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The Idolatry Worship of Religion and Lower Entities.

Throughout the world religions, an observaton should be easily attained for the non-attached person to notice is that all religions pray to stone, wood, or some type of organization that is a form of Idolatry. Even an organization such as the Watchtower or Latter Day Saints serves as Idolatry, because of their members’ attachment toward the entity – an organization.

Before our common era, humans worshiped many gods, which was the type worship of the epoch. Once in awhile some kingdoms also used a monotheistic worship, although the same type of ritual worship. Many so-called gods were worship through temples. Foods, drink, spices, and animals, were offered as a sacrifice; incense was also burnt to the gods. Sometimes parents even offered their children as a sacrifice. Water rituals and using an out-ward appearance such as a priesthood was also present. After the captivity of the Israelites in Babylon in the sixth century, the form of worship of religion slowly started to change, thus – the same type of worship (Idolatry) remains today.

The Lower Entities thrive on the worship they receive from humans. Through every single religion today, the lower entities are in control of, and wallow within the walls of churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, and so fourth. A lower entity was a spirit at one time, in the spirit world, who allowed themselves to become corrupted from the darkness; corrupted to the point of being demoted into a form – a lower entity – although, invisible to the human eye. The first lower entity was Baal, the one who the Israelites attached themselves to and worshiped. The celebration of Halloween is a celebration of Baal’s demotion in the spirit world. Since that time of the first demotion of a spirit, billions of original spirits have been demoted. These lower entities are in need of energy, henceforth – from human creation – energy can be found through human worship, human negative emotion, self-centered attention such as a lower entity attaching themselves to items in museums (a Shrine of the Muses) siphoning the energy from the unsuspecting human eyes.

Lower entities are strongly attached to religious worship. People that attach themselves by praying to stone, such as a stonewall in Jerusalem, a stone-house in Mecca, and the Cross of Christianity and the so-called Virgin Mary are giving worship to the lower entities. Humans deeply believing in their faith, consequently, they are utterly and consummately under the deception of the lower entities.

Foods and water is predominate surrounding celebrations of the religion. Within Judaism and Islam, pork is forbidden to eat. The only reason Moses wrote not to eat pork, because that is what the Canaanites were eating. Leaders and members of religion believe that they have to cover their bodies, which throughout the year’s shame has festered within their culture, not in all countries, though. Covering the body does not have any type of significance spiritually; an outward appearance is a detriment to a person’s spirituality. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism and other religions creates an issue of washing of the hands and body, and the peculiar, bizarre, concept of holy water in Christianity. Washing of the body goes all the way back past the days of Jesus. The only reason Jesus was baptized in water is because it was common. The people at that time believed that washing could forgive their sins.

Through water baptism, Jesus was anointed from the spirit of the Almighty. It is written that Jesus would baptize his servants by fire not water. The Jews at that time, and even nowadays, will wash or bath in ceremonial baths before worship. In Islam, Muslims must wash with water or sand before they pray. A person can be filthy dirty and pray at any time from their heart, and the Almighty who hears everything will hear the person.

Another similar characteristic among religions is using an outward appearance of a hat or the hair. Each religion wears a specifically designed hat upon the head, or shave the hair as in Buddhism. Islam, Judaism, Christianity will were robes or galibayya type of dress. The nuns and women of Islam wear a head covering. For some reason hair seems to be an issue within religion. Either they shave their heads, or cover their hair, or they do not cut their hair at all. Within some counties of Islam, such as Egypt, some men will have a calloused forehead, an outward appearance showing how often they pray. Since Muslims bow down and put their head to the ground, some men have a calloused forehead. Hindus, too, will spot the forehead, along with Christianity spotting the forehead on Ash Wednesday.

The washing before prayer, the type of dress, and any type of outward appearance is rooted from lower entity concept of worship – a deceptive style of worship. The lie of the world is that the Almighty Divine Creator needs or expects worship from humans. The Almighty desires thankfulness, gratitude, and friendship; The Almighty Divine requires a person to transcend the ego and learn what true love is toward our neighbor – letting go of personal selfishness is a prerequisite. The Almighty Divine wants humans to show love to their Creator by not having any type of form of Idolatry in their life; in this way, the person expresses their love for the Creator.

Henceforth, each religion furnishes a kind of prayer bead, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, all pray with beads, Buddhism has a prayer wheel, and Hinduism is similar. All of these forms of rituals are direct forms of lower entity worship; in return, the Almighty Divine gives people over to their inner desires without any power to transcend the dualities of this world.

The counties that have held onto their, strong fisted religion, which enslaves the public with an iron fist – these countries are experiencing their karma repeatedly. In the time of Martin Luther in Germany, he started the change movement in Europe against the iron rule of the Papal Catholics. From that time, gradually, choice was granted in the western counties. Granted with free choice, the Sacred Spirits can assist people to teach enlightenment and truth. Counties that continue to program the young, and stick to their out-dated cultural ideology, are given over to their karma. Granted the governments of the west are wicked in themselves, at any rate, people can freely choose what they want to believe, even if it’s disbelief. Free countries have created their own karma – even though there is freedom of choice until the new world order dominates.

Taking into consideration that religion does serve a purpose for the multitudes that are to frail to go solo in their pursuit or spirituality. Some people when they start to seek for “God” need religion. Nonetheless, identifying when to leave the religion, after attaining mature growth, is essential. Mass groups of spirits that went into the human cycle entered with bad karma. Slavery within this world serves for a purpose and path for many. A person that lives their life in disbelief might be put into a womb, and raised in a controlling, programmed, religion of Ideology in their next life.

Counties that not only pray to stone or wood, but don’t allow any type of choice regarding a person’s personal spirituality – is rooted in bad karma. The people are given over to a nice out-ward appearance, consequently – within themselves – they are filled with emotional negativity: overly concerned, discontented, dissatisfied, insecure, troubled, uneasy, confused, hopeless, unsatisfied; humans given over to their own negativity – a clear manifestation all over the world today.

Humans with strong attachments become sensitive when challenged – easily threatened – anger and fear rise quickly within the heart. Humans are under major deception for a purpose; this is why Jesus taught in parables, because the common people were not suppose to understand – they were not meant to understand. A karmic bond from the spirit world is the answer. Karma dictates life. Living free from Idolatry can be a beginning for anybody.