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Paralyzed Will

The emotion of Paralyzed Will interconnects with Fear that correlates with the Bladder and Kidney Meridians and Organs.

As the world media continues to generate fear within the core system of humanity, sub-emotions analogous with Fear and Paralyzed Will strives to dominate within the individual that stifles the progression of motivation, creativity, freedom of expression, and the ability to problem solve. The emotions of Paralyzed Will and Fear creates a level of contemplation to “figure things out” which can resolve with the mentality as “whatever”. The handicapped nature of Fear can paralyze the ambition of the individual.

The negative context of Paralyzed Will, in addition to the related emotions within the group of the kidney and bladder, can cause a lethargic, timid mind that hinders the power to problem solve.

The sub-emotions of Fear relates with multitudes of negative emotions that become fixated within the emotional reality. The individual engulfed within a debilitating paralyzed level of Fear may become Dogmatically Positioned—the individual believes their inner perception of fear, which generates a personal emotional affliction. Because of the level of fear, the individual may avoid certain situations or locations. The spiral of the emotions of Paralyzed Will and Fear, in-connection to being Dogmatically Positioned, is severely detrimental to the individuals well being. The negative emotions of Fear and Paralyzed Will inhibit a realistic perception of reality.

Fear generates the debilitating realism of Paralyzed Will that produces a timid non-assertive nature.

The deception of religious dogma fueled through the media has generated a reality of doom that is impending because of the belief of death and its hopeless nature according to religion. A high degree of fearful expectation produces Paralyzed Will that hinders the progression of a deeper level of spirituality.

The vulnerability of the sub-conscious emotional reality allows personal and collective negative emotional baggage to attach and bind onto the human chemistry if not processed properly.