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Striving for the Positive against the Negative

There are two energies that exist within this third dimensional world — Positive and Negative. If you ascertain the two opposing energies, you are more aware than the person who is ignorant concerning energy. The individual that comprehends the cosmic battle between the darkness that opposes the light is on the path of an enlightened awareness. The Persian philosopher and Prophet Zoroaster directly taught about the cosmic battle between the darkness and the light.

Within the modern world many spiritual seekers are observing that the gap is widening between the positive and negative. The negative is becoming to be an addiction with people who are inclined to a worldly disposition — Comfortably Emotionally Numb, Chronic Complaining, Discontented (drama queens), and continually annoyed and irritated at their fellow citizen and the events that occur within the world. On the other side, there are more individuals ever before who are progressing spiritually and learning how to re-contextualize the ego and unselfishly act toward their fellow citizen.

Do you experience your higher self full of approval, love, and warmth? Do practice a quiet life of meditation and mind your own business? The person who experiences the approval of their higher self will inflect others with a love of life that streams from the heart chakra.

The discontented gossiping person egocentrically emphasizes the negatives and faults of others. The disconnection with the higher self causes loneliness, an empty heart, jealousy, envy, and will continually compare oneself with others. This disposition stems from a low self-esteem and self-judgment predominates.

The negative disposition emphasizes life occurrences into victimization that avoids responsibility. The temptation to speak in catastrophic abusive terminology generates negative vibrations — karma (reap what you sow) generates negativity to engulf the individual. Our behaviors and speech reflect back and impact our inner disposition.

Is your higher power blessing you or cursing you?

To deeply connect requires continual spiritual meditative progression.

Progressing to the Positive:

Is your Higher Power blessing you with an abundance of approval? As you feel this power within yourself, self-respect increases and your self-worth spiritually adjusts. As your self-esteem increases, the generosity of your heart increases to act unselfishly toward others.

This “inner smile” expands the dimensions of your consciousness, awakening you to experience life on a higher frequency. Living life on this level increases your optimism, confidence, and generosity.

The Oneness of The Infinity will engage close within your heart as you progress and attain this level of spirituality. There will be challenges to face by walking this path; however, the ultimate goal overrides any hardships and obstacles. This path of advanced spirituality is not for the weak coward who runs for a pill when discomforts occur.

Know Thy Self:

Billions of people around the world seek inspiration among external sources such as religion. The western Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have a history of hate, judgment, war, and death. Religion serves the lost inner-soul that dwells deluded from their True Inner Self.

The lonely soul experiences separation from The Infinity. The individual with a disposition toward the light commonly appends onto the external inspiration and socialization of religion. Religion thrives within the specialness of the ego that contrasts independent spirituality of unconditional love that attaches onto The Divine radiance that illuminates existence. Identify the super imposition of the Ego’s axioms and re-contextualized into the behavior of unselfishness.

Humans are granted the possibility to experience the formless energy field of consciousness of The Infinity that sustains the Oneness of Creation. However, only the honest-hearted that chooses to surrender the attachments of this world and progresses spiritually will be granted. This process requires multiple lifetimes, yet it may be your destiny within your current life.

A Divine Relationship begins with “Know Thy Self”

Attach into the positive and identify personal touchstones that help you feel nourished. Indulge in them regularly and you will experience a disposition of generosity toward the needs of others. There is no conflict between treating yourself well and being in service to the greater good. Each individual light working must become healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually before having a positive influence on others.

Reflect the Negative:

A predominate behavior that generates negativity is the abuse of the tongue through complaining and conflicts. Observe people who regularly complain and notice their miserable negative disposition.

Low Self-Esteem dominates chronic complainers who are deluded by the ego that their ideas are better. The ego’s composite illusional perceptions, inflated significance, and its exceptional importance motivates the person to misuse the tongue through negative complaining.

The energy of the advanced negative disposition is shifty and uneasy. Within the presence of negativity you may experience a sense of being demeaned, constricted, or attacked. You might intuitively feel unsafe, tense, or on guard. You can sense prickly, off-putting vibes. You cannot wait to get at a distance from them. Your energy depletes quickly. You may feel beleaguered or ill.

The negative disposition is not at peace within themselves! Their higher-self repels a “curse” onto their mentality

Negative energies cause imprints within our auric luminous body and chakras. These negative imprints are black spots that slow the spinning of the chakras which are the main energy zones or our Aura. It is the heart chakra that is the most vulnerable to negative energetic imprints that affect our level of compassion and unconditional love.

Strive for the Positive:

Quartz Crystal can reflect the negative energetic imprint back into the person who is emanating negativity. Consider buying a quartz crystal necklace that hangs down to your heart charka. Negative energetic imprints slow the spinning of the chakras, and dulls their color. As the chakras slow and become blocked the third dimensional animalistic behaviors of lust increases such as — addictions, materialism, greed, sex, and food.

Our Auric luminous body and energies are colored and change colors according to our personal strengths, weaknesses, health, positive and negative emotions, and our overall spiritual disposition. The colors are always changing relating to our daily life situations.

  • Strive to clearly distinguish between your ego and intuitive self.
  • Assertively discipline yourself by separating self-interest and selfless spirituality and enlightenment wisdom.
  • Increase your level of harmony by working hard at connecting your higher-self.
  • The process may require soul retrieval.
  • The Infinity must directly be experienced to be known —make this your prime goal in life.
  • Meditate with the awareness that the soul is at one within the creation.
  • Your self-esteem will increase to the degree that you succeed in your efforts.
  • Although all of Nature is governed by laws that conform to guiding principles, random chaotic events can still catch you by surprise — you must manage your life effectively, unforeseen occurrences must be dealt with appropriately.

Deliberately identify with your intuition, even if it works against the desires of your willful ego.