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Identifying The Darkness-The Ego-Negativity

Ascertaining and identifying the operational context of the darkness effectively is critical to battle the lower entities that pursue deception and wickedness. A mixture of qualities extends into the personalities of humanity— positive and negative exist within the context of reality. The darkness thrives on the negative; the wicked lower entities are focused and determined to hook humans into the negative darkness. Addictions, obsessions, compulsive behaviors, any situation the lower entities will strive to accomplish including detrimental actions.

Do not lose a moment of doing good. Protect your mind from evil. Whoever neglects doing good is inviting addiction to evil. —The Dhammapada

The domination of the darkness is a powerful negative force that requires a disposition of combat; an individual can foolishly fall victim to the utter slavery for which it produces. Darkness, evil, and sin, is taught as an energetic powerful force within scripture.

Notice the similar context of the Dhammapada and Genesis.

Don’t underestimate evil, saying, ” It can’t happen to me” as a pot slowly fills up with water, drop by drop, so does the fool, little by little, become full of evil. —The Dhammapada

Then the LORD said to Cain, “Why are you angry? Why is your face downcast? If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But, if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it.” —Genesis 4:6-7

What is Sin?

Sin was crouching at the door of Cain, and it, desired him. Moses writes that Cain is supposed to master ‘it’ (sin) by doing what is good. The phrase “doing what is good” is in the form of simplicity, in addition the religious obscured definition of ‘sin’. Goodness is about unselfish action that parallels transcending the ego. Sin defines as ego; the narcissism of the ego is the energetic root force that acts as “the personality” of an individual. Consequently, the ego only identifies content. The ego is incapable at identifying the context within the subject or situation.

The negative force of the ego (sin) continually thrives at mastering a person with control.

Cain became jealous and dwelt on the desire of superiority—an ego characteristic. Consequently, Cain murdered Able based on egocentric jealousy.

A few attributes of the Darkness.

The domination of the darkness is of slavery: filled with with negativity, going from bad to worse, this person takes the easy route, living a life of selfish debauchery, engulfed in excessive gluttony, lazy, living in utter ignorance, subjected to the emotions of envy and jealousy. An egocentric person enjoys bringing harm to the innocent. It is the inner enjoyment of injurious actions that the darkness (ego, sin) enmeshes the person.

This is the lowest level of darkness. There are different levels darkness within the context. The darkness is a powerful force—inner strength, integrity, and courage is required to conquer the energetic selfish force—unselfish love to the stranger conquers egocentricity. Actively seeking spirituality independently is the narrow road because the individual becomes a single target. However, the solo road is required to experience Divine intimacy, cultivating faith is essential.

The Operation of the Ego within Religion.

The ego is crafty, cunning, and subtle. The ego generates a delusion of self-righteousness thriving in specialness and victim-hood; leaders and followers of religion portray the grandstanding of hypocrisy. Resulting from the results of Idolatry this whole world is under the power of the darkness: governments, religions, bankers, secret societies, and the media unaware of the sly inner-workings of the ego. Consequently, each person is born within the darkness of this world.

Where is the light situated?

Yet, the light resides among the darkness. Multitudes of individuals are born with a disposition to spirituality. Many people confront the issue of “God” and spirituality within their adolescent young adulthood experience. The determining motivation is a deep inner desire for truth, despite their upbringing. An inner desire for truth can extract a person from the darkness of deception through active seeking of the realism of truth. Religion serves as an initial path for a spiritual seeker; however, to deepen the cognition of enlightenment and to experience a higher level of consciousness an individual must abandon their attachment of the idolatrous practice of religion. The light of truth resides within the inner person.

What did Jesus Teach?

Jesus taught that the wheat will reside with the weeds until the harvest. The children of the light and the children of the darkness will live among each other until the Man of Lawlessness arrives on the earth. The era of the Man of Lawlessness is the judgment, defining as the harvest and corresponds to a length of time.