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Deterrents to Cultivating Faith

From my prior post I can not expound enough the importance of cultivating faith. Whatever path you may be on, can lead to the same place. Either the person will be lead out of the deception, and enlightened, or a person will be halted at the road block of religion. For the individual to cultivate deep faith in truth, a person has to let go of any position that is dominating and restricting a persons growth. Being positioned, causes a narrow mindedness, that results in limitation regarding knowledge. Knowledge points to wisdom; wisdom, points to the deeper truths of the Divine Almighty.

Considering that scripture can discern the motivations of the heart. Studying can motivate a person to change or circumcise the heart. The student needs to open themselves to all the possibilities that have been provided for us. Within all the possibilities of scripture from the different cultures around the world, a student needs to focus, within, and use discernment to identify the truth.

A person that is positioned as a Christian is locked into the New Testament, although open to the Hebrew scriptures. Something like the Bhagavad Gita, most have never even heard of it, and if so, they would never consider it as scripture. A person of Islam, due to their brainwashed upbringing, the Koran is the word and no other. Consequently, the deep position keeps them at the road block in a religion. Whatever a religion a person is in, or group, or movement-such as new age-the person has positioned themselves which closes the door to the wealth of knowledge that has been provided for us through scripture.

Keynote: I have said in my prior posts, that religion serves for a purpose. For someone, that does not have any faith in their life, religion can help the person grow in faith. Unless that person has an inner ability to pursue spirituality themselves, most in our world need the help of others, which religion can serve this purpose. The problem is they get stuck in it like glue. After a certain amount of time, a person needs to let go of the attachment and being positioned in it, and deepen themselves by studying the variety of scripture that is available. Leaving religion on the solo spiritual adventure takes strength; which only resides within.

After the departure from a religion, the person must study and pray for direction. Taking in knowledge is the key to cultivating faith, which in turn points to being granted with wisdom, which is pleasant to the very soul, because wisdom comes from within. For a person that has the strength to go on the solo route; that person will be blessed with open eyes to truths that have been deeply hidden, and will only be revealed to an individual and not an organized group. A discerning heart will seek to acquire knowledge, and be open to the variety of scripture available. A discerning heart will not only take the time, but will find the time to sit down and take in knowledge which in turn aids in cultivating a relationship with the-true source-the Almighty Divine Creator.

Keep yourself open to scriptures such as: The Bhagavad Gita, The Hebrew Scriptures, The Tao Te Ching, The Upanishads, The Greek Scriptures, The Rig Veda. The Apocrypha Books, The Koran. Even in the Koran some of the truth resides. The Dead Sea Scrolls. Many others. Our society among the world has been duped into not reading. The young people nowadays are being raised with the influence of TV, video games, sports, such as skate boarding. Passive activity, creates a lazy brain. The brain can get so lazy, that reading becomes challenging, to the point that a person will avoid reading and seeking the deep hard hitting truths of reality. What else can be observed among the world? the power of stimulants. This world is not necessarily relaxed, and the world continually produces stimulates for the public. Deep study included with research requires a calm soul; to have the ability to focus and use discernment, to recognize the deeper truths, requires relaxation.

A lack of knowledge results in weak faith, which many people turn to luck. Many people believe and rely on luck. The reason is because this type of person has never experienced Divine direction, or been able to recognize it, within their lives. Luck is a deception. Being positioned is a deterrent to cultivating deep faith. Avoiding an in-between, including religion, a person can experience the hidden spirit. Release yourself from being positioned and open yourself to the truths that are hidden among each religion, culture, and scripture.

Proverbs 18:15 The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge; the ears of the wise seek it out.


2 responses to “Deterrents to Cultivating Faith”

  1. Kaetie

    For me, faith is a red herring. Faith assumes you have to believe something you have no experience of. Truth, in my view, goes hand in hand with direct experience. Direct experience of truth has come a number of ways for me, change in diet, meditation, dreaming, seeing the world as energy (quantum physics and relativity). Respect, Kaetie

  2. ClearlyEnlight

    Thanks for the comment. Waiting for a direct experience in ones life will limit a person from cultivating deep faith.

    Certainly it can jump start a person to cultivate faith, which I have observed many times within people’s lives.