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What happens when I Die? Overcoming the Fear of Death!

Death What happens when we dieThe subject of Death continues to perplex humanity because of the deception of religion. Most people around the world are fearful of death and question “what happens when we die?”

We all are born into this world, living a life corresponding to our karma, and then all humans die. If the mind is programed within an emotional reality of fear, then the brain will suppress the truth that restrains the manifestation of enlightenment. As totalitarian mentalities continue to dominate many cultures the individual will struggle to accept new ideas and thought processes. Fully comprehending the truth about death relieves emotional fear.

The Deception About Death and our Inner Spirit:

The controlling western religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam teach that humans only live one life then go to paradise heaven or a burning hell according to our behavior during our life. A large portion of our society has slid into an attitude of indifference concerning spirituality. Attachment to materialism and self-absorbed lifestyles pursuing selfishness under the survival mode dominates the world.

The Bhagavad Gita teaches at chapter 2:12, There was never a time you, or I did not exist; nor shall we ever cease to exist

The busyness of life and instant gratification submerges the pursuit of spiritual interests. Henceforth, the majorities believe certain phrases of propaganda such as “life is short,” “time flies,” “try everything once,” “eat, drink, for we will die” — worldly phrases viewed as complete foolishness to the enlightened person. The word “Ego” evades the Bible, the Qu’ran, and the Jewish teachings. Thus, the “one life” teaching from western religions submerged the truth about multiple lives and that our inner spirit is eternal.

The Eternal Spirit—No Reason to Fear Death

Most people around the world are fearful of death and question “what happens when we die?” There is no reason to fear death! Our inner spirit existed in the spirit world before we entered the human cycle or rotation and is eternal. The term “human cycle” refers to many past lives—a concept that western religions refuse to acknowledge. If you can apprehend that all humans experienced many past lives, then the truth about death will be easy to accept. Many different dimensions exist within the spirit world. The Sacred Spirits reside in the upper 5th dimension but can go to higher dimensions, including our 3rd dimension. The lower entities reside in the lower fifth and our dimension of the 3rd but are invisible to the human eye. The earth and human environment is the third dimension.

What Happens at Death?

When our human body experiences death, our inner spirit must travel to the 4th dimension. The inner spirit can stay within in the third dimensional atmosphere for three days that allows closure. Then, an energy forces and draws the spirit to the 4th dimension; each spirit entered the 4th dimension when they chose the human cycle. During this rest time from the human body, we meet with our primary spirit guide and discuss our last life. We will also meet with our prime cluster group.

Fully comprehending the truth about death relieves emotional fear

We are a part of a cluster group that we travel our lives with for support. Our cluster group may change depending our spiritual growth, and during our human life we meet people from other cluster groups. However, our close human companions and family members are mostly likely from our cluster group. If you are close friends with someone and experience deep feelings that you have known each other before, then there is a good chance you are of the same group, and were friends, siblings, or married partners in your past lives.

Furthermore, our spirit convenes with the Wise Masters (Sacred Spirits) who discuss our past life and provides the ground work for the next life: most importantly our karmic bonds, mandatory decisions, and our choices that will consist of entering the next life as a female or a male, family environment, and karmic requirements. The spirit can only experience the same sex three times in a row, after the third life as the same sex, they must alternate. If the karmic bonds dictate according to the family granted, or choice of sex, then there is no choice—the karmic bonds will direct and be fulfilled.

Most people around the world are fearful of death and question “what happens when we die?”

The time lapse can be several earthy years in-between the past life, and the time the spirit enters the next womb. During this time in the 4th dimension the spirit gets to rest, and will meet with groups to learn about how to progress, yet, from analyzing our society most spirits are not progressing very quickly. Time is subjective in the human cycle 4th dimension; a hundred years is like a blink of the eye, then we are born and living as a human experiencing the emotional human disposition resulting from family and cultural upbringing.

Entering the 4th dimension protects the spirit from the corruption of the darkness upon a normal spirit; all spirits entered the human cycle for different reasons. Some entered the human cycle with very good karma because of spiritual activity while in the 5th dimension of the spirit world. After living possibly hundreds of lives as a human, the spirit with good karma will attain a higher level of consciousness and ascend as an incorruptible scared (holy) spirit that can effectively battle the darkness of the lower entities.

The inner spirit is eternal despite human behavior

As you comprehend the truth about death the behaviors of humans may perceive to be foolish, yet under deception. There is no reason to grieve when someone passes into the 4th dimension and then into the next human life; inner attachment produces grief. Yet, anyone who spent their whole life with a mate will struggle with the loss of their partner, but understanding the truth about death will help cope with the loss. The emotional disposition in the human body will naturally suffer when an intimate loved-one experiences death, yet grieving for years is impractical. The grieving period should consist of one to three months. Crying is essential and helps to process deep emotional feelings of a bonding intimate relationship. Crying is natural and essential to overcome a loss.

Acknowledging that our inner spirit (soul) is enteral and that our spirit travels back to the human cycle of the 4th dimension which is protected from any corruption of the darkness of corruption—your level of fear of death should decrease dramatically.