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Enslavement of Religious Cult Ideology.

The Enslavement of religious cult ideology is a subject the lower entities thrive on. Enslaving humans is a contract of energy for the lower entities. Human eyes can only see what is in front of them and nothing beyond. Men have lived at a higher level of consciousness, although people of a low level of consciousness has taken what these wise men taught and turned their teaches into a controlling, enslaved religion with severe cult ideology. Everybody has a certain path. An advanced spiritual student most likely has been involved in a religion, although has left the unclean empire of the wicked entities.

Cult ideology is a common quality along with extreme programing from a young age which can keep, and has kept, the person enslaved for a life time. Experiencing first hand a high demanding cult religion, the common aspects of the enslavement, inner core programing, and ideology, is related with every religion; each religion just has different levels of enslavement next to freedom. Nevertheless, each religious cult uses fear, guilt and shame which adds to the deception of the mind and can keep a person stuck like glue with a strong attachment to their religion.

Having an opportunity to first hand learn about the Muslim culture in Egypt, the observation has been strikingly similar to the high demanding cult of Jehovah Witnesses – The Watchtower. Children raised within each religion have been programed to the core. Indoctrinated within the human heart the majority will never be able to deprogram themselves and clear their-self from the ingrained ideology. Both groups are not open to any new thought or any truths beyond what is taught from their dogma. When a person’s religion or dogma is threatened the person reacts emotionally because of their strong attachment due to their upbringing of being programmed. With every religion this is the case, just with different levels of programming, they’re all related to mind-control, cult ideology, enslavement. Nevertheless, a measure of truth resides in each religion.

Regarding the separation of the sexes the two religions are some what similar. The watchtower forbids sex outside of marriage, they frown on a person marrying outside of the religion. For the most part single men hang out with men, or if two people of the opposite sex do hang out, the watchtower would prefer a third party to escort. The Muslim culture of Egypt is much more extreme, forbidding normal interaction of the sexes in public, not even allowing people to date because of their fear of being shamed if the women have any type of sex before marriage. Although this doesn’t necessary apply in the big cities of Egypt.

Each religion, along with the rest, believe that they are the special group who has “Gods” favor, which you will be destroyed or go to hell if you don’t believe or follow. All religions thrive on this ego-driven ideology. Each religion uses fear, guilt, and shame to keep the members glued in the ideology; even when a person may leave the organization or fail to worship, the person most likely will still believe the controlling ideology.

All religions use the idea of doom which causes a person to be dogmatically positioned into slavery through fear. Enslavement is what religion is all about, the high demanding religious cults, that people truly believe from their heart, have their members enslaved the deepest. The lower entities who receive their worship through the religion thrive and live off of the slavery. Slavery through culture, group ideology, one’s emotions, and of course, the religion itself; enslaving humans is the main goal of the wicked ones of darkness.

Enslavement works through culture, which a culture is an entity in itself, wielding powerful control over the ignorant, the weak who are forced to apply the laws of the culture which enslaves the human. Many people who are born into a culture of slavery with little or no freedom is directly because of their karma. A person who is born into a controlling religion which programs the child with an ideology that glues onto the core – that person is receiving their karma. Within many religious cultures – that person can only strive for freedom within, without any open expression, unless they move to a free country – if they are poor they will be stuck for a lifetime. Nevertheless, each person is being maneuvered (according to their karma) for the time of the man-of-lawlessness to arrive upon this earth in the flesh. At that time each person will decided from their inner heart which kingdom they are attracted to. The children of the light will be tested.

Each person has a destiny – their own path they must live – many upon many in this world – ruled by the wicked ones, are meant to be enslaved. The path to the separation of the light and darkness can be a test. Endurance, patience, and long-suffering, are qualities which will persevere.