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Comprehending the Profundity of Realism

Throughout life a clear observation can be noted from a deep thinking spiritual quester: a person can read multitudes of spiritual writings that are of a high level of consciousness; though, never come to understand the complexity of spiritual accuracy. A person can be dogmatically positioned in a religion their entire life; but, only ascertain the shallow levels of truth among the falsehood of the religion. A person may rid themselves of idolatrous religion, entirely, continue within an independent study routine, despite the effort though, never grasping the comprehension of spiritual insight.

Taking in knowledge is the originating method to spiritual understanding, and without resigning personal effort; the individual may attain a high level of circumspection. Even though, there are countless of individuals that are destined to remain ignorant; henceforth, there are an assorted of individuals with strong spiritual dispositions that pursue spiritual knowledge and a relationship with the Divine Spirit, but lack comprehending the profundity of spiritual adeptness; henceforth, loneliness and boredom is paramount.

The consequences concerning the idolatrous behavior that the entire world has pursued from the beginning has caused a veil covering the eyes of humanity from spiritual comprehension. Considering the powerful attachment of idolatry, the spiritual aspirant must identify the variety of different forms of idolatry that humanity attaches onto, and entirely avoid such behavior, images, or activities. It is impossible for an individual to be granted with wisdom to identify the realism of the ineffable if any type of idolatry is involved within the energy field of the individual. Idolatry is the predominant illusion of causality within the attractor field of linear formation. A love for this world is a production of Idolatry; the holidays that stems from religious falsehood is a major stumbling for the majority of humanity.

The masses of the public dearth an appointed status to comprehend the realism of certainty. Jesus specifically spoke in parables, and the crowds lacked comprehension. Jesus, the king of the children of the light, taught that only his chosen would be granted cognition of the realism of authenticity. The majorities around the world lack an interest in spiritual accuracy. The masses of humanity prefer ignorance and living a lie enmeshed in the ego, which suppresses the heart motivation to pursue spiritual realism. Yet, individuals prevail with an inner disposition to procure the realism of certainty that is non-ignorable. The individual with such a disposition must continue and strive with virtuous intention. However, a discontinuation of spiritual interests among individuals is occurring. The anxieties of a complicated world, the media deranged dogma that is positioning multitudes of people into a non-belief status, and the revelation of disagreeable situations produces faulty endurance. An unbalanced usage of the media that includes the news, movies, television, internet propaganda, and all periodicals generate a calloused heart, entangled attachments, and a negative congested emotional baggage.

As the world progresses to the arrival of the Man of Lawlessness, there will be a significant falling away from spiritual interest. Yet, there will be individuals that retain their integrity and faithfulness. The selected chosen individuals with positive karmic dispositions will continue seeking the realism that dwells at the higher level of consciousness, the progression will be clearly noticeable among the ignorant: the calloused hearted can only express jealousy and envy.