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Judaism and the Israelites Forming a Religion of Baal.

Spiritual seekers independent of religion comprehend the facts about Abraham, Moses, and the Prophets and the history of the Israelites. The Israelites failed to listen and continued to pursue the worship of Baal through idolatry. The Assyrians conquer the ten tribe kingdom of Israel around the sixth century BCE. Consequently, the Assyrian culture scattered their captives, thus, “the lost ten tribes of Israel”. The kingdom of Babylon besieged Jerusalem and destroyed and Solomon’s temple in 586 BCE. The two tribe kingdom of Judah experienced captivity under the hands of Babylon until 539 BCE.

The Israelites refused to listen to Moses and drive the Canaanites out of the land; henceforth, integrating the two cultures through intermarriage. Adopting Canaanite lifestyle entrapped the Israelites into Baal worship and idolatry that calloused the heart of the nation creating a cultural entity.

The Damaging Blend of Israelite and Canaanite:

The interactive blend of Canaanite and Israelite culture and lifestyle firmly established their religion of Judaism during the captivity in Babylon. Judaism accomplished obscuring the Divine Name and appending LORD or Master as a reorganization and manipulation of the Hebrew Scriptures; Baal defines as “Master” that equals Lord. To cause deception upon the common mind Judaism removed the external idolatry, yet the deep rooted attachment to the worship of Baal remains attached. Other designates for Baal are Amun/Egypt, Mars/Rome, Ares/Greek, Bel/Marduk. The Canaanite tribes used different names of Baal to personalize their cultural worship. All religious worship from history down to our current era feeds the lower entities.

The Israelites refused to listen to Moses and drive the Canaanites out of the land.

The Israelites departed Babylon around 537 BCE with the identification as Jews and their religion Judaism. A combination of religion, culture, and tradition using the Hebrew Scriptures such as the festivals observing the Sabbath, and food regulations. The foundation of religion formed upon Baal worshiping rituals rules that violate nature and universally free choice. After the captivity of Babylon three more prophets revealed the selfishness and greed of the culture upon the non-listening ears of Judaism. Jesus entered the picture at the turn of the common era, condemned Judaism for their wickedness and the religious leaders murdered the Anointed Master of the Light.

Scriptural Deception Accomplished through Judaism:

The Prophets lived at a higher level consciousness and taught the truth. The Jewish scribes twisted the truth within the scriptures by changing key context and definitions and the plural into the singular. Identifying the truth requires discernment to be able through listening within yourself; all the scriptures and religions around the world possess a measure of truth along with falsehood. Moses and the Prophets taught that the eyes and hearts are blinded among the majority of humanity. Because the world religions break the commandments, the masses are excluded to comprehend the truth. The vale that blinds hangs upon the hearts and minds of the ignorant. Understanding deep truth may require years of seeking and only if a person diligently seeks to change their worldly disposition and surrendering all religious attachments.

There are the virtuous and iniquitous among every culture; a person cannot examine a religion and judge the nationality or populace. The Israeli/Jewish cultures experience deception concerning the truth of Judaism. There are many Jewish individuals that refrain from the religion and the culture. Anybody, or a nation that oppresses other people because of ethnic, culture, race, and traditional differences are wicked despicable people of the darkness. The modern day nation of Israel continually oppresses the Palestinians based on ardent and secular ideology. Individuals manifesting and pursuing falsehood in the world among religion, culture, race, nations, tribes are rooted in the darkness.

There are the virtuous and iniquitous among every culture.

Each individual is granted with free choice. The spiritual seeker can choose to detach as the individual identifies the falsehood and idolatry within religion. This context applies for Judaism concerning the person that is Jewish, unfortunately, many Israelis are atheist because of Judaism. The foundation of the modern day religion stems from the creation of Judaism during the Babylonian captivity. The root of deception established itself and the branches grew out of the stump. The Israelites blended with the Canaanites, therefore, the two became one and formed Judaism. The Israelites never changed their heart condition nor ceased to worship Baal their master.


3 responses to “Judaism and the Israelites Forming a Religion of Baal.”

  1. Paul

    Jesus was Jewish. So were the apostles.

    The early Christian church was a Jewish sect, practicing Jewish tradition, as Jesus did, until late in the first century when St. Paul decided to open the doors to the gentiles too and leave off requirements like circumcision and dietary laws.

  2. ClearlyEnlight

    This is correct, Peter would not go to the Gentiles to spread that Jesus suffered, died and was raised so Paul did and they were all Jewish. Although the early followers were not involved in “religion” regarding Judaism. The “church” and Christianity did not even exist at this time. The “church” formed in 323 CE after Constantine the Great “Christianized Rome” Up to this time the followers of course met and gathered which a person could define that as the “church”, but they did not make it into a religion that breaks the commandments regarding Idolatry.
    This article is about the religion of Judaism not about who was is Jewish.

  3. ClearlyEnlight

    Side note: Practicing Jewish tradition does not mean that they were involved in the religion and breaking the first two commandments. A person needs to separate the difference between “Judaism-religion” and being born Jewish.
    Many Jewish people have nothing to do with the religion.