading for the time of the man of lawlessness, many people, (through personal observation) even raised within a strong programming religion may not have an active interest, although still claim to be a part of the religion that their were raised in because the culture demands it.

The main aim of the lower entities is to enslave humans in whatever way they can. Within the western world a person may be enslaved by their own emotions, economic debt, fear; such fear which roots out faith. Even though a person may have an active “faith” their religion will prove false to its power. For people that are enslaved to the attachment of religion – they will always have a void within. The inner person will suffer without true intimacy with the Formless Almighty, who has Sacred Spirits who are faithful and are incorruptible because they went through the human cycle. The King and Master Jesus will send his helpers – The Sacred Spirits to teach, if a person makes the effort.

Karma is what dictates, nothing else. There are whole entire countries that don’t have a clue about the concept and truth of Karma. Does the Almighty Divine favor any one country? non-sense, only individuals who apply the commandments and find Divine favor. Those who truly apply the commandments are the ones who are showing love to their creator which is a monotheistic love to the one Divine Creator of life. All the Enlightened Sages taught this same concept to avoid giving worship to the lower entities or other gods. These other gods have never changed from the days of antiquities. Ishtar equals Hathor in Egypt, which is the same as Ashoreth in Cannan. Aumon of Egypt is the same as Baal of Cannan, and Bel of Babylon. These same lower entities receive the worship from humans today through every religion within the world. These powerful lower entities along with their cohorts thrive off of worship, negative emotion, selfishness, obsessions, compulsions, and bazaar wicked attitudes from humans. Humans living with a low level of consciousness are aflected with demented thinking. There are different levels of demented thinking in each culture.

The education of life can point to wisdom, which in turn wisdom will lead the person into the truth, only if the person’s karmic bonds have that destiny. Destiny can be a paradox, difficult to understand. Wisdom is a quality that can only be granted from above. Wisdom can be taught from experience, although it may take a person a lifetime which will only be wisdom of this world.

Freedom within, freedom from this world and being no part of it takes effort. Taking in Knowledge takes effort. Wisdom and common sense will only be granted from above if effort is put forth. Clearing oneself from demented, negative thinking, must be accomplished.