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Comprehending the Context of Love to Increase Consciousness

Independent Spirituality requires changing the inner heart motivation from self-centered interests to a non-selfish disposition. It is impossible to raise the level of consciousness to a favorable level of spirituality without contemplating your inner heart motivation and facing the challenge to change the selfish disposition: Moses phrased the process as Circumcising the Heart!

Post Picture: Modal of First Century Temple of Jerusalem

The Deeper Context of Love vs Selfishness:

The context and definition of phrases experienced a twisting that cause an obscured perception of the subject. The deceiving dark powers gradually changed the scriptural context through totalitarian dogma that embedded into the core of world religion and unfortunately the culture. Henceforth, the term love lost its affirmative definition that contrasts selfishness. Spiritually, acting unselfishly to someone who might have transgressed against you is essential.

It is impossible for person attain a higher level of consciousness through selfish deeds

A deeper definition of love will proceed with unselfishness to the neighbor and most importantly the stranger. The world teaches selfishness and fearful perceptions concerning the stranger. Propaganda from the mass-media continues to indoctrinate ideological emotional stagnation that causes a timid paralyzed will and a dogmatic mentality of humanity. Jesus’ teachings amplify the importance of unselfish deeds concerning the stranger, contrasting unselfish deeds in relation to the companion.

“If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that?” – Matthew 6:46-47

The Stumbling Block of Religion:

Baal worship in the format of religion was at its height through the Pharisees of Judaism during the era of Jesus. This is why Jesus taught, “You heard it was said”, because the Scribes and Pharisees were teaching falsehood.

Ardent worship in the arrangement of synagogues, churches, mosques, and temples break the first two commandments; worship justifies the intellect to pursue an egocentric life. Falsehood and idolatry dominate the world including religion that suppresses the ability to increase consciousness, the structure or appearance of worship was altered from the days of the Kings, before 586 BCE.

The teaching of faith and love from the writings of Moses were not taught correctly at the time of Jesus, instead religious dogma was taught. Jesus directly taught to cultivate personal faith and to act unselfish. The western religions of Abraham are based in hate for one another and a self-centered mentality.

The Teaching of Moses and Jesus:

Moses and Jesus taught to act within the context of generosity concerning the stranger that deserves kindness; helping materially, giving of our time, are deeds that the powers of the light distinguish between the light from the darkness. The favorable consequences append to a healthy self-esstem and intellectual powers of wisdom, discernment, integrity.

Discernment is essential to identify a situation when someone needs assistance and that deserves help. Assisting the stranger that generates heartfelt joy attacks the darkness, some people cannot conjecture that someone freely bestows their time or money—as their heart rejoices—in turn your inner spirit.

Falsehood and idolatry dominate world religion that suppresses the ability to increase consciousness

True happiness and satisfaction reside within the heart. The specialness of helping the stranger creates a no strings attached — expect nothing in-return, therefore becomes a spiritual offering. The context of affirmative spiritual unselfish acts recondition the heart motivation. Family and friends that exchange gifts may expect to receive something back, not always, but from personal experience, most do—this context of giving lacks spiritual depth; however, can create a good start for progressing into the depths of spiritual generosity.

Jesus taught concerning the difference of selfish deeds and spiritually heart motivated deeds and the end result during the judgment era.
—Matthew 25:31-46

The Controlled Multitudes within the World:

As the multitudes follow the justifications of religious worship, bind to their attachments and remain egocentric, many individuals are directed out of the deception of religion. Independent Spirituality dynamically captivates the powers of the light that will assist the individual at reconditioning the inner heart motivation.

The world teaches selfishness and fearful perceptions concerning the stranger

This world remains under the domination of the lower entities and teaches selfishness and greed. The world teaches that the homeless or poor person is subhuman—the complete opposite of what Moses and Jesus taught concerning the stranger. A common statement: “I work hard for my money”, people with that attitude will fail at reconditioning the heart. Most humanity is powerless to circumcise the heart and change the motivation. Most people are just to busy, focused on their own life to change spiritually.

The Bhagavad Gita teaches non-attachment toward our actions through surrender and do not be concerned about the results. This is why a circumcised heart results in a generous heart—thus, attainment of inner satisfaction .