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Seeking Spirituality Within — Connect with Your Inner Spirit

The world we live is an atmosphere of third dimensional materialism and emotional interactions. We’re born into the world where dark entities dominate with egocentric energy and determined to prevent each individual to comprehend the truth and experience a deep inner connection with our true higher-self and the divinity. Thus, a lifetime of continual spiritual work is required to attain an advanced level of consciousness and spirituality.

Subjecting this world of materialism and the attachment to success and failure will cause a change in our perception of relaity. Determined to stay grounded and wisely intellectualize, other than foolishly emotionalize every event that occurs will dominate your life into a state of peace and contentment. This external third dimension world we are experiencing is a non-sustainable reality, which is only temporary because of death.

Spirituality Resides Within and is not External!

The Limitations of Religion:

A considerable percentage of the population who have a disposition to the light are attached to religion resulting from the deception of the Dark Entities. Rituals and holidays of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and mostly all religions are deceptivly connected to the sacrificial / ritual temple worship of Babylon and Sumer. The worship of wood, metal, and stone results in “external spiritual emptiness,” yet provides an emotional feeling of comfort that affects the perception of the reward center of the brain. Emotional religious worship is only temporary, loneliness will still dominate. Idolatry exists within every religion, form or formless, such as worshiping a controlling organization that is common within many Christian cults. Religions breed an egotistical perception with an underlining mentality of judgement.

Loneliness is the Prime Indication of Spiritual Low Self-Esteem

Comprehending that the external search of spirituality results in “limitations” and “a roadblock,” the spiritual seeker must ascertain how to seek spirituality within, referring to the heart (seat of motivation). Seeking within oneself relates to connecting with our inner spirit (higher self, the soul) with the ultimate goal of increasing our consciousness and experiencing the Divine Source who resides within each individual.

The modern world of technical advancement creates a fast moving world. Overstimulation (TV, Cell Phones, Video Games, Caffeine, Sugar, Etc…) in addition to stuffed negative emotions, humans afflicted with addictions, an extreme focus on materialism, and money obsession generates a “spiritual low self-esteem.” Our emotional health directly affects our inner being and spirituality. Congested emotional baggage prevents spiritual progression. Shame, Guilt, Fear dominates humanity that generates a low self-esteem. The self esteem completely relates to our inner spirit the connection with the Divine Source. The world teaches to pursue materialize, reputation, outward appearance, instant gratification, and a self-absorbed lifestyle; end result —Loneliness, Emptiness, and Boredom.

Crucial to Comprehend:

  • Our Inner Spirit is Eternal
  • The Universal Law of Karma is True
  • Knowledge is Crucial for Spiritual Advancement
  • Karmic Bonds Dictate the Progression of Spirituality
  • The Divine Source Resides within Everything that Exists
  • The External Third Dimensional World is a Delusion, yet real
  • Loneliness and Boredom Resides Within and the Prime Indicator of Spiritual Emptiness

Our entire purpose for experiencing our human lives is to progress spirituality

The Personality of the Divine is within all things that exist. We can fearlessly learn deep lessons about the Divine personality from observing and studying the external elements of the earth which includes the behaviors of animals and humans. The Divine Source (God) is Omnipresent; simultaneously —within all existence, yet far removed unless the individual seeks and pursues an honest hearted disposition and the qualities of the light.

Our Self-Esteem relates to our connection with our inner spirit, our spiritual disposition, and our relationship with the Divine Source. There are multitudes of people that are disconnected from their inner spirit and deep down don’t feel good about themselves. Discovering the “Power Within” will allow the connection with our inner spirit. Yet, how does a person discover their inner spirit and gain a favorable spiritual disposition? There are many behaviors and attitudes that will prevent spiritual progression. The world is dominated by dark entities that are egocentric and have deceived the world.

Detrimental Behaviors that Slow Spiritual Progression!

Causing injury upon another individual emotionally, physically, verbal, or spiritually:

The most common injury is emotional verbal abuse and financial harm. Behavior causing injury creates injurious Karma, in this life or the next. Domestic relationship abuses is widespread around the world. Emotional and Physical Abandonment and abusive downgrading speech of parents to their children occur throughout the world and are from the low self-esteem of the parent.

Take responsibility for yourself and actions:

The subject of Responsibility goes back to the story of the Garden of Eden. Adam blamed Eve, and Eve blamed the Serpent. King David accepted the responsibility for his mistakes contrasting King Saul who blamed others. King Saul lost the favor of the light because of arrogance (ego) and irresponsibility. Admitting our mistakes and taking the responsibility within all matters of life will assist to our spiritual growth. There is an energy from the dark entities that energetically draws the brain to blame others and simply to act “non-caring.” A non-caring attitude in addition to a wishy-washy mentality contrasts a spiritual honest-hearted responsible disposition.

Extreme Egocentric Behaviors:

Selfishness, Greed, Dominating, Controlling, Victimization —all these behaviors are detrimental to spiritual progression. It is important to comprehend that every animal is first concerned about their own stomach. Intelligent humans have the intelligence to ascertain how to give, and giving to the stranger is the most valuable way to express an unselfishness heart.

Accepting Pain:

Our Inner Spirit (soul) is entrapped within the third dimensional body, pain upon the body exists for a reason. We live in a world of cowards who will run for a pill to avoid pain. Pain of the body teaches lessons, the individual that will benefit from its teachings is the one that can view the good result within a painful episode. A suffering and agonizing episode can teach the person to slow down, and it may manifest a selfish lifestyle. During a suffering episode a person may comprehend the teaching, but when they are better the person might withdraw back to their same old lifestyle of busyness. Identify the lesson within the pain if you are a spiritual seeker.

Growing Up From the Golden Years:

The human life ranges from birth, the child experience, and adolescence into adulthood. The time of adolescence and the twenties of young adulthood is considered the Golden Years of the life span. During the golden years, the person can recover from over extending oneself. It can be common for young people to experiment with drugs and alcohol. However, the Golden Years end —if the individual does not change from an obnoxious lifestyle and possibly being addicted to alcohol and drugs, severe complications will arise later in life. Many people never grow-up and progress into mature adults. Spiritual progression requires to detaching from the enjoyable Golden Years.

Avoid Laziness:

We live in a very lazy world. The more conveniences in our modern world and ease of life that includes television and video games have created a lazy atmosphere whom the ego dominates, and entitlement deludes the individual into an egocentric lifestyle. Laziness contrasts the way of the light and spirituality.

Strive for Moderation:

Consuming dominates a world created upon business. Caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and stimulating drinks dominate over the natural source of water. The world of humanity is struggling with obesity. For some people food, money, drinking, materialism, and instant gratification dominate. Striving for moderation correlates with a spiritual lifestyle.

Striving and maintaining a spiritual lifestyle independently from religion requires a steadfast personality because we live in a world where negativity and deception prevails.

Spirituality Resides Within and is not External!