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Free Your Mind from Fear and Negative Emotional Baggage

Freeing the Mind from of the deception of this world is a serious matter. The majorities are not ready to have their mind free from the delusional matrix of the subconscious. This third dimensional world of materialism, media propaganda, and the delusion of religion maintains a low level of consciousness that enslaves the mind and heart within powerful attachments. The emotional attachments thrive within negative emotions such as Fear and Guilt. Humans are conditioned within the enslaving matrix of Fear, Guilt, and Shame from birth; each culture dictates an emotional base upon the individual.

“If you don’t master your life, someone else will!”

Seeking the truth can cause inner fear. The seeker must face inner fear to free the mind from the ingrained delusion. Escaping from the lower layers of the matrix deception requires dispassion; for example, reading the news (including conspiracy news) with a totally calm mind so you are not appending emotional baggage to your core-mind. Dispassion will generate Spiritual Indifference. Negative emotional baggage prevents the progression of consciousness, and augments despondency. Obsessive collecting of data within a disposition of depression and emotional attachment reinforces the powers of the darkness to manipulate the emotional reality of the individual.

Many individuals who reside within a congested emotional reality experience despondency when learning the truth and destiny of this world

Comprehending all religions are of the deceptive matrix will assist the spiritual student to freeing their mind. Understanding that the a measure of truth resides within each religion, yet, all religions carry a significant amount of falsehood is critical. The truth is progressional. All humans who now understand the deeper context of the truth were deluded in their early life. The Inner Spirit recognizes and deciphers the truth—listening within is pivotal that requires discernment.

Eventually, through persistence and steadfast dedication we extract ourselves from the matrix by shedding emotional and mental baggage by refusing the subconscious negative energy; henceforth, gradually reaching the conscious realm of oneness.

Seeking the truth can cause inner fear. Fear generates Paralyzed Will

The propaganda among the world media generates preconceived ideas that induces fear psychologically. These thought complexes allow recurring negative thought patterns that robs the individual peace of mind; negative emotional baggage directly enhances the fanciful contemplation based on the dispositions of fear, guilt, shame, or egocentric ideas.

Identifying Mental Congestion:

Living within a 3rd dimensional primitive existence our inner guard is elevated. Many people live in fear. Unchecked high levels of fear can create heightened levels of fanciful phobias. Phobias will shut down the conscious thinking mind, and work our bodies like a reflex. Preconceived fearful thought complexes automatically positions the emotional reality into a fight or flight mode. Mental congestion will consist of fearful elements of contemplation that results from phobias.

Keys to Overcoming Your Inner Fear:

  • Face your Fear—you will learn that most of your fears are not of reality.
  • Overcome your Fear of being Alone. Understand that you always have your Spirit Guides near by, even if they are covertly present.
  • Overcome your fear of economics. Have you ever went hungry? Ask the question if you believe that your Spirit Guides will always provide for you? They may cause a situation to test your faith, but do you really believe they will let you go hungry. People only end up in poverty and go hungry if their Karma dictates.
  • Face your Fear of other Humans. Do you believe in Divine Protection?

Key Context to Avoid Mental and Emotional Congestion:

Assertive Open Communication
Cultures around the world reside within a negative emotional base; thus, creating an entrainment of the atmosphere. The main element within many cultures is too suppress the individual into a non-expressive disposition that buries positive assertiveness; prime elements that cause negative emotional congestion. Learning to speak your mind, wisely, and under a foundation of knowledge and calmness prevents taking on other peoples emotional baggage. Freedom of Expression and Assertive Communication adds to inner confidence.

Allow to Feel your Emotion:

Most people around the world stuff their emotional due to the negative gossip nature of many cultures. This world that is ruled by negative darkness creates pain within the human soul. Nowadays, people are expressing their inner pain through anger. Experiencing painful deep seated emotion and weeping will progress the spiritual student.

Attachment: Karmic habitual energies are of a sticky quality, and therefore the mind has trouble surrendering emotional worthless contemplation. The minds tendency to cling to its constantly changing impressions leads to distinctive illusions of the ego’s axioms.

The feedback from stored subconsciousness propaganda produces unpleasant mental experiences, which strengthen one’s tendency towards further unskillful acts. The surrendering of the Ego’s super imposition, and the attachment to the belief that the ego is the core of existence will assist relishing Attachment.

Avoid Negative Television, Video Games, and Music:

The majorities are not ready to have their mind free from the delusional matrix of the subconscious

HD Television dynamically is impacting the mentality of humans all over the world. Negative Television directly lowers the self esteem by robbing the individual of their true identity. Addicted viewers are falsely identifying themselves with the actors of popular TV shows and sit-coms. Video games directly generate a passive mind. Negative music is designed to create trances, and the negative bass rhythm beat causes and unnatural heart beat that imbalances out nervous system.

Rhythm is the single most influential musical element. The tempo is very closely related. Everything from the cycle of our brain waves to the pumping of our heart all sic in rhythms. We’re a mass of cycles piled one on top of another, so we’re clearly organized both to generate and respond to rhythmic phenomena. Rhythm and tempo have a strong physiological influence on the body.

Music to Avoid:

  • Rap
  • Heavy Metal
  • House
  • Repetitive Techno Music

Positive Activities to Pursue that Increases Confidence:

  • Dance: Ballroom Dancing is extremely healthy because of the close interaction. Samba and Africa Dance with Live Drums.
  • Bicycling, and all forms of active outdoor sports.
  • Yoga: Any type of movement of the body within a world that is dominated by passive lazy activities is beneficial. Yoga and Yoga Breathing can directly teach self-discipline and increase inner and physical strength.
  • Acupuncture: Face your fear of needles, acupuncture frees the chi to flow through our meridians properly.
  • Learn to Play a Musical Instrument.
  • Listen to Classical Music and Opera, and positive rhythmic music.
  • Read a book that is of a higher level of consciousness.

The bottom line is to challenge your brain and move your body. An inactive, passive, obese lifestyle only adds to depression. People around the world are experiencing Despondency, Fear, and Depression, in-turn, their negative activities decreases self-esteem.