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Awakening That Our Life Path is Preplanned

Do you think that you control your life and possibly live with regret, grief, sorrow that induces depression and emotional suppression? Do you guilt trip yourself convinced that “you made a bad decision?” A common scenario around the world because of Egocentric delusion.

Our lives are completely preplanned, and most of our decisions are from a different realm that stem from our inner spirit and the unconscious mind, the positive influenced from our spirit guides, or the negative influence of the dark lower entities. The dark entities strive to deceive and mislead the individual into a level of slavery based on addiction, financial debt, materialism, religious delusion, and many other negative dispositions such as a pessimistic attitude.

We do have choice according to how our brain operates within the moment; however, our decision can be severely influenced, despite this – split second occurrences happen based on karma and destiny. If the path of an individual ends up paralyzed or homeless, its a karmic situation.

The “personality” inner spirit is the passenger in a car who should be looking out the window to observe and learn.

Karma and Destiny:

The Ego that induces our identity dislikes the idea that our life is preplanned. Your perception of reality will be more relaxed once you comprehend that your inner spirit is eternal and originally existed in the spirit world. At some point, you entered the human cycle for your inner spirit to experience different human lives; however, the disposition and path of each life are based in Karmic Bonds (mixture of good and bad) from your spirit life and each past life.

Fear and Dread will hinder the brain to comprehend this truth due to dogmatically positioning of religion within the core belief system of an individual. Even though you may say “I am not religious,” nevertheless you’re still a product of your religious political cultural upbringing, which in turn, created a core disposition. This cultural disposition can be reconditioned and reprogramed based on spiritual independence from this world of dogmatic belief. Beware, the reconditioning process may prove to be painful – to experience the light one must navigate through the fog which requires courage and inner strength; and, will happen if it’s your destiny within this lifetime.

The Paradox:

Could the lazy, selfish, food addicted obese individual experiencing a life that is preplanned? If you can comprehend that all occurrences happen for a reason and our lives are completely based on karmic bonds and destiny, then you will start to understand that your actions and thoughts are streaming from a different realm. Your thoughts stream from your inner spirit and are influenced from your spirit guides and the dark entities. This is the main reason we need to be diligent to stay positive in our thinking and reject the negative thinking and actions that stream from the lower entities. People that give up and cultivate a “non caring attitude” has descended into the clutches of the entities ad a dark reality.

The dark entities strive to keep the individual from comprehending the truth, they strive to get people addicted at a young age, they can influence the individual with negative thinking to the point of rejecting our dignity and honor – the dark entities strive to mislead the individual every-which-way possible. Our spirit guides strive for the positive and to teach the truth; it will be your choice to motivate yourself to pursue a life or spiritual knowledge and behave such as meditation, yoga, connecting with your inner spirit and understanding the depth of who you are.

Our Brain can choose against food addiction, pornography addiction, drug addiction, cultivating a pessimistic attitude.

The ego thinks it has control of ones life which is a complete delusion.

There are some people that are on a deep spiritual path within their current life that is directly due to positive karmic bonds that stems from their spirit life and past lives – and, there are many people that don’t have any interest in spirituality, their interest is rooted in materialism, sex, power, food, or the sociopath that aims to damage their fellow citizen. Also for an example, the individual that falls and breaks his neck at age sixteen is preplanned and based in karmic bonds. This preplanned destiny is a very difficult truth to accept.

The discerning individual will observe that most humans experience grief, bitterness, sorrow, and other unwanted emotions because of injurious occurrences throughout their lives. Some will “Blame God” and descend into an atheistic mentality that disregards universal law and the Infinity. Henceforth, the Non-Caring Attitude!

The deception of this world causes shame, guilt, fear, sorrow, and depression. Consider the negativity that has occurred in your life, did you learn from the undesirable incident? Did you ask, Why did this happen in my life? Can you identify the positive from an incident and benefit? Despite what you experience, the occurrence is for a reason, even if you cannot comprehend the details.

Many spirits entered the human cycle in a corrupted state. The dark entities can corrupt a spirit; thus, the human cycle is a protection. If a person can progress and increase their level of consciousness they will ascend as a sacred spirit who is incorruptible to the darkness. This is the main reason for the human cycle and the third dimensional experience along with a host of other reasons.

The question must be asked: If our life is preplanned can we find out our hidden path?

The answer is Yes, within boundaries!

Examining Our Path through the Tarot

The most effective way to find out the inner workings of our spirit, where our lives are heading, and what hold us back within a host of subjects is the Tarot Deck. I’ve been deeply studying, and using the Tarot Deck and my spirit guides prefer this style of communication and direction – my life is positively influenced from the Tarot.

The are many different types of Tarot Card Spreads from daily, current situation, relationship inquires, and examining the upcoming year. There are hundreds of card spreads on the internet.

Rigorous honesty about oneself is the only requirement. Some card spreads can reveal difficult truths about your emotional dispositions and attitudes that need to be changed.

I recommend buying the common Rider Waite Deck? You will want the deck to resonate with your vibration by placing the deck next to your pillow during your sleep. Only use one Tarot deck for your personal card spreads, if you progress in doing reading for others you should use another deck.

You will need to do diligent research and deep study to use the deck, the time spent learning the Tarot will be worth every minute.

Examine you life and understand that your life path is preplanned and will lead somewhere, many people just need to live more lives, others are spiritually advanced to possibly ascending, despite the situation, you need to reflect and be thankful for everything and ask yourself, What Have I learned?