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Conquering Fear and Experience Grace

Fear dominates humanity around the world. The negative emotion of fear is crippling the world in a state of Paralyzed Will. Other negative emotions that dominate cultures and the individual emotional realities are Guilt and Shame. Fear plays a script on different levels according to the teaching of the culture, parents, and media propaganda. Facing your inner fears by understanding the opposite and cultivating the spiritually advanced quality of faith will lead you to Experience Grace, confronting your fear will overcoming the intertwined emotions connected with Fear. In addition, completely relying on Divine Direction will assist to capitulating your inner fears.

Fear leads into Anger, Anger leads into Hate — Hate can lead a person down the Path of the Dark-Side.

This Illuminati controlled world that we are experience continues to be dominated with fearful uncertainty of economics and fearful preconceived ideas that stems from the media since the 1950’s. Mostly all news, video games, movies, and TV shows instill fear or the emotions that relate within the consumer using a subtle deceptive method. Fears based within futuristic preconceived ideas are a complete delusion.

Overcoming fear is a difficult process, and a crucial part is facing your fears. The avoidance of facing your fears can produce Paralyzed Will, and can become locked as negative emotional congestion within emotional reality. Facing your fears will change your perception of reality; your intention and progress will increase your inner faith and you will experience grace — rare positive qualities within this world of deception. In addition, living fearlessness will increase the consciousness within the individual, which in-turn, benefits the entire world of humanity and the side of the light. A higher level of consciousness conquers the powers of the darkness at their own game.

Observe the actions of humanity — the emotions that dominate are Fear, Shame, and Guilt

Fear ranks low on the Map of Consciousness with a life-view of Frightening, the dominate emotion of Anxiety, and processes with Withdrawal that leads to Isolation. Humanities addition to caffeine enhances inner anxiety. Even though Fear is a higher level than Guilt and Shame, Fear is still a negative emotion and a delusion, you can conquer and replace your fears with strong inner faith. Most fears are based in fanciful preconceived ideas that stem from media propaganda. The weak mind of the deluded majorities conjectures what they are viewing on the television. With deep seated emotional baggage of fear locked into the emotional reality the person will experience a controlled emotional enslavement of Paralyzed Will and Dread.

Fear of Death:

Existing within the third dimension causes the brain to objectify the absolute. There are many people who conjecture that they only live only one life, and death is an unknown. Because of this unknown, the majorities experience a “Fear of Death.” Many people who are stuck within the dogma of religion doubt the reality of Death because of the deception that is abundant within the world. The truth concerning Death calms the spirit. As a person can comprehend the truth of Karmic Bonds, the Creation Process, the purpose of this third dimension, and the cosmic battle between the Darkness and the Light—a sense of freedom enters the inner spirit. Learn the truths about Death and overcome your fear.

Contemplation Relates with Fear:

Fear Stops an Individual From Comprehending the Deeper Truths of Consciousness. Dread, Miffed, Timid, Impending Doom, and Contemplation are sub-emotions connecting to the dominating emotion of fear. It is interesting to ascertain that contemplation is related with fear. Observe people who are thinking too much, mostly racing contemplations are from hidden fears unaware to the conscious mind. Most human emotions are interacting with the emotional reality and are unidentifiable to the conscious mind. The mass media of movies, TV, and the news create a host of emotions that causes the unwittingly consumer to stuff negative emotions that causes addictions and other debilitating behaviors.

How to Release Congested Emotions:

The most effective way to release emotional baggage is Neuro Emotional Technique. Search for an ethical practitioner. If there is no NET in your area, you can seek out other modalities that can assist you in releasing old emotional baggage congested within your emotional reality. As you pursue the process of releasing negative congested emotional baggage you will feel a sense of freedom within. If you have pursued to release emotional baggage and looking to purge unwanted stuck emotions, you can try The Inner Pure Method.

Long list of helpful modalities for the spiritual seeker.