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The Domination of the World — Who Manipulates the Chaos?

From the very beginning the original wicked one, master-to-be, has dominated this 3rd dimensional world and the lower entities of the spirit world. This world is influenced with negativity, selfishness, greed, and arrogance—ego connected qualities, yet the light also exists. The darkness exists of ego that dominates the light. Humanity is afflicted with negativity of the darkness that endeavors to control and enslave the emotional reality that affects the mentality, cultures, and independent spirituality.

Jesus taught individuals who are destined to attain a higher level of consciousness to be “no part of this world.” Paul, Peter, and John taught that the whole world is under the power of the wicked one. Clearly, there is a beneficial reason each individual should strive to subject this 3rd dimensional world of material attachments.

Identifying the Powers of the Darkness is pivotal to an affirmative dedication on the side of the Light

Identifying the lower entities whom dominates and influence the world can be extremely challenging. When we examine the earth, we observe it as beautiful. Through studying nature, noticeable good qualities are obvious. An example would be a baby cub bear or baby wolf—naturally, any juveniles including baby humans like to play and are cute. Little children are naturally honest. An animal or human possess a natural protective concern for their offspring. In addition, we observe a counterpart—the Wolf is the predator and the Caribou is the prey. The little honest cute child may grow up into a wicked behaving adult. We can learn from history that blood has been spilled repeatedly from wars, murders, and supplemental wicked behaviors. We understand from history that many nations and governments have manifested a wicked and evil side, ruling with an iron fist in the spirit of injustice. Therefore, we can observe both the light and the darkness in the world today.

Jesus taught individuals who are destined to attain a higher level of consciousness to be “no part of this world.”

The majority of humantiy avoids admitting that this world is ruled by lower entities. This 3rd dimensional world has been granted for the darkness. Anyone that is versed in the scriptures should know that this whole world is under the power of the wicked ones who are lower entities. This is the main reason why Jesus taught that the kingdom of the light is no part of this world.

Matthew, Mark, and Luke taught when the accuser was tempting Jesus and was offered all the kingdoms of the world, only if Jesus would just do one act of worship. How could the accuser and slanderer offer the kingdoms of the world if he did not dominate all the nations and governments? Consequently, the accuser will arrive in the earth as the man of lawlessness who will deceive the ignorant, fearful, and faithless into the kingdom of the darkness. The accuser (Baal) is not the master of any individual. Baal along with his cohorts is the master and ruler of this world, and can be considered the shadow government, behind the workings of the Illuminati and the corrputed Governments.

The majority of humantiy avoids admitting that this world is ruled by lower entities

The phrases Accuser, Satan, Baal (Antichrist), The Devil, The Tempter, The Slanderer is a reference to the original wicked one. And, the accuser will arrive in the flesh, as the man of lawlessness to be anointed as king over the children of the darkness. The kingdom of the darkness will be underground of this earth as the surface will be destroyed. Isaiah, Jesus, and Peter taught that a new earth would be created for the children of the light. This is the context of the Catholic dogma of heaven and hell—two different “kingdoms” once the separation happens between the light and the darkness. Each kingdom will be appointed a king, Jesus is the king of the light, and Baal is the king of the darkness.

Each individual possesses a destiny for one or the other kingdoms. The accuser is destined to arrive on this earth to be anointed king of the darkness, just as Jesus was born into this world to be anointed as king of the light. Essentially, each spiritual student needs to strive to raise their consciousness level and to view the 3rd dimensional world as subjective to avoid as a part of this