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Uplifting the Individual over the Level of Collective Consciousness

Uplifting Individual consciousness as the collective level of consciousness remains low may be difficult and challenging. While traveling the former Ottoman Empire and observing the analogous, but slightly different cultures, in addition to visiting with travelers from throughout the world, the observation of the deeper-seated motivation of the heart of the collective consciousness is pathetic among humanity. Integrity is a foreigner among the masses that have allowed the domination of negativity to devour their intellect.

Yet, around the world within all cultures experience a low level of collective consciousness; however, the united level of consciousness of the populace is higher compared to 30 years ago and beyond. The prime source of the low level of the collective and individual consciousness is directly related to emotional baggage and a dogmatic view of life as the absolute.

The Effects of Negativity:

The domination of the darkness resides in negativity, in addition to the complacent qualities of the ego. Hence, an ongoing pursuit of negativity will result with an unbridled tongue speaking injuriously to one another—boredom is at the forefront that generates jealousy. The advancement of technology is the core source of laziness and the production of a passive brain among the non-productive, but simultaneously, technology is assisting many people to uplift their consciousness from the low level that the collective consciousness experiences.

Contemplating that the positive and negative reside among most exploits—battling the negativity of the darkness should be prominent within our lives. Humanity is suffering from passive activity that is creating an emotional suppression of non-thinking within a sticky level of muddled instability that affects the capacity to problem solve. Thus, the motivation of the heart is affected, residing under the delusion of selfishness, in-turn, jettisons negativity toward others, and themselves.

The prime source of the low level of the collective and individual consciousness is directly related to emotional baggage

The perception that the world is cultivating derives from delusional propaganda is that the world/earth is sliding downward into a destructive situation, which in-turn instills fear into the individual that causes paralyzed will. The world leaders and international bankers combined with the secret societies are causing a delusion—the perception of humanity thrives on change and the development of the world, yet the powers of the darkness who rule this world will only use the advanced technology to control their slaves.

Pursue a Higher Level of Consciousness:

Individuals who pursue a fruitless activity of change among this world are severally deluded. Nothing will ever change within a world that the darkness controls; the world is destined for the New World Order of enslavement. Within human heart, mankind is bad from the youth up. The individuals around the world that have a disposition to pure spirituality of the light are few compared to the masses of humanity who accepts the world and resides within its negativity of the darkness. The few individuals compared to the billions of the collective consciousness can uplift their consciousness, but only if the individual desires to progress beyond this world spiritually and surrender all earthly attachments including emotional baggage.

Surrendering personal attachments will be crucial to overcoming cultural in-bred emotional baggage from a self-centered greedy materialistic attitude. Scrutinizing what resides within the inner heart and identifying the ego’s axioms can assist the process to uplift the individual consciousness over the collective consciousness of the world.

Activities to prepare your system to Purge Emotional Baggage:

  • Acupuncture: Many people experience Chi blockages. Opening up the blockages and experiencing normal Chi Flow can be an enlightening experience.
  • Raw Food: Focusing on eating raw food and prepare the system to except the idea of surrendering emotional baggage.
  • Neuro Emotional Technique: If you can fine a good practitioner in your area this technique will take off layers of emotional baggage.
  • Active Lifestyle: If you find yourself in a sedentary lifestyle, movement such as dance or outdoor bicycling might assist the process of surrendering emotional baggage.

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