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Jesus the Anointed One

Jesus the Anointed, one of the most influential people that have walked the earth lived during the height of the Roman Empire, and the beginning of our common era. During the infancy of the Roman Empire and the end of the Republic, Tiberius was the Emperor during the three in and a half-year teaching era of Jesus. The glorious temple of Herod the Great stood atop the mount in Jerusalem. The religion of Judaism flourished under the Scribes and Pharisees under Roman supervision.

Jesus began his travels by healing and feeding the populace, producing wondrous miracles—teaching about the kingdom of the light, faith and love, the judgment era, and the aggregating of his chosen. Popular belief commands that Jesus is the Messiah. The popular definition dictates that the word Messiah defines as savior—a misleading context. The term translated into Christ defines as Anointed. The words Messiah and Christ define in the Greek dictionary as Anointed.

Picture Captured in Jerusalem January 2009 from the Mount of Olives.

Christ defines in Strongs Greek Dictionary as follows:

Christos khris-tos’
From 5548; anointed, i.e. the Messiah, an epithet of Jesus:– Christ.
chrio khree’-o
probably akin to 5530 through the idea of contact; to smear or rub with oil, i.e. (by implication) to consecrate to an office or religious service:– anoint.

The translation from biblical Greek replaced the word Anointed with Christ and Messiah. The words Messiah and Christ have provided a false definition of the identity of Jesus. Christianity continually argues the subject of the identity of God, Jesus, and numerous other subjects The common perception is that Christ is the last name of Jesus—this is false. Surnames did not exist among the Jews; Jesus was considered the son of Joseph the carpenter. However, surnames were used within the Roman Empire. The popular comprehension of the term Messiah defines as savior, which is false, too.

Christian Dogma

Christian dogma and culture have been ingrained with falsehood since the year 325 CE. The corruption that happened in 325 CE concerning the large community of people that believed in Jesus—corruption engulfed them from power of the darkness and the wicked entities that rule the world. The early church fathers (after the apostles died) slowly created a dogma that Paul, Peter, and John foretold would occur. The Roman Empire became the church, and idolatry and falsehood flourished. Because of the Council of Nicaea in 325 CE, the church leaders along with the state of Rome, augmented the falsehood that inserted into the dogma of Christianity, the organization of Christendom cannot recover from the entrenched falsehood.

Consequently, to identify the affirmative meaning of words is essential to comprehending the truth. Attaining older, out of print dictionaries is challenging, the only Biblical Dictionary that is available is the Strongs Concordance and Dictionary. Therefore, deep study, researching definitions of words and context is crucial. Considering that Jesus arrived on the earth in the flesh to be Anointed—the question to contemplate—which kingdom is he ruling as king?

No Part of the World:

The writing of John expresses that Jesus continually taught that his kingdom is no part of this world. Jesus taught that his chosen followers must be separate from this world of wickedness. Thus, the kingdom Jesus was teaching about is not of this earth. Isaiah clearly taught about a new earth. The religious leaders erased the context within their dogma and created the heaven and hell idea, thus the context is false, though the concept is correct concerning two different destinies. Jesus taught concerning two destinies—the new heaven for the chosen, and the new earth for the children of the light. The destiny for the majority of the children of the light is the new earth. Jesus is the King and Master of the children of the light. The children of the darkness will dwell within their own kingdom, which will be a hell—a hell of shame, fear, control, and enslavement.

The Begotten Spirit:

Jesus was the only begotten spirit created by the Almighty Divine Source. After the creation of Jesus, billions of spirits experienced life issuing from the Divine Spirit. This is why the Almighty Divine could take the spirit of Jesus and put it in the womb of a virgin. Enlightened humans that have attained a higher level of consciousness have lived many lives, suffering in the body, reborn in the womb multiple times. Jesus is the only spirit that lived one human life. Each spirit is granted the choice to enter the human cycle. Flesh is flesh stuck in the human cycle. For a human to reenter the heavens as a spirit, they must go through the human cycle and be reborn into many lifetimes—karma will determine if a person’s destiny is to attain a higher level of consciousness of enlightenment—the majority will remain under deception and in the human cycle. This is context of what Jesus taught at John 3:1-15. A lack of understanding the deeper context of the scriptures prevails in Christianity because of the idolatry. Understanding the truth of the Spirit world is crucial to comprehending the rebirth cycle of humans.

The majority of westerners will struggle to comprehend the human cycle because of centuries of false religious dogma.

The Chosen, and Rebirth:

The corruption of the darkness caused and motivated each spirit to enter the human cycle. Hence, the Apostle Paul taught in Romans chapter eight, those who will attain enlightenment and become one of the chosen was predestined and foreknown. A spirit enters the human cycle with karma that determines a person’s destiny. This is why the foreknowledge of the chosen was already known. Few humans from the billions living will attain enlightenment.

For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the likeness of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers. And those he predestined, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified. —Romans Chapter 8:29

Paul is writing about the chosen, the anointed that are predestined to attain enlightenment as a human and transform upon death as a Sacred Spirit. Jesus taught to take the narrow road, although few will find it. Jesus is teaching about his anointed, chosen people. Born of a virgin—having his spirit directly placed into the womb he the only human to live one life; thus, Jesus had to suffer and die to be raised. Jesus came to the earth to be anointed as king of the children of light, and to gather his chosen, the chosen are scattered in the earth—individualized—the darkness strives to ensnare the chosen. Jeremiah taught concerning a new covenant, this covenant is the chosen people that will rule with Jesus over the egoless new earth. Isaiah clearly foretold about a new heaven and new earth.

The Other Sheep:

Jesus set the example of what the children of light (other sheep) will have to do to be saved into the egoless new earth at the time of judgment. That is to be tested to death at the time of the Man of Lawlessness, the antichrist of the judgment era. Through that death, a person will be saved in the egoless new earth; thus, the resurrection that the Prophet Daniel taught. The baptism of Jesus was his anointing, therefore, Matthew writes that Jesus will baptize with fire and spirit. This baptizing is with fire and spirit and adverts to the chosen anointed ones, the little flock, Matthew 3:11-12. The other sheep that is positioned in Christianity is fixed on water baptism; therefore, members of all religions in the world are destined for the new earth—the result of idolatry, attachment, and the positionality in duality. There are two groups, two resurrections—the little flock that are granted as the chosen, and the other sheep that is the majority of the children of the light that reside in all cultures and countries of the world.

The End Times:

Jesus was granted three and a half years for his ministry. The opposite one, the man of lawlessness (antichrist) who will be anointed as king over the children of the darkness will be granted the same amount of time. Seven is number of complement, which Daniel writes about concerning the seven times defining as seven years. The teachings of faith and love, the time of judgment, the aggregating of the chosen, and the kingdom of the light, was the predominant focus of Jesus’ teaches.

Jesus entered heaven not only as King and Master, but also as high priest, Paul writes in detail about entering as high priest, once for all time. Therefore, Jesus became the temple, and the fulfillment of the temple law transpired; henceforth, the abolishment of sacrifice materialized because Jesus entered heaven as high priest. Forgiveness is granted through Jesus for the children of the light, although forgiveness is conditional—karmic bonds are attached to human behavior—good or bad.

The Importance of Moses

Christianity teaches that the “law” adverts to everything that Moses wrote down, this is false dogma. Moses wrote down the law of the temple, the commandments of human behavior, and regulations concerning the lifestyle of the Israelites. The lower entities have been very crafty at deceiving truth seekers through religion that the commandments of Moses have been voided. The commandments of human behavior will be in effect for the children of the light into the new earth forever.

The Message Taught

The message that the Apostle Paul taught spread all over the world: Jesus is the Anointed; he suffered, died, and rose to heaven. This message exists, even though there is a misperception of the context; nevertheless, the perception and belief is positive, even though Christianity through the papacy and clergy is corrupted. Jesus taught about the kingdom of the light and that if a person believes that person will be saved. The bottom line context of the writings of John is obscured among the minds of Christianity. The context of John 3:16 refers to the judgment time, during the Man of Lawlessness.

Tested by Faith

Considering the truth of the human cycle, that, each person lives out their karma from each past life— people will be tested and killed, but saved through their death at the time of the Man of Lawlessness. the requirement of faith is predominant. Tested to death, although saved into the new egoless earth—Faith is being convinced about concealed realities. The hands of the children of the darkness will murder anybody that does not follow and believe in the New World Order and the antichrist the Man of Lawlessness. Believing in Jesus, The Buddha, Muhammad, or Krishna, whoever it may be will assist in opposing and resisting the Man of Lawlessness. Faith is the savior; Jesus set the example of suffering, dying and then rose to heaven. The little flock will rise to heaven; the other sheep will be resurrected to the new egoless earth. Faith provides the savior. If a person does not attain a high level of consciousness, and emerge out of the deception, personal faith will save them during the time of the man of lawlessness.

Jesus is the Anointed King and Master of the Children of the Light and taught that his followers must be separate of this world. This whole world is under the power of the wicked ones. The wicked lower entities present themselves as an angle of light. The children of darkness hate the light, and are murders of the light. Cultivating inner faith will provide strength to live within a world that is destined for the kingdom of the darkness. Jesus proved to be a kind, loving, and wise master; each person will chose according to their destiny.