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Identifying the Shame Based Personality

Cultures around the world consist of a negative emotional base of Shame, Guilt, or Fear. The dark powers dominate this world with negativity; each culture is afflicted with a primary negative disposition. Mostly the Middle East and countries east are shame-based cultures. All Islamic countries resided within a shame-based culture that programs the personality. India, Eastern Africa, and most Asian countries are also shame based.

The shame based personality thrives within a negative reality that is focused on “self.” Shame parallels False Pride. Within each prime emotion, there are sub-emotions. The primary emotions are experienced 90{8220c1a33060fec471315e6daf5461c7d44a6ed7feb0a087554632635fe47c2e}, and the sub-emotions are experienced 10{8220c1a33060fec471315e6daf5461c7d44a6ed7feb0a087554632635fe47c2e} of the time on an average.

Sub-Emotions of Shame:

  • Dishonored
  • Embarrassment
  • Awkwardness
  • Bullied
  • Confusion

The Dynamics of Shame and False Pride:

Shame and False Pride correlate with the Governing and Conception Vessel Meridians. The Map of Consciousness places Shame within the lowest level at 20 with the “God-View” as Despising and the “Life-View” as Miserable. Yet lower, resides Separateness that Calibrates at 4 in consciousness—the lowest vibration of the lower levels.

Shame, Guilt, and Fear based personalities cause loss if identity that generate the feeling of Inadequacy

Shame is the core emotion that creates separateness from our spiritual inner self and causes detachment from Divine Favor. The first emotions that Adam and Eve experienced after eating the fruit of the tree were Shame and Fear According to the story in the Garden of Eden. Upon the presence of the Divine Spirit, Adam and Eve covered themselves from their Nudity, thus displaying the emotion of Shame.

Religious Shame of Islam and Christianity:

The dominate fanatical religious countries are ingrained in a shame-based cultural. A strong sense of honor supersedes Universal Law and Spiritual Law. A concern for honor before neighbors and other onlookers are directly related with a shame based personality that is culturally programed. The individual that experiences a strong sense of shame is only concerned for their reputation whereas many cultures will murder their own daughter. However, in a shame-honor paradigm, the group is more important than the individual. The group dictates the concept of shame and honor, and each individual in the group can affect the honor or shame of the entire group. In many places in Egypt, the Muslims (not all) will circumcise their daughter to prevent a shameful event. In Arab culture, shame must be avoided at all cost. If it strikes, it must be hidden. If it is exposed, then it must be avenged. At all costs, honor must be restored.

There are many Individuals who progressed beyond the negative levels of consciousness, even though most cultures reside within the shame, guilt, and fear emotional dispositions

The early civilizations were fear-based (BC), to the rapid expansion of the guilt-based cultures (100 BC – 999 CE). During the millennium from 999 CE till 1999, shame-based cultures seem to have had the first opportunity, and then the ball was passed to the guilt-based cultures of America and Northern Europe. And now, world leaders from the guilt-based cultures of the world are unraveling the mysteries of ancient cultures and causing an insurmountable of fear within the western world.

Iron fisted Christianity during the middle ages controlled the populace with Guilt coupled with Shame and Fear. The western countries are currently positioned in fear from the guilt based personality by breaking down the twin relationship between church and state. Individuals attached to Christendom in the western world are driven by guilt and fear—the individual is guilty from sin and fearful of their judgment. The Powers of the Darkness understand that negative emotion is the key to suppressing consciousness and that using symbolism, numerology, and geometry delude the populace into a negative emotional matrix.

Shame and guilt tactics to control people

Three Basic Emotional Afflictions Working Together:

It is possible to find all three dynamics in most cultures, but usually one or two are more dominant. Some cultures, however, operate almost entirely within one major paradigm. Secondly, cultures and world-views are constantly shifting. The shift may be slow or fast depending on the events of history. Many cultures are mixtures of shame/honor and fear/power paradigms.

Negative emotion is designed to cause the individual to feel “Inadequate.”

As an example, at the founding of the Roman Empire, the citizens of Rome operated almost entirely in a fear/power worldview, worshiping a pantheon of gods. As their civilization developed, they introduced the idea of law being higher than the emperor. In this one step they began to introduce the concept of guilt and innocence. As their civilization developed they moved almost completely away from the fear/power worldview. However, as their empire expanded they slowly introduced into it shades of the shame/honor worldview.

The Emotional Opposites

  • Shame <——–> Honor
  • Guilt <——–> Innocence
  • Fear <——–> Faith

Shame, Guilt, and Fear based personalities cause loss if identity that generate the feeling of Inadequacy. As the individual allows themselves to be rooted in Jealousy through comparing with their fellow citizen—inadequacy, low-self esteem, and the emotion of inefficient will dominate the emotional reality.

Shame Parallels False Pride:

False Pride is the flip side of Shame. This explains within the shame based countries such as Egypt and India that there are many people thriving within an arrogant mind-set. The outward appearance portrays as humble servants of their Idolatrous religion, yet, the deep disposition is based on Shame and False Pride.

Sub-emotions of False Pride:

  • Arrogance
  • Haughtiness
  • False Self-Assuredness
  • Loftiness

Many free-thinking western countries progressed out of the guilt based culture to the fear level of consciousness, and many personalities thrive within the levels of Pride; however, a growing projection of anger and desire coupled with fear causes the cultural base to remain within a fear disposition. The western fear disposition is causing powerful Paralyzed Will, and mind controlled contemplation that robs the soul of peace and serenity.

There are many Individuals who progressed beyond the negative levels of consciousness, even though most cultures reside within the shame, guilt, and fear emotional dispositions. Within a world of mass media that uses High Definition Television as a manipulative tool, sit-coms, tv shows, talk shows, news media, and movies are designed to transport electrical magnetic emotional pulses that are negative into your sub-consciousness emotional reality. Covertly, fear predominates mass media because FEAR CONTRASTS FAITH.